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Longtime Lawrence resident files for City Commission election, wants to see millennials active in politics

Hi: Our understanding is he has lived in town for about 30 years.

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Store that will sell popular items from Amazon coming to Lawrence

That's the spot. Merchandise is in the store and visible from outside, but it is not open yet.

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Editorial: Salary shouldn’t be a secret

Richard: Good question about how the city handles such matters. The City Commission is responsible for approving fewer employment contracts than the school board, but they do approve some. The City Manager is a good example of one approved by the City Commission. When Tom Markus was hired as the City Manager, the city commission announced him as its selection on a Thursday, said his hiring was contingent upon the approval of an employment contract, released that employment contract that included all details of his proposed salary and benefits, and then voted on that employment contract on the following Tuesday. It was a good, clean process, in my opinion. Thanks, Chad

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Old church with new name to build multimillion dollar project in southwest Lawrence

Hi Sean:
We obviously have launched a video ad program on our site. We aren’t entirely happy with how it is functioning at the moment either. We do our best to test these programs before roll out, but unfortunately it is difficult to know how they will interact with our site and the various browsers until the program goes live. In other words, we’re working to make changes to the program. Those changes should minimize some of the aspects that users currently find annoying. We obviously want a good user experience, and we’re sorry that it is not better currently. Thank you for your patience on it. Chad Lawhorn, editor.

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New numbers provide a glimpse of how much we make in Kansas, how much it costs to live here

No, not yet. County/metro numbers come out later in the year.

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Police decline to provide additional details on daylong hotel standoff to which 32 officers responded

Hi Bob:
Thanks for the question. Do you think the public should know whether the individual is facing any charges? Mind you, I’m not arguing one way or another about whether he should. However, I know the issue of how people in a mental crisis are treated is an important one to many in the community. I think some people in the community would be disappointed if the Police Department forwarded this case to the District Attorney for charges. I suppose some people may be disappointed if they didn’t. If the public doesn’t know how these types of cases get resolved, how can the public make a determination of whether they are being resolved in a manner that fits with the community’s philosophy on such matters? Thanks, Chad Lawhorn, Editor

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Information session on potential whitewater outdoor center scheduled for Thursday

Hi: The genesis of the meeting is a bit different than what we first thought. It was scheduled to meeting held at the request of LiveWell Lawrence, according to a spokesman for KDWPT. I think that played into the day of week and time. But I did confirm with KDWPT that the meeting is open to anyone to attend. I would suspect there will be a broader community-wide meeting at more friendly time if this project proceeds. Thanks, Chad Lawhorn, Editor

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District’s failure to release information about school board applicants is a disservice to the public

Hi Ken: The other thing we do with board elections, is we announce candidates as they file. Or at least we try too. That is all we are trying to do here as well. Thanks.

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District’s failure to release information about school board applicants is a disservice to the public

It is worth noting that at the time we filed the open records request that we had no guarantee we would receive any contact information from the applicants. In fact, we had reason to believe that the district didn’t want to give such information to us. After all, we had to fight just to get the district to release the names prior to the deadline. For what it is worth, we still have no guarantee that we will get contact information from future applicants.

Julie’s assertion that this process the district is going through is somehow on par with what the county clerk does when people file for elected office is incorrect. Candidates file their forms and we have full and immediate access to those forms. The county clerk does a fantastic job with that. There is no process where the candidate has to give his or her permission about whether their information is going to be released.

Let me also say, I did not want to file this open records request. I tried on two occasions to work with the district to avoid it. I got no response from the district on those efforts. If the district simply would have provided us the names and some contact information when we first asked for it, we never even would have thought to ask for the application form. I only directed my reporter to do so after she said (I paraphrase) “Well, I’ve got the names but I’m not sure they are going to be able to get me any contact information. So it may take me awhile to get these articles done.” To which I said “I bet they filled out some type of form. See if you can get the form. It would have their contact information.” At that point, I didn’t even know the application had any of these other questions on it.

All of this could have been avoided with a little a bit of common sense and communication on the district’s part. Chad Lawhorn, editor.

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District’s failure to release information about school board applicants is a disservice to the public

Hi Chris:
We do plan to run a profile on each of the candidates. We did run an original article listing everyone who has filed thus far. As for the profiles, we run them as we complete them, and we are trying to complete them as soon as we can. Thanks, Chad

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