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Latest federal numbers show low incomes, high prices make Lawrence most expensive in the state

Hi George:
My understanding is that non-wage income such as public scholarships, student loans and social service benefits are included in the personal income calculations. I didn't ask a BEA official that, so I can't be certain, but it appears to fall under the category of transfer payments, which are one of the components of personal income.

Regardless, I'm curious why you think Lawrence's income/affordability situation would be so much different than other college communities. This article noted a few — Ames, Manhattan, Columbia — but there are certainly others. For 20 years I've heard that income is naturally going to be lower in university communities. But what the numbers seem to show is that some university communities have below average incomes and some don't. Why is Lawrence in the category that has lower than average incomes? I have a hard time thinking it is a measuring issue, since the BEA is using the same measuring criteria for all the communities.

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Development group files plans to add more than 20 retailers, restaurants to south Iowa Street

Parts of it are, but not all. Thanks, Chad

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Renderings show dramatic changes on tap for area across from Memorial Stadium

They are not on university property, if that is your question. They are subject to the city's zoning and building codes. Thanks, Chad

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All-natural hamburger restaurant to go into former Chutney's space downtown; future of Lawrence RadioShacks uncertain

Yes. There will be a transcript of the chat that will be online, and will be part of our archive of articles. Thanks, Chad

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Improvements planned for North Lawrence grain elevator, but towers aren't coming down; new schedule for city compost and woodchip sales

I just read the link. Are those the grain elevators in North Lawrence, or is that a grain elevator where City Hall sits today? It was before my time, but my understanding is that there was a large grain elevator about where City Hall is today. In fact I wrote about it once. It produced one of the better quotes I've ever gotten. Former City Manager Mike Wildgen said that area of downtown prior to City Hall looked it was from the Industrial Revolution era: "It was like you were waiting for a little urchin to come out and say 'Can I please have some more sir?'"

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Speculation increases that site near The Oread hotel may be in running for convention center

I think it is still moving forward. A building permit has been pulled for the site. Thanks, Chad

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City looking to replace part of Rock Chalk Park roadwork after contractor disregarded warning from inspector

The city hired BG Consultants to perform the inspection of the Nov. 30 pour because it was on a Saturday, when city inspectors weren't available, according to the report. Thanks,

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Store that specializes in e-cigarettes opens on 23rd Street; update on Menards project

That is what it means. The relocated Louisiana Street will have the name of Michigan Street. Thanks, Chad

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