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Saturday Column: Can the GOP ‘establishment’ derail Trump’s bid?

Wait, I'm sorry. Thoughts on just ONE sentence:
"The fact is, the country cannot continue the drift of the past seven years."
Has 'this writer' read his paper or anything else during the last seven years? Not a perfect world, no, but by many clear measures we have pulled back from the brink under Obama.
In other areas we are, yes indeedy, down the toilet and somewhere back in the sewer:
1. GOP obstructionists with backward agendas, at federal and state levels, and
2. Too many supporters of backward obstructionists feel newly emboldened to reveal their self-serving, bigoted, and sometimes violent natures.
Trump didn't start this but he's thrown the most fuel on the fire. If this writer thinks Trump is the answer . . . to anything, I'd say go see a doctor.

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Saturday Column: Can the GOP ‘establishment’ derail Trump’s bid?

Wow was my first thought too. So SO much wrong with this column . . . energy for refuting outdated, off-base, semi-delusional extremism running low . . .

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Letter to the editor: Rude revolution?

Randi, I'm sorry this was indeed the tone of, I believe, a loud minority of Bernie supporters. Most people I talked to Saturday and otherwise are Bernie supporters who would of course support HRC in a general election. Hilary hating has been a long-time sport for many in the GOP. And many Bernie supporters, me included, have specific concerns with some of HRC's decisions in the past, but that's no excuse for rude behavior. We are better than that. And we have two excellent candidates who agree on many issues. It's pretty easy to be more dignified than a Trump crowd, but that bar is set about as low as it can go. Bernie and Hilary supporters have to band together to put a sane person in the White House. And we have to do the same at other levels of government.

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KU and the problem of the fraternity secrets it keeps

Yes, well done, Mr. Lawhorn. And we'll be waiting for more information as you pry it loose. I'm a parent of college-aged children and also live in a student neighborhood within eyesight of fraternities. Dark deeds and secrets benefit no one.

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Document proving WWII military sex slaves now at home in KU library

Impressive story. Thanks to the professor, this article's author, and all other keepers and spreaders of truth and history.

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Editorial: Naive thinking

And with this J-W "logic," aren't all high school- and college-aged males possible risks because of mass shootings?

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Editorial: Naive thinking

Wow. I thought this was a fear-monger screed of a letter to the editor. J-W staff editorial. Really? How does Obama "have the nerve"? Why don't you actually do some research instead of just being reactionary. You have one job. Do it.

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Activist remembered for decades of efforts to raise up the downtrodden

Like so many others I loved CJ for who she was and what she stood for. She was one of my heroes and an inspiration to countless others. We'll all have to step up in her honor.

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Letter: Historical parallel

It's true. Data, legislation, education, and just plain decency have never been enough to change all hearts and minds. Multiple approaches have always been required for social progress and this has always included public shaming. It's now just so much more comprehensive and immediate via social media, which has indeed propelled change.

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