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Lawrence group departing for North Dakota to resupply and support DAPL protesters

Thanks to everyone involved. And safe travels to those making the trip!

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Cat killed and woman scratched after an encounter with an opossum in North Lawrence

Agree. Odd story. Would like someone to fill in the blanks.

October 5, 2016 at 4:58 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Scuffle leaves Lawrence officer injured and Arkansas man facing criminal charges after being tased

Yes, good work by LPD officers and I'm glad it didn't turn out worse. And I'm sorry for the injuries, and I realize I know almost nothing about this, but why is our so-advanced society still so ill equipped to care for people in crisis? Friends warned of a downturn of his mental health and that it was exacerbated by a substance (a common combination across all strata of society) and he was taken to LMH, but then jailed and charged. He was overtly suicidal and self harming. That doesn't diminish anyone elses' injuries or his need to be contained, but how much of his behavior was criminal and how much was frantic and delusional? We're not anywhere close to where we need to be in caring for people with physical and mental health and substance abuse problems. And the Brownback administration has taken so many more backward steps, leaving more people out in the cold only to become more ill and desperate, which only creates more incidents and more tragedies.

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Letter to the editor: Sad Kansan

It is sad. We were in Australia last year and several people we met actually looked at us a little funny and tippy toed around questions until we figured out they were wondering if we were Tea Party types —whether they knew we were from KS or just from the US.

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Parents, infant among 4 killed in head-on collision near Perry

This is a terrible tragedy. Condolences to everyone affected. But really? You're blaming Liberals?

FYI, these environmental and energy independence and security efforts have been going on since the 70s, and include:

President George W. Bush, in December 2007, signing the "Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), which the House and Senate had passed with broad support), and which set a goal for the national fuel economy standard of 35 miles per gallon (mpg) by 2020."

Try actual facts. Or better yet, just offer condolences.

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Psychiatric consensus: Kansas lawmaker's claim that transgender people are 'insane' is false, misguided

People like this have no business making decisions for others. The guy needs training in how to be a good human.

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A two-way street: Mother, daughter inspired each other on path to getting KU master's degrees

What a wonderful story! I was trying to read it aloud to my husband but I got choked up. Congratulations to all three of you—good work! And congratulations to everyone who benefits from your hard work. Very best wishes!

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Letter to the editor: Faith in ‘facts’

So much "wrong" with this letter.

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Saturday Column: Can the GOP ‘establishment’ derail Trump’s bid?

Wait, I'm sorry. Thoughts on just ONE sentence:
"The fact is, the country cannot continue the drift of the past seven years."
Has 'this writer' read his paper or anything else during the last seven years? Not a perfect world, no, but by many clear measures we have pulled back from the brink under Obama.
In other areas we are, yes indeedy, down the toilet and somewhere back in the sewer:
1. GOP obstructionists with backward agendas, at federal and state levels, and
2. Too many supporters of backward obstructionists feel newly emboldened to reveal their self-serving, bigoted, and sometimes violent natures.
Trump didn't start this but he's thrown the most fuel on the fire. If this writer thinks Trump is the answer . . . to anything, I'd say go see a doctor.

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