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Man dies after head-on motorcycle accident on Iowa Street; road shut down for nearly five hours

Just found out my friend was right behind the driver of the van. She said she is trying to keep her self busy today so she will not to think about it! I couldn't imagine what all drivers and witnesses are going through! And the families!

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What is your preferred brand of bottled water?

I don't like the taste of bottled water! Ever since I moved out of Lawrence, the tap water tastes a lot better, so I don't drink bottled water anymore. I always remembered city water tasted too much like chlorine!

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Man dies after head-on motorcycle accident on Iowa Street; road shut down for nearly five hours

Devastating to all involved! Thoughts and prayers to the families!

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About 100 Douglas County Westar Energy customers still without power

We lost power about 11 last night and we still have no power. Just called Westar and they said it will be on in 1-2 days. I live about 4 miles south of Lone Star lake.

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Chicago man pleads guilty to DUI charge; 4-year-old daughter was in car at the time

My dad was always drinking and driving when my brother and I were kids. He always had his beer on the floor behind the driver's seat. I remember we landed in the ditch several times! He also did 180's and 360's all the time. Scared the crap out of me but my brother loved it! I remember he got his car stuck in the mud one night and he had to wake me up to help him! I was a 7 at the time. Good thing he got sober when I was 12. He has been sober for 20 years.

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What a DUI stop, arrest looks like

I hear the Lawrence PD like being a little rough to the DUI offenders!

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At least one killed in head-on crash on K-10 in Lenexa on Saturday morning

Thank you for saying that!

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What restaurant in town makes your favorite dish, and what’s the dish?

Or should could be working at a sandwich shop and better to say sandwich artist! Just like saying a customer service representative instead of saying a cashier! Sounds better!

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How much time did you spend at the DMV during your last visit?

I went a couple of years ago and waited 10 minutes. The lady actual took two pictures of me because she thought the first one didn't look very good! It was nice!

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Lawrence residents recall how they beat the heat in the days before air conditioning

I didn't have an A/C until I moved out at 18 and I am only 32. My grandmother had an A/C and I hated going into her house in the summer. It was too cold! My parents decided to get central air after I moved out!

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