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Letter to the editor: Pressure Jenkins

Ah, the old boogeyman ploy. Trumps' org like most large corp have business interests all over the world. So what?

So you believe the worst in someone without having a specific reason to do so.

What kind of a mind is so jaded that you project the worst on someone for no reason?

It's interesting the Liberals are raising the boogeyman stakes on Russia to try to destroy Trump.

Why not China? They have raped our economy & technology.

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Letter to the editor: Pressure Jenkins

Greg your post is a little incoherent.

How can not showing his tax returns have the appearance of wrong doing and thus this assumption of some unspoken wrong doing has to be dealt with? Really?

So because he didn't do what you want, you make up in your mind that he is hiding ludicrous.

Trump has no legal or moral obligation to show anyone his tax returns.

This is just another fishing expedition by Trump detractors to try to demean him & his Presidency.

It seems to me only people who think of negative deeds, would accuse someone else of doing them, when there is no foundation for such accusations.

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Letter to the editor: Pressure Jenkins

Really Bob? Any specifics, or just assumptions & innuendo.

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Letter to the editor: Pressure Jenkins


There is no law requiring presidential candidates release their tax returns. Yes, some have for years, but so what? This is just another witch hunt by the loyal opposition, trying to derail President Trump's presidency and agenda; initially they were trying to derail his candidacy.

Lynn Jenkins if you are reading this, please don't yield to this kind of intimidation tactics.

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Letter to the editor: Write a check

Cheryl, I don't believe he said anything about what you just wrote.

I believe Conrad said he wants the government to find ways to reduce their costs of operation prior to asking for anymore tax dollars.

If the various departments were ordered to reduce internal operating costs by some % would help a great deal.

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Letter to the editor: Reforming health care

Richard I believe you don't understand where the government gets its money.

In a post above you state, paraphrasing, show that someone else pays for a persons single payer healthcare".

You say the money to pay for single payer would come from "other healthcare programs & new taxes".

ALL OF THE GOVERNMENT'S MONEY COMES FROM CITIZENS! That means everyone who pays taxes pays for other peoples healthcare.

Given your scenario, if true, I want a tax refund.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

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Letter to the editor: Pitts invaluable

Agree Bob. Liberals don't want a solution, they want a problem.

That way they can do something that accomplishes nothing, but go home, and feel good about what they accomplished.

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Letter to the editor: Pitts invaluable

Greg, I feel sorry for you. You show your, let's say dislikes & prejudices.

You criticize me personally yet no nothing about me. Not the fact that my father, who was a policeman, was shot & killed before I was born. My siblings lived in an orphanage & we did not live with our whole family together until I was 7. We were in abject poverty & I had to support myself starting at 10.

I worked for 62 years getting 2 degrees while working full time.

No I did not need the inspiration of the Grievance Effort. I just saw there was a better life and I & my wife of 59 years worked our tails off to make a life for ourselves & our children.

I lived in the poor areas of town & personally experienced the horror of burning crosses at night and running away in fear with my friends.

So don't you dare even think of criticising me. You haven't earned the right.

There was none of this nonsense of white privilege or any of the other junk the Grievance Effort spews.

There was only a hope for a better life, darn hard work, long hours, many setbacks, personal resilience, sacrifice and tenacity.

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Letter to the editor: Pitts invaluable

The one thing the Grievance Effort does not do is offer a positive message. It does not inspire anyone to try to achieve nor does it inspire cooperation in problem definition, priorities, nor solution implementation.

President Trump is trying to make a positive difference in black lives. How many will help & how many will scoff?

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Letter to the editor: Pitts invaluable

Interesting Greg.

In this case the Grievance Effort is conducted by the likes of Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson, & others. Both far from "actually facing the reality of what is happening". The grievance effort can only exist if their indoctrination takes hold, which it has. The grievance effort aims to convince a particular group they are oppressed, and some how not allowed to achieve/get ahead.

The grievance effort does not point to those who have achieved in the black community as examples of what can be achieved. Instead they preach the opposite. if they would stress a positive message they could address the root causes, then they would be working in concert with all sides of the equation.

I don't believe, for a second, that the attitude of, "I don't care what's happening" is prevalent through out society. There is ignorance on both sides.

The Grievance Effort slams folks with negatives everyday. Nothing improves if all you are telling me is "I can't". I believe the Grievance Effort should take a Dale Carnegie course titled: "How to Win Friends & Influence People"

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