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Lawrence residents on track to be hit with largest property tax increase in recent memory

The simple answer is likely between 15 percent and 22 percent, depending on your income. Here's the article we did on the subject. Look to the side of the article, and there is a graphic that you can click on that gives you more details.

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Lawrence residents on track to be hit with largest property tax increase in recent memory

Hi: I'm not sure I'm following you on the comment about the school district. In the 2013 bond issue school leaders promised that would be a no-tax increase bond issue, and it was. But for the 2017 bond issue they told voters to anticipate a 2.4 mill increase to pay for the additional debt added by the bond. They didn't make any promises this time that they were going to reduce other parts of their budget by a commensurate 2.4 mills. Thanks.

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Lawrence violent crime rate up in 2016; role of marijuana sales questioned in increase

Just to be clear, the article notes that rather prominently: "A more detailed reading of the numbers, however, raises the question of whether violent crime was unnaturally high in Lawrence in 2016 or unnaturally low for the previous two years. For example, the 335 violent crimes in 2016 were still lower than the 370 in 2012 and comparable to the 329 incidents in 2013." Thanks.

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As City Commission candidates get ready to talk about adding jobs, here's a look at how Lawrence is actually doing

Those are interesting numbers, and I've seen some versions of them previously, however, I had not looked at them recently. What can feasibly be done to make Lawrence a regional economic hub is an important question. Our geography plays against us in some regards. But there is a real benefit to being a hub. Look at Columbia, Mo. It is much more of a regional hub, and as a result, its metro area (which is larger geographically than Lawrence's) has 101,000 jobs. Lawrence's has about 56,000. Thanks, Chad

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Longtime Lawrence resident files for City Commission election, wants to see millennials active in politics

Hi: Our understanding is he has lived in town for about 30 years.

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Store that will sell popular items from Amazon coming to Lawrence

That's the spot. Merchandise is in the store and visible from outside, but it is not open yet.

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Editorial: Salary shouldn’t be a secret

Richard: Good question about how the city handles such matters. The City Commission is responsible for approving fewer employment contracts than the school board, but they do approve some. The City Manager is a good example of one approved by the City Commission. When Tom Markus was hired as the City Manager, the city commission announced him as its selection on a Thursday, said his hiring was contingent upon the approval of an employment contract, released that employment contract that included all details of his proposed salary and benefits, and then voted on that employment contract on the following Tuesday. It was a good, clean process, in my opinion. Thanks, Chad

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Old church with new name to build multimillion dollar project in southwest Lawrence

Hi Sean:
We obviously have launched a video ad program on our site. We aren’t entirely happy with how it is functioning at the moment either. We do our best to test these programs before roll out, but unfortunately it is difficult to know how they will interact with our site and the various browsers until the program goes live. In other words, we’re working to make changes to the program. Those changes should minimize some of the aspects that users currently find annoying. We obviously want a good user experience, and we’re sorry that it is not better currently. Thank you for your patience on it. Chad Lawhorn, editor.

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New numbers provide a glimpse of how much we make in Kansas, how much it costs to live here

No, not yet. County/metro numbers come out later in the year.

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