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LMH receives sizable donation for birthing center, will rename unit to honor former nurse, birthing educator

Seems inappropriate that there is no disclosure of what the gift will be actually used for or how it will help to carry forth this amazing nurse's vision for the care of birthing women and babies.

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Douglas County Sheriff’s Office denies request for information about alleged assault

There are no cameras during the searches. That is the simple request of the complainant: install cameras in that section of the jail. She's not trying for a civil suit or something like that--which I would if I learned that the woman who assaulted me was not fired, but merely transferred. This story is not a lie.

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Regents to get first crack at admission standards


I sat on KU's subcommittee on academic standards for a few years and it was SHOCKING to see some of the students admitted. I saw ACT scores under 15. That, and they don't do well. They fail out, predictably, and they have a hard time getting into community college.

Wasted money, wasted time.

The students who won't do well need to start slowly, at a school that will hold their hand. KU is not that school. Yeah, you can say that they should have a chance--but it's clear what most often happens when they get one.

The Regents have a good idea here. Raise the standards so that our college educations mean something again. Paying taxes should not equal admission to the flagship State school. Sorry.

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Anna Undercover: Fired.

Three stages. Hmmm. Club O? Baby Dolls?

Whereever you are, I hope it works out.
But if not, EVERY strip club is ALWAYS hiring.

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Anna Undercover: Downside of Stripping

@Anna...I am curious about how you think that experiencing problems with prostitution and hard drugs at your place of business, in the 10 months of your employ, at all, even one time, somehow does not qualify as "abundance" when it comes to those things, which generally you don't find in regular (highly educated, churchgoing, middle-class) society. Ok, it's there..but not like in strip clubs. I think your comment does show how very deadened your sensibilities are when it comes to your new toleration of the class of people you're now surrounded by for 40 hours a week (thereabouts).

However rare drugs and prostitution are (or are not), it sounds like, in the environment of the strip club, you just shrug your shoulders, laugh it off, and hope she doesn't get hired back the next week. Am I right?

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Anna Undercover: Downside of Stripping

@ Anna.

What egotistical, narcissistic tripe. I can't fathom your story? I'm sitting here laughing. I'm sure I've talked to more dancers than you have. Everyone thinks they're the exception. I've met one who was truly an exception--in the 90's, she was able to rake down over $400 a night without ever giving one lap dance.

Good luck with your "outsider" perspective. No, really. The next time some jerk grabs for your crotch when you're grinding on the lump in his pants, doggy style, ask yourself then how much of an outsider to the whole thing you are. And take pause, please, and ask yourself if what you do is good for your self esteem. Ok? But only after you take his money. :)

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Anna Undercover: Downside of Stripping

I, again, caution Anna to not imagine that she is the exception, that she is the bright young thing with a great future among all of the whores, single mothers, drug addicts, drunks, drama queens, lazy, substandardly literate community college students, battered girlfriends, etc. You're not kidding about stripping being great for your self-esteem. I mean, look at those lunatics around you. You're nothing like them!

Anna, you know what I'm talking about. No one in that business is really "ok". Except you, right? Yeah, I know.

You can't surround yourself with those people and not be like them. I'm sure you already have some friends who dance.

There are no exceptions in that business.

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Anna Undercover: Downside of Stripping

And what I'm cautioning Anna is that this job not make her who she will be in 5 years. That's all. It's not even a job. Anna even admitted that one of the best parts about it is showing up when she needs money or feels up to it--no schedule.

@ Anna
And what other job requires you to pay your employer? What a crock.
I admit, it sounds like a win-win in a lot of ways. I'm just grasping here, for things that might bother you about the underlying social problem with stripping--clues that it's not as liberating as you think.

Anna, if you will answer, I am very curious about your deepest feeling on this...not your visceral reaction...I don't know if you are married or single or what...but would you really want your serious boyfriend or future husband or husband (whatever) to think it's great what you do? Would you want to be married, and keep doing this job (assuming you're open to marrying anyone at all...big assumption I guess)? I'm just curious to how you think a truly intimate relationship and this job ideally mesh. No disrespect intended.

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Anna Undercover: Downside of Stripping

I think you might have meant me when I suggested that you not expect respect.

Here's the thing. Above all, you are being paid to NOT be respected. You're not a wife or girlfriend to your customers. You're there for entertainment. You're being paid to be a fantasy...a hands-on one. As such, not everyone wants to talk to you. Others want to see what they can get by saying, or how rudely they can touch you. For them, its a powertrip for indulging their creepy psychosexual problems.

Its also an addictive "profession" and by now you know that, and you also think you are having fun. You may notice that in a month or so none of the nasty parts of the job bother you as much. I'm telling you, it would be good to get out. But I'm sure you are honeymooning with the liberating side of it & you think I'm stupid.

And for embark on this illustrious career at the Outhouse? I guess we all now know you can swim with the worst of them. Someday you may not be as proud of that as you are now.

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Marion - Disappeareded Blog- Taps Over, Time for the After Party!

I misread...thought you were referring to him outing people as the "actual" reason he was banned. So it was for being a "serial bully"? Officially? Really?

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