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New fabric and craft retailer opens in south Lawrence; sales taxes continue to surge, while questions persist about SLT shopping center

Thank you. It was a typo. Intersection of the South Lawrence Trafficway and U.S. Highway 59. Thanks.

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Report predicts biggest jump in years for Lawrence home prices; date set for SLT ribbon cutting; update on local's effort to win Kelly Ripa contest

David. I don't have access to SALE prices. When a sale occurs, the sales price is provided to the Douglas County Appraiser's office, but it is not an open record under Kansas law. Thanks.

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Why the latest report to call Lawrence the most expensive city in Kansas may not be right

I hesitate to even enter this discussion, but it is Friday, so what the heck . . . "Why a sewer charge for no usage?" Did the city have to come to this home to read a meter to determine that it had no usage? Yes, it did. Is there a cost to read that meter? Yes, there is. This home still had sewer service. Its owners could have used sewer service during the month, but chose not to. Is there a cost to the city to ensure that the system has capacity to serve that home? Yes, there is.

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Why the latest report to call Lawrence the most expensive city in Kansas may not be right

Hi Jean: One of the points I've tried to make is the difference between a place being expensive and a place being unaffordable. The data from this latest report indicated that prices for goods and services are only about 3.5 percent higher for goods in services in Lawrence than they are for an average Kansas community. So, that raises the question of whether it is the price of goods that are too expensive or that incomes are too low? Perhaps it is not an important point to some, but recognizing which side of the equation is out of balance will help guide policy makers in crafting the appropriate solutions.

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Lawsuits claim KCK police killed man during traffic stop as he cried 'I can't breathe'

Hi Gary:
I agree that the timing is a bit odd, and frankly the fact that we are covering something so KC-oriented also is unusual. Here is why we did so: 1.The issue of police conduct is top of mind both nationally and locally, which is likely why a J-W reporter got a tip about this lawsuit. 2. The tipster said the lawsuit had never been reported on by the media. We certainly hadn’t ever reported on it, and our search turned up that KC media hadn’t either. 3. KC media did provide basic reports about the man’s death as part of the police stop, but there were very few details in those initial reports. The lack of details left questions unanswered about what happened to cause this person to die in police custody. Although we were not the most natural media organization to do this reporting, we had the information, so we decided to report it. Thanks, Chad Lawhorn, editor

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Update on Spin pizza coming to Lawrence; keep eyes open for another hotel project; more updates on northwest development

The last I knew, Schlotzky's had not settled on a location yet in Lawrence, but does want to return to town. The former KFC spot near Sixth and Wakarusa was high on their list, but they faced competition for that building. I have reported a chain called Slim Chickens was interested in the building, though I hear they also are looking in other parts of town. I hope to get it sorted out and report more in the near future. Thanks.

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Douglas County feels earthquake with epicenter in Oklahoma

Randolf, have you read the Associated Press article that is posted on our website? It talks extensively about fracking. The AP, as it should be, is all over that angle.

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Two out-of-towners robbed Tuesday morning around 17th and Massachusetts streets

The daily police blotter will be back. We ran into some technical difficulties when we tried to post it online this week. But they're getting fixed. Thanks.

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Another fast-food chicken restaurant sets its sights on Lawrence; basketball court promise broken at Rock Chalk Park

My understanding is that tournament organizers do pay a rental fee for the courts. I don't think it was waived for this tournament, but I haven't looked into that issue specifically. Thanks, Chad.

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Lawrence home sales tumble as number of homes on the market hits new low

Yes, 349 is accurate. Thanks for the catch. It has been one of those days.

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