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The 'average' Lawrence home is now selling for $35,000 more than it did just a year ago, according to new report

Hi: I tried to be fairly clear in the article that we're reporting the median average selling price.. If you are more interested in the mean average selling price year-to-date that is $245,614, up 19.4 percent from the same time period a year ago. Thanks.

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Proposition 1 ballots coming in at 'impressive' rate; county clerk says turnout could exceed 45 percent

Turnout for the last gubernatorial election in Douglas County (2014) was 50.3 percent, according to numbers from the County Clerk's office. Thanks.

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A look at the finances of Kansas Athletics: Rising revenues, soaring costs, big bets

Hi Chris: Good point on the lack of links. I thought I had linked to the 2017 audited financial statements, but had not. Here is that link:
The 2006 audited statements aren't online, as near as I can tell, so I don't yet have a link for those to share.
On your other points, I don't think the article has a "thesis." That is an odd term for a news report. As for what is new in it, that obviously is a subjective determination that will vary reader by reader. What I've heard from other readers in that regard, though, is this: 1. KU Athletics, both in the long term and short term, is seeing expenses increase at a rate much greater than revenues. 2. The amount that donors are subsidizing operations grew to $19 million in 2017. 3. KU's relatively low debt total of about $33 million looks different when you realize that there is about $60 million of off-balance sheet financing in the form of long-term operating leases.

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Discount tool retailer has plans for local store; signs of new life at former Hobby Lobby site; a Missouri billionaire stakes a Lawrence claim

Old Chicago is still happening. It is not the building right on the corner though. Old Chicago will be a bit farther north of that building, is my understanding. I'm working on getting an update on everything that is going into the other building. Thanks.

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Longtime downtown restaurant expands by opening a food truck

Good memory. I was reading an old article as part of this, and I think it said it is was where Taco Bell is today, or maybe Taco John's. Don't remember which one.

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Felonies, not pot smoking, filling up the Douglas County Jail, new report says

As a point of clarification, Douglas County is unable to send any inmates to the Johnson County Jail. JOCO built a big jail several years ago, and then didn't fill it up like expected. However, they don't accept inmates from Douglas County. We wrote about that here:
Also, the numbers in our story are for all inmates in the custody of Douglas County, whether they are housed in the Douglas County Jail or housed via contract at another jail.
Thanks, Chad

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Felonies, not pot smoking, filling up the Douglas County Jail, new report says

As a point of clarification, we don't have more people going to jail. Arrests are down since 2010. The amount of time people are staying in jail is up, which has contributed to the overcrowding issue. We wrote about this issue a few months ago.

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Longtime Massachusetts Street restaurant closes; local baker semifinalist for James Beard award

Yes. You are correct. I forgot about Jazz.

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New numbers show Lawrence added jobs in 2017, but failed to keep pace with Kansas City, Topeka

Yes. It is net job growth, so it factors in jobs that are lost too. Thanks.

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