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Felonies, not pot smoking, filling up the Douglas County Jail, new report says

As a point of clarification, Douglas County is unable to send any inmates to the Johnson County Jail. JOCO built a big jail several years ago, and then didn't fill it up like expected. However, they don't accept inmates from Douglas County. We wrote about that here:
Also, the numbers in our story are for all inmates in the custody of Douglas County, whether they are housed in the Douglas County Jail or housed via contract at another jail.
Thanks, Chad

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Felonies, not pot smoking, filling up the Douglas County Jail, new report says

As a point of clarification, we don't have more people going to jail. Arrests are down since 2010. The amount of time people are staying in jail is up, which has contributed to the overcrowding issue. We wrote about this issue a few months ago.

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Longtime Massachusetts Street restaurant closes; local baker semifinalist for James Beard award

Yes. You are correct. I forgot about Jazz.

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New numbers show Lawrence added jobs in 2017, but failed to keep pace with Kansas City, Topeka

Yes. It is net job growth, so it factors in jobs that are lost too. Thanks.

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British firm strikes deal to buy Lawrence's largest gas station, convenience store chain

My understanding is the gas pumps at the Lawrence Avenue store would continue to be owned by Dillons, but all the Kwik Shop stores would be part of the sale. Thanks, Chad Lawhorn, Editor.

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Mystery grows around pending deportation of longtime Lawrence resident; online protest petition tops 27,000 signatures

Just to be clear, this is the statement that ICE has now withdrawn. The new statement does not mention the "misdemeanor criminal charges." That's explained in the article. Thanks, Chad Lawhorn, Editor.

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Douglas County tries to explain why ballot language for jail, mental health projects doesn't include a dollar amount or debt cap

Steve: As proposed, the sales tax does not sunset. Thanks, Chad

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Former Lawrence Art Guild president convicted of stealing from group

I removed your comment because it made allegations of potential criminal activity against an individual. We generally don't print such allegations, unless they have been made as part of the judicial process. The post also veered into name calling regarding the same individual. Both violate our terms of use.
Chad Lawhorn

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Restaurant featuring chili and tamale pie set to open in downtown Lawrence

It is scheduled to open Friday. Sorry about that.

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A look at how high Lawrence's sales tax rate would be if voters approve increase for jail, mental health

Francis, the article lists where Lawrence's sales tax rate would rank if the 0.5 percent sales tax was approved. People had asked me about it. Was I supposed to tell them that is a secret? For good measure, the article also points out that there are other considerations for voters besides just the sales tax rate, such as the jail is currently overcrowded and people are concerned about mental health care. If I wanted to make an argument for or against the issue, I would have done that. This is a column and I'm the editor, so such opinion would be allowed. But that's not what I want to do. Rather I want people to have information to make their own decisions. Thanks.

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