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Douglas County administrator proposes 3.85 mill levy increase, the highest in his career

The key phrase is $1 in taxes for every $1,000 in "assessed" valuation. Residential property is assessed at 11.5 percent of its appraised value. In other words, you don't use the $185,000 to calculate your property taxes. You use 11.5 percent of $185,000. So, $185,000 times 11.5 percent times 3.85 then divide by $1,000. About $82 is correct. Thanks, Chad

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City being asked to approve thousands of dollars to address leakage issues at Rock Chalk Park rec center

Just to clarify, the city isn't paying extra for the trails. The approximately $400,000 for the trails is the amount that was set out in the master development agreement. It is on the city commission's agenda so that commissioners can approve the final layout of the trails, and also see the work the city staff did to check the prices for the trail against current market prices for such work. But you are correct that the trail project, nor the other infrastructure, was not bid. Thanks, Chad

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Bigg's BBQ to open in former Buffalo Bob's space downtown; study finds Douglas County residents get best bang for the buck on taxes paid

The diner is going into the former Dynamite Saloon portion of the building. So, yes, plans for The Ladybird Diner are still moving forward. Thanks, Chad

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Haskell Avenue may reopen earlier than expected; Dick's Sporting Goods expected to announce opening date soon

Yes portions of Haskell do move east in the final project. Thanks,
Chad Lawhorn

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City to consider higher rates to fund project to combat taste and odor issues with drinking water; gun and knife laws to change in city; Corliss to receive raise

I should add, however, the rate of proposed increases i.e. about 10 percent for commercial and about 8 percent for industrial, are correct in the article. Thanks, Chad Lawhorn

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City to consider higher rates to fund project to combat taste and odor issues with drinking water; gun and knife laws to change in city; Corliss to receive raise

No, they are not. I've corrected it above. The chart I was looking at was one of those where the amounts were listed in thousands. I picked up on that for the residential and multifamily, but did not for the commercial and industrial. My mistake and my apologies. Thus, the correct figures are 300,000 gallons and 2,500,000. Again, my apologies. Chad

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Latest federal numbers show low incomes, high prices make Lawrence most expensive in the state

Hi George:
My understanding is that non-wage income such as public scholarships, student loans and social service benefits are included in the personal income calculations. I didn't ask a BEA official that, so I can't be certain, but it appears to fall under the category of transfer payments, which are one of the components of personal income.

Regardless, I'm curious why you think Lawrence's income/affordability situation would be so much different than other college communities. This article noted a few — Ames, Manhattan, Columbia — but there are certainly others. For 20 years I've heard that income is naturally going to be lower in university communities. But what the numbers seem to show is that some university communities have below average incomes and some don't. Why is Lawrence in the category that has lower than average incomes? I have a hard time thinking it is a measuring issue, since the BEA is using the same measuring criteria for all the communities.

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Development group files plans to add more than 20 retailers, restaurants to south Iowa Street

Parts of it are, but not all. Thanks, Chad

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Renderings show dramatic changes on tap for area across from Memorial Stadium

They are not on university property, if that is your question. They are subject to the city's zoning and building codes. Thanks, Chad

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