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Mexican restaurant moving to 34th and Iowa streets; food truck debate set for Tuesday; city to consider tax rebate for another apartment project

Here's what we've written about the design of the new apartment building. A rendering can be found at the end of the article. Thanks.

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New study suggests Lawrence may be the capital of part-time employees; city issues $46 million in debt

It was a typo obviously. It is 2.876 percent. Thanks, Chad

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News of a big hole at city's Eagle Bend Golf Course; Lawrence startup hopes to tackle video game violence, other phobias

In general terms, the golf course breaks even from an operational standpoint. The parks and rec staff generally adjusts the course's annual expenditures to match the course's revenues. In 2013, according to city documents, revenues were $759,324 and expenses were $760,603. Projections in 2014 call for revenues to exceed expenses by about $100,000, although that is subject to change. The course, however, does not generate enough revenue to pay for the debt that was issued to build the course. General taxpayers pick up that cost. Thanks, Chad

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"Speakeasy" open in downtown Lawrence; more on school boundaries near Rock Chalk Park

It is the same restaurant that is in Leavenworth. We had a little something about it in Town Talk a few weeks ago, but I'm planning on talking with the owners soon for a more complete report:

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Company hoping to make solar power more visible in downtown; a number on the Kansas economy that isn't terrible

Thanks for adding that information, guys. I obviously wasn't aware of the solar awning installation there. Great deal.
Thanks, Chad

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Douglas County administrator proposes 3.85 mill levy increase, the highest in his career

The key phrase is $1 in taxes for every $1,000 in "assessed" valuation. Residential property is assessed at 11.5 percent of its appraised value. In other words, you don't use the $185,000 to calculate your property taxes. You use 11.5 percent of $185,000. So, $185,000 times 11.5 percent times 3.85 then divide by $1,000. About $82 is correct. Thanks, Chad

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City being asked to approve thousands of dollars to address leakage issues at Rock Chalk Park rec center

Just to clarify, the city isn't paying extra for the trails. The approximately $400,000 for the trails is the amount that was set out in the master development agreement. It is on the city commission's agenda so that commissioners can approve the final layout of the trails, and also see the work the city staff did to check the prices for the trail against current market prices for such work. But you are correct that the trail project, nor the other infrastructure, was not bid. Thanks, Chad

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Bigg's BBQ to open in former Buffalo Bob's space downtown; study finds Douglas County residents get best bang for the buck on taxes paid

The diner is going into the former Dynamite Saloon portion of the building. So, yes, plans for The Ladybird Diner are still moving forward. Thanks, Chad

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Haskell Avenue may reopen earlier than expected; Dick's Sporting Goods expected to announce opening date soon

Yes portions of Haskell do move east in the final project. Thanks,
Chad Lawhorn

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