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Rejection of south Iowa Street shopping center sends confusing signals about future of south Lawrence growth

One more point of clarification, this one to Cille: The city commission at any time can require a site plan come before the city commission for approval rather than being administratively approved by the planning department. It happens frequently, especially with larger projects. Thanks, Chad.

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Rejection of south Iowa Street shopping center sends confusing signals about future of south Lawrence growth

One point of clarification. The property is actually not zoned for commercial uses. There is an approved planning document, the Southern Development Plan, that says its future use should be auto-related commercial. The property actually is zoned for single-home development, but city officials seem to agree that is not a great use for that site. But technically, the property owners could file a plat to build a single family neighborhood on the property, and the city would be hard pressed to stop it at this point.

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New fast food pizza chain coming to south Iowa Street

My understanding is they are currently closed, and I have not heard of a location where they are reopening. Thanks, Chad.

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16-year-old murder suspect Jaered Long pleads not guilty to killing his grandmother

We use our best judgement in naming juveniles accused of a crime, and it is a decision that we take seriously. At times the court makes that decision for us by sealing juvenile cases and closing juvenile court proceedings. The court did not do so in this case. We decided to name the accused in this case for several reasons:
1. Mr. Long is innocent unless he is proven guilty in a court of law. Identifying him as being charged does nothing to change that fact. By naming Mr. Long as being charged, we do not presume he is guilty, and readers should not either.
2. We endeavor to tell complete stories. By leaving out the name of the person charged in this serious matter, we are failing to answer a basic question for readers. A conviction in this matter, will have serious life-altering implications for the accused. The American justice system only works if it is open and accountable. Making known those who are accused of a crime helps further both causes.
3. Members of the community deserve to have the information about the accused so they can determine whether it impacts their lives in any way. Parents of classmates of Mr. Long may want to inquire about the contact their children had with Mr. Long. Friends or acquaintances of Mr. Long may want to offer their support to Mr. Long or his family.
Reporting on court proceedings can often be uncomfortable, but we believe reporting on them in a fair and open manner is an important part of our job.

Chad Lawhorn
Managing Editor
Lawrence Journal-World

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More questions about Oread special taxing district; commissioner says city working to make sure 'everyone pays their fair share of taxes'

The TIF is associated with both sales tax and property tax. Under the TIF agreement a baseline amount is set for how much sales tax the property was generating before it was developed as The Oread. The city continues to receive that baseline amount each year. But collections over and above that baseline amount get rebated back to the development group. (Or at least a large percentage do. I can't remember if this district is 100 percent of the increment or not.) There is also a TDD, which is simply an extra sales tax that is charged and then rebated back to the development. The TIF is what is being studied here. Not the TDD.

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Trio of downtown businesses announce closings; one set to reopen in west Lawrence

Hi: Thanks. Here's some info about Bloom's pending closure. We reported on it in August.

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Demolition crews bring down KU's McCollum Hall

Implosion is at 48:24 on our video above, which was from our live stream that we had this morning.

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Demolition crews bring down KU's McCollum Hall

Hi: We had four photographers on the scene. We'll have video and still photos posted on this blog soon.

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Fast-food chicken restaurant coming to west Sixth Street; 23rd Street chicken wing chain begins work; urgent care deal falls through

How did I forget about Chick fil a? The cholesterol medicine makes me forgetful. Thanks.

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Facing calls for resignation, KU Student Senate leaders issue multicultural action plan instead

Hi Bill: Thanks for the comments. I hear your concerns. A few thoughts: 1. We’ll end up noting that a petition exists in support of the student leaders in a future article. That has been our plan. We would work it into an article when it made sense to do so. I don’t feel it merits an article by itself. We didn’t provide an article that focused just on the other petition either. It was part of a larger story. 2. We aren’t going to be providing updates of how many signatures are on each petition. In all honesty, I don’t think we needed to do that for the previous article either. 3. I think the petitions are interesting to note, but otherwise aren’t a major element of this story. 4. This comment board is a poor substitute for a conversation. If you wanted to talk to the newspaper about its coverage, we are easy to get a hold of. 5. I would ask that you quit being repetitive on our message boards. That’s not their purpose. Thanks, Chad Lawhorn, managing editor.

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