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New plans filed for major shopping center south of SLT and Iowa Street interchange

Hi Samantha: I'm happy to chat with you about the Mayor. I'm not in the office today (July 3), but will be in the office on Monday. Feel free to give me a call. As for questions of qualifications related to the Mayor's degree from the Colorado Theological Seminary, we looked into that as part of the 2013 election. I have a 2013 e-mail from the leader of the seminary stating that the requirements you list, specifically the age requirement, were not in place at the time the Mayor attended the seminary. Thanks, Chad Lawhorn, managing editor

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Chad Lawhorn named as Journal-World managing editor

Thank you all for the kind words.

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Take a look at the new 31st Street and rebuilt Haskell Avenue; federal figures give Kansas economy middling rank; BBQ contest this weekend

I think designers believe most of the truck traffic will travel on the four-lane South Lawrence Trafficway that is just a few yards to the south of this road. Thanks, Chad

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Trio of Lawrence commissioners say they want to get tougher on economic incentives

Just to be clear, I did not misquote Matthew, and I don't think Matthew is saying that I misquoted him. The article said commissioners "tentatively agreed to seek consultants for an approximately $75,000 study . . ." I didn't say Matthew voted for anything. In fact the article notes that no one voted for anything because it is a study session. The commission can't take a formal vote at a study session. Thanks, Chad.

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Take a look at East Lawrence's latest multimillion dollar project; city prepares for discussion on economic development incentives

Carol, the companies that received tax abatements in 2014 were: Amarr, which manufactures garage doors; Prosoco, a manufacturer of masonry cleaning products; Grandstand, a manufacturer of glassware for the brewing industry; and Sunlite, a manufacture of LED lighting. All those companies have the bulk of their sales come from outside of Douglas County. I think it is fair to say the $12.5 million in payroll is injected into the local economy. You make a good point, though. Not all jobs have the same impact on the local economy. Thanks, Chad

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News of a Mexican restaurant for 31st Street; city commissioners struggle with idea of ad hoc committee for police headquarters issue

I'm not sure that it is connected with the Poncho's that used to be in the Malls Shopping Center.

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News of a Mexican restaurant for 31st Street; city commissioners struggle with idea of ad hoc committee for police headquarters issue

The last update I wrote on that was in late April. Brandon at Jefferson's said he hoped to have the restaurant reopened sometime in August, but noted that there was still a lot of work to do. It is going slower than they would like, but they are committed to reopening.

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Iowa firm likely to create about 20 jobs at Lawrence foam manufacturing plant; Breezedale markers getting restored; Housing Authority seeks to buy apartment building

I did call the County Appraisers office to confirm that I was reading the online value correctly. The $180,000 figure is the appraisal figure the county has on the property. Thanks.

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Doug Compton's latest project and the debate over downtown parking; high tech traffic solutions presented to City Hall

"For what it’s worth, who wants to own a premium priced downtown residence/apartment and park their car(s), 1 to 3 blocks North as you’ve outlined. Additionally to do so, it would cost the apartment owner several hundred dollars annually to park in these city owned spaces, blocks from their home outdoors." That's the key point, isn't it? I'm pretty sure there are quite a few cities where this happens everyday. Has Lawrence become one of those cities? I don't know. That's why I find the issue interesting. How it plays out may provide some insight on where our community is at right now on the issue of promoting walking as a bigger part of our transportation system.

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