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Farmer in line to become Lawrence's next mayor, but uncertainty remains ahead of Tuesday's vote

Here's a profile we did on Farmer back in the 2013 elections. Prior to coming back to Lawrence he was in the ministry.

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Check out the renderings of the newest, proposed multistory building on New Hampshire Street

Just to be clear, city code doesn't require off-street parking spaces for the project. Just like the businesses on Mass. Street, the project is in a zoning district that doesn't require off-street parking spaces. Thanks, Chad

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Lawrence lands on national list of cities that love to volunteer; City Hall set to impose new restrictions on payday, title loan companies

The code change was initiated by the Planning Commission. The staff memo on the subject notes that "the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association has opposed several rezonings that would permit these short-term loan offices."

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Compton plans to build five-story apartment building at Pachamamas site downtown; grocery project moving along; West Lawrence RadioShack store to close

That may be, but I would note that this article in April announced that the restaurant was adding Monday hours after it discontinued its lunch service, and the hours on the restaurant's door say it is open on Mondays. That's why I wrote it the way I did, but perhaps the restaurant discontinued those plans.

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Crews to install more wells to monitor 2006 gasoline spill in Old West Lawrence

Yes. They pay a sewer fee, city officials told me. Thanks, Chad.

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Local health club to add beer offerings as part of major renovation; Eldridge Hotel asks for 95 percent tax rebate for expansion

Yes. The Self's foundation made good on its donation. It was donated to the Douglas County Community Foundation, which then in turn provided the money to the city, as planned. The money now is in the city's account.

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Lawrence commission reverses Rock Chalk Park stance after serious accounting questions emerge

Here's a link to the documents. The ones that were the focus of this article primarily come from the Jan. 12 and Jan. 13 letters and attachments from KU Endowment.

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RadioShack closes South Iowa Street store; pro-police HQ group spends about $24K in losing effort, opposition group about $500

I would disagree. I wrote two articles about Kief's. One was a very large one that appeared on the front page of a Sunday paper, and the other was a smaller one that let folks know about their auction. Here's a link to the large one:

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