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Kobach, ACLU battle over proof-of-citizenship law

David if your argument is true then why aren't you demanding the requirements to get a drivers license be revoked? You either do not understand the situation you are arguing or you are blindly biased & prejudiced to a preconceived notion about the voting requirements.

If you bothered to read the content of my post above you would see that, according to section A, to get a drivers license, a person must prove their "identity & their Citizenship & Lawful Status in the US".

Please explain how that is a burden? Oh please do not pull the "Old Person" excuse. I and my friends, are in that category & registering to vote was not a problem. Also don't pull the "poor" routine because help is available for legitimate citizens.

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Kobach, ACLU battle over proof-of-citizenship law

The argument regarding disenfranchisement of voters is bogus on it's face. Comparing the lists below shows that. The claim that people can't get these documents because it is too hard then certainly should't be driving.

In the state of Kansas to get a drivers license one must show "Lawful Status In The United States".

If you examine the list of items required to prove citizenship & Lawful Status, they are the same in some cases. Please see the following:

Documents required to get a Kansas drivers license:
Please see items in section A & B.

Proof of Citizenship-Kansas…Documents to Register To Vote:
Please see list under "Valid Citizenship Documents"

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Kobach, ACLU battle over proof-of-citizenship law

Beth please see my response to Randolph below, Thank you.

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Kobach, ACLU battle over proof-of-citizenship law

Randolf please don't embarrass yourself any further by accusing me of lying or what political affiliation I am. You do not know me! Requiring having only US citizens vote should be supported by all citizens regardless of political affiliation! Your bias & lack of objectivity is astonishing.

I would offer links to various articles from ABC, NBC and others documenting voting by illegal’s in other states but I don't want to deny you the opportunity to investigate this for yourself. I wouldn’t want to be accused of selecting biased sites. ☺

Voter proof of citizenship laws are a preventive measure. For those claiming it disenfranchises them aren't trying to get the info needed to register very hard as assistance in such matters is generally available.

I have no idea how old you are but I hope you can remember the 2000 Presidential Election in Florida where the election literally "Hung on a Hanging Chad" vote by one person.

Thus demonstrating just one vote by an illegal or some instance of voter fraud by one person can have a serious impact on the USA & all the people living here.

Thus it is not a matter of "How Many Illegal’s Vote, It's a Matter That They Vote"!

Again, let's fight to ensure our elections are honest & ALL US citizens vote.

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Kobach, ACLU battle over proof-of-citizenship law

David please read my comment with unbiased eyes & mind. No where in my comment will you find anywhere that I said any illegals have voted in Kansas.

I have said that the flood of illegals into the USA & the way they are being issued US identification papers is a critical problem.

All I said was that the flood of illegals & the way they are being handed identification papers & drivers licenses, has made it necessary to put in place tools to ensure they do not vote.

The analogy that follows is not directly analogous but you will get my point, "Do you put a stop sign at a dangerous intersection before or after a child gets hit on their bicycle?"

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Kobach, ACLU battle over proof-of-citizenship law

It is absolutely incredible that US citizens do not demand all people who vote in elections in the USA must be US citizens.

If non-US citizens are allowed to vote, then we have no country! By default we are saying anyone can vote, ISIS, Mexicans, Russians, Chinese citizens & anyone else, can vote and thus control, & have a voice in who & how our country is run.

We can debate how many non-citizens actually vote in elections, but why debate who is allowed to vote?

We must remember that the uncontrolled influx of illegal immigrants has initiated these actions.

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Construction supervisor at New York Elementary says he quit in frustration over corners being cut

The buck is partially with all of them, but it really stops with USD497 as they are the originator of the project and owner the property and it's structure(s).

It seems there was no project management plan that defined who represented the school district & who would ultimately responded on behalf of USD497 and make decisions as problems & questions arose. Only that can be answered by the contract terms. Based on what we have read to this point, it seems there was no single USD497 authority to ultimately make decisions and to see that the decisions were carried out other than the construction company itself. The key problem being lack of follow up to ensure corrections were made once notice was given.

There were multiple issues on this particular job site:

1) Insubordination. The Combes Construction workers were ignoring the requests from their supervisor. Did the supervisor have hire & fire authority?
2) Based on the newspaper article Combes management did not seem to support their site supervisor to address the problems the supervisor raised.
3) USD497 either didn't fully understand what the site supervisor was telling them about the issues on the site and their consequences, or some how the oversight to follow thru to assess the issues broke down. It's apparent the Combes Company was unresponsive, thus how to proceed?
4) Once issues were raised we have no idea what was done or actions taken regarding the issues.

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Construction supervisor at New York Elementary says he quit in frustration over corners being cut

You three are so biased and naive. You do not have any idea what you are discussing or the sophistication of the issues involved. Here you have a very tragic situation and all you can do is turn this into a political situation trying to demean someone whom you think is not a liberal/progressive. What makes it worse you have absolutely no idea what political affiliation Bryant may be or the other players from the USD497, County & City which also had a hand in this tragic situation. I would be very careful before I railed exclusively on conservatives, it will turn out to be embarrassing!

Now if you want to discuss some serious issues related to the project, how about asking some serious questions like:

1) Usually a large organization hires it's own personal consultant to look after its interests when large construction projects are underway. Did the USD 497 do this? If not why not? Was it money or mismanagement on their part & in the final analysis at what cost? If they did where were they while this situation was occurring?
2) What is the role of the USD497 facilities director in project oversight? If none why?
3) Once the USD497 was made aware of the situation what did they do? Were there corrective actions taken? After the notification, why wasn’t the gate problem solved or the project halted until safety & compliance issues were resolved?
4) Did the USD497 administration meet with Combes Construction & any others involved to correct the issues? If so when & what was the result?
5) Why did the city not conduct the inspections, oh yes not enough money to pay for all the inspection & processing the city cost cutting any different than that of Combes Construction? After all the city just bailed out!
6) Why did the county accept the inspection process for the schools knowing the county was too understaffed to handle so many & such complicated inspections over and above their normal workload?
7) Why didn't the county & the city team up and share the inspection process of so many projects? Or why didn't the county &/or administrations add additional temporary inspection resources and bill the school district?
8) Knowing the inspection process was going to tax both city and county resources why weren't the school projects phased in their construction timeline to be more manageable?
9) Who is responsible for the delays & costs involved with the OSHA inspections?

I could go on but hopefully some perspective is gained by all!

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Construction supervisor at New York Elementary says he quit in frustration over corners being cut

Mike your comment: "All in all, though, it's the conservative mindset. Money over public safety" is an unnecessary and insulting political remark. This is a very serious situation and you making a cheap shot political comment is way out of bounds.

I have been in & around the construction & engineering business for 44 years and worked all over the USA and found members of the construction industry take their work very seriously, honorably, and work with pride regardless of their political persuasion.

Your assumption that the Combes Construction is run by conservatives is an assumption which may or may not be true. You're attitude and ignorance of the situation only compounds your infuriating insult.

Please have some respect for the situation, people & companies involved.

You want to be political go blog/comment some place else.

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Documents shed light on ties between KU teacher and Koch Foundation

Greg what? Your words are incoherent. Please stick to commentary regarding subjects worthy of the words you uttered.

Thank you.

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