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Lawrence man aims to pay it 'forward' with new foundation

Heartwarming story. Best wishes to everyone involved.

p.s. Giles Bruce, Sorry to be *that* person but I gotta tell you this needs proofreading/editing.

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Letter: Wetlands not ‘vacant’

Well put. Thank you. I didn't see his article but "vacant ground" is indeed a loaded, uninformed, and culturally-insensitive way to describe the area. The majority of our national parks and forests are "vacant ground," thank goodness.

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Letter: Game is rigged

I read the letter on the Green edition and would not have read it if I had to answer a stupid advertizing question. Really, LJW, do you need to add your own stumbling blocks to the actual reading of newspapers?

As for the letter: It is a well written and accurate assessment of much of what is (has been allowed to go) wrong in this country for a while now.

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Letter: Sacred wetlands

In other words, you know nothing other than what you think you can see from looking at a satellite photo. That's always the perfect time to take a stand on a complex and long standing issue. Bravo.

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KU grad student wins national fellowship to help young kids deal with intense stress

Think of a world where even a portion of the resources and emphasis that's so effortlessly placed on sports or entertainment or war was diverted to "helping kids, or people, learn those skills and heal from whatever it is that they’ve faced" . . . everyone would benefit. Good work, Ms. Byers! And thank you.

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Letter: Power of prayer

Satan makes tornadoes? I thought gays, feminists, and atheists did. What do you say to all the good, innocent, and always faithful people who've prayed for mercy and have still suffered terrible tragedy? Shift to the standby "strange ways"?

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A night of partying in Oread

I'm not sure what the point of this article is other than Mr. Lawhorn enjoying a reliving-youth moment. We Oread neighborhood nonstudents he mentions do know full well that for every fun party there are many more that get out of hand and on occasion turn tragic—and yes, some KU students do indeed remain freshman forever. The lighthearted tone and description of some additional method of alcohol ingestion (ham, really?) as "genius" in a place where underage drinking to excess is so rampant and unaddressed is questionable at best.

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Letter: Wildlife warning

I'm not sure what your issue is either. Did you read the article? Did you see some suggestion the rest of us can't see that the public should start chasing down and grabbing wild animals?

There IS a warning about great-blue herons. And there ARE a variety of risks involved, but the article is about THE people who are specifically trained (and permitted by state and federal governments) to handle and care for wild animals in distress. And that the general public should NOT do this is a major part of any credible wildlife rehab program's mission and public education efforts.

OWL is a tremendous resource for the rest of us, and where we turn for information and assistance when an injured or ill wild animal is found—they receive and rescue animals for that animal's sake, and in a few cases this REMOVES a possible public health threat. That said, the majority of birds and mammals and the occasional reptile in their care are little or no threat to humans whatsoever. Their staff and volunteers have all undergone a rabies pre-exposure vaccine series as part of their safety program. And they probably know more about the current status of rabies in various wild populations than anybody other than a few state biologists.

Wildlife rehab is a labor intensive and high-cost endeavor generally not supported by any state or local funding. They rely entirely on donations from the public and local businesses and grants. They rely on in-kind donations as well, like veterinarians everywhere who donate their time and expertise. You can either lend a hand or get out of the way.

I still can't figure out how an article about a much-needed fundraiser for an animal rescue facility took you straight to a rabies threat to the public. You sound ill-informed. Learning a bit about the program, and wildlife rehab in general, might be a good way to avoid jumping to any further illogical conclusions.

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After efforts by student activists and bookstore leaders, living-wage factory now producing KU clothing

Good work people. Changing the world a little bit at a time and making a positive difference in people's lives is about as great as you can get.

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