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Driver cited for leaving vehicle in Douglas County construction site

It would appear that the family lives a few hundred yards east of the bridge and car was found at 9:15 AM. Who knows when he left it since no one else was using the road. Obeying the detour would have been four miles with three miles of gravel road. With the facts presented in the article I would say poor judgement.

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Lawrence-based Dobski & Associates to tear down, rebuild De Soto McDonald's

Its my understanding that they have owned the vacant land immediately to the east or the restaurant from day one. Talk about planning ahead 20 years.

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Republicans nominate Mitt Romney for president

beatrice - do if she is even speaking?

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Heard on the Hill: KU Chick-Fil-A debate reaches Congress; local IIYM piano winner continues to excel; math prof takes on new administrative role

Rep. Huelskamp has it right. We are all entitled to our own beliefs. People on the right and left ends of the political spectrum tend to not agree. Their view is that YOU are entitled to what you believe as long it is what they believe. If you have a view that differs from them then you are wrong.

If you disagree with this guy then don't buy his food.

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Report criticizes voter ID law in Kansas, other states

I agree.

If someone used those documents (or ones mailed to you) to apply for credit I am sure that you feel more reassured knowing that the person filling out the documents would be check into thoroughly before being given the card.

My thought is that voter ID is here to stay. Will people be hurt by it - sure. Will invalid votes not be counted - most likely. By the 2032 election none will even think twice about proving that they have the right to vote - providing the politicians (Republicans and Democrats) don't ruin the country before that.

But hey, that is just my opinion.

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Report criticizes voter ID law in Kansas, other states

Dogs, dead people get election docs from nonprofit

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Report criticizes voter ID law in Kansas, other states

How about once every two years.

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Report criticizes voter ID law in Kansas, other states

If this is correct - The study said hundreds of thousands of voters in 10 states with "unprecedented restrictive voter ID laws" will have trouble getting the IDs because they don't have access to a vehicle and live more than 10 miles from the nearest state ID-issuing office that is open more than two days a week. - then how are they going to make it to a voting booth that is only open once every four years?

btw - Nationwide in 2010, 58 percent of voters 65 and over voted Republican while 40 percent voted Democratic.

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10th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds state's approved route of South Lawrence Trafficway through the Baker Wetlands

32nd Street Alignment B is the selected alignment for a future South Lawrence Trafficway

Here is a link to a KDOT site about the road.

At the bottom of the page is a link to the 32nd Street Alignment B route. Other plans considered can be view using the <previous --- next> arrows.

While the existing 31st Street road will be removed a new 31st Street will be built to the south.

The map also shows where the hydric soils are located.

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A hydric soil is a soil that formed under conditions of saturation, flooding, or ponding long enough during the growing season to develop anaerobic conditions in the upper part.[1]

This term is part of the legal definition of a wetland included in the United States Food Security Act of 1985 (P.L. 99-198). The US Natural Resources Conservation Service maintains the official list of hydric soils.

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