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City Manager now says he will withhold controversial Rock Chalk Park payment

Amyx for the last several months has routinely been breaking the claims into separate votes: One that is for Rock Chalk Park items and one that is for all other non-Rock Chalk Park items. He votes for the non-Rock Chalk Park claims and votes against the Rock Chalk Park claims. So, that's what he did this week as well.

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Lawrence commission approves most of Rock Chalk Park infrastructure payment

Schumm, Riordan, Dever, voted yes. Farmer was absent.

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Take a look at the building that East Lawrence residents hope to save from wrecking ball

No. That was near 11th and Haskell. Here's an article I wrote about the German POW camps.

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Hillcrest school scraps Halloween parties, plans to eliminate Valentine's Day events

Eileen: Do you have the list of parents who pulled their children out of school? I don't. I would have asked the principal about it if she would have called me back, but that didn't happen either. And what powerful language did I use? I thought the article was pretty straightforward.
Chad Lawhorn

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Q&A on Lawrence police headquarters, sales tax

The 86,031 square feet includes the indoor parking garage for police equipment parking. It doesn't include the surface parking lot around the facility. The 63,000 square foot figure doesn't include any parking because there are no indoor garages to include. In other words, if you wanted a number that included surface lot parking, both numbers would be larger. It would be a hard number to obtain, as well, because the parking at LEC is shared with the county. I'm not sure whether the 37,489 square feet includes the FOP firing range. It is an outdoor range, so a little tough to measure. But if you wanted to take the range out of the equation, you would reduce the 86,031 square feet by 3,979 square feet. Thanks, Chad

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Mexican restaurant moving to 34th and Iowa streets; food truck debate set for Tuesday; city to consider tax rebate for another apartment project

Here's what we've written about the design of the new apartment building. A rendering can be found at the end of the article. Thanks.

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New study suggests Lawrence may be the capital of part-time employees; city issues $46 million in debt

It was a typo obviously. It is 2.876 percent. Thanks, Chad

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News of a big hole at city's Eagle Bend Golf Course; Lawrence startup hopes to tackle video game violence, other phobias

In general terms, the golf course breaks even from an operational standpoint. The parks and rec staff generally adjusts the course's annual expenditures to match the course's revenues. In 2013, according to city documents, revenues were $759,324 and expenses were $760,603. Projections in 2014 call for revenues to exceed expenses by about $100,000, although that is subject to change. The course, however, does not generate enough revenue to pay for the debt that was issued to build the course. General taxpayers pick up that cost. Thanks, Chad

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