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Kansas premiums lower than expected under new health insurance marketplaces, report says

I agree with sunny...If Obamacare is so wonderful why are so many companies opting out? Why is congress and their staff requesting to opt out? Why are the unions vowing to kill the ACA unless they get to keep their "Cadillac" plans thru another wonderful exemption? I could go on but then I digress.

Nobody is taking about all these exemptions mean reduced revenue for the ACA thru greater subsidies & thus ultimately higher premiums or individual taxes.

So many of the posts only look at the "after-tax credit" premium. That is like looking only at your "after tax paycheck". You are ignoring the real cost that is ultimately paid thru our personal & sales taxes.

You all are also ignoring the taxes hidden in the ACA. All of us will be paying those taxes thru higher prices. All of this has already started & price creep will continue until costs & income are equalized at all of our expense. And those evil corporations are made whole again.

There is an old saying "There ain't no such think as a free lunch".

There has to be a better way to solve the healthcare issue besides the ACA.

When will all the ACA supporters wake up & realize this.

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Letter: Core standards

Has anyone looked at the Standards. There is nothing specific in them regarding competency & achievement. The standards to meet grade level are very vague.

It would be great if we had standards that would increase our performance on an international scale. We once were a very high achieving nation. Not so much.

If we set standards to compete on an international basis we would prove our students are capable of competing in the world market place.

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Panel at Kansas Union discusses the forces and attitudes around poverty

Interesting comments regarding companies using abused labor overseas, and thus demeaning American businesses that do so. As I mentioned above, we are in a global market for products, labor & their wages/benefits.

I also think some of the conditions overseas are appalling. What can be done about it? Are you willing to pay higher prices for your iPhones, shoes, clothes, TV's, etc?

What I do not read are answers to the problem.

How about some workable solutions?

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Panel at Kansas Union discusses the forces and attitudes around poverty

Chootspa, thanks for the examples, but none of them are examples of government helping them.

They both achieved their success thru their own pursuit of a better life. Ursula thru marriage & her personal desire for self improvement. Yes she is a marvelous success story. As for Howard he got out thru his individual effort also, by playing football. He stared in football & received a college scholarship & used that to educate himself.

These are both great examples of how people who's personal desire & motivation for a better life used the opportunities before them to pursue their dreams. They worked hard & government was not involved.

Thanks Chootspa for helping me make my point.

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Panel at Kansas Union discusses the forces and attitudes around poverty

Getting back to the point of the original article of an assumption of permanent unemployment & poor socio-economic situation for some.

How has that $6 trillion dollars expended by USA government on the "Great Society programs & social programs" continuing today helped anyone out of their poor condition? As mentioned above the problem is growing.

Government works best, when it gets out of the way and facilitates economic growth & promotes individualism & self-sufficiency.

50 years of social programs & government interference has not helped anyone. How many people get wealthy & economically independent on any social program including a so called "living wage"?
I say nay nay, nada, none!

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Panel at Kansas Union discusses the forces and attitudes around poverty

So deec from your perspective what is the answer to poverty & socio-economic conditions. You seem to point to government as the solution.

I would contend that government is the problem. Example is the current economic wows of the world. The USA has not helped solve this problem. On the contrary, it has put up road blocks and created more dependency. We have massive enrollment in long term disability when nothing in the work place justifies this. We have a government creating uncertainty rolling out regulations that constrain business, not facilitate. We have a health care law, one may like or not but that is not the point of contention, it is that the law encourages part-time work because the law is too costly. In recent years about 75% of all new jobs created are part time work.

Our educational system is in the tank by virtue of our low rankings in math, science & reading when compared to other countries.

We are getting far afield of the main point of the social justice mantra in the original article. Yes there are time when government can be of help. Currently evidence shows this is not the case in the USA.

Regardless of your arguments, history shows that individuals with a vision & motivation over come their socio-economic situations and achieve. That is my point. Social justice comes from the individual. As I have mentioned in earlier posts. In the long term the USA government has not been the solution. It always has & always will be the individual.

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Panel at Kansas Union discusses the forces and attitudes around poverty

Sorry I did not respond to you question4u.

Great tragedies have struck throughout history & always will. But they strike without regard of socio-economic status. Everyone is hurt. History also tells us that these tragedies are temporary & that those societies willing to rebuild/remake themselves do so and society in general is made whole & improved.

Southern Ireland today is improving with high-tech & pharmaceutical companies relocating there. This is even after a long war with England.

London became a great economic force after the great fire. It also helped them build safer & improve hygiene.

Japan became a great economic force after the destruction of WWII.

Greensburg, Kansas is remaking itself after the tornado.

Leavenworth, Washington Relocated & remade their town into a major tourist attraction after the logging industry stopped.

These folks rose up from disaster thru their resilience. You see it is not the tragedy itself. It is what we as individuals do about it. How do we proceed afterword. How do we remake ourselves. Where is our internal vision & motivation.

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Panel at Kansas Union discusses the forces and attitudes around poverty

No deec I never took anything from the government. Even when I was unemployed I never took unemployment checks. I used the lack of income as motivation to get out and seek employment. I never took a government loan for college. I took out private bank loans with security given. During my college years I & my wife both worked full time.

Yes corporations moved jobs overseas to both be competitive & make money. Employees move all of the time to different jobs so they can maximize their own personal incomes, so what is the issue?

Funny you should ask the question about what would my world look like "if"...

I will tell you. First in my world sweeping floors & answering phones are "entry level" jobs. Within those labor categories there are promotions, e.g., head of the maintenance department, & the executive secretary both making well over the minimum wage. As for the framer I have personal experience with that skill as I employed framers for a living. Payed those crews hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. The Trades as I mentioned above are very good paying jobs.

The problem is some in society look down on them. Folks should take Steve Jobs, Apple Computer, comments to heart when he said "I never had a job that was beneath me".

Minimum wage jobs are entry level jobs, they are not intended for folks to spend a lifetime in them. They are stepping stone jobs to a bright future with personal development & motivation.

You see the Mark Rank's of the world do not offer an optimistic view of society. I don't like his view because I still believe personal achievement is possible if we are willing to grasp for it.

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Panel at Kansas Union discusses the forces and attitudes around poverty

deec please spare us the excuses. Ask yourself why inequality is increasing & what can be done about it.

Why have manufacturing jobs moved overseas? Because the US is not competitive in those areas. The US worker must realize we are in a global economy & a global job market.

The old job skills are still required. But many new job skills are currently required. People need to retrain themselves constantly. To work in todays work place continuing education is required just to maintain ones position or profession.

Please do not offer excuses. When I was 10 years old tragedy struck my family which left us destitute. There were no government support programs. At 10 I went to work to pay for my grade school education & to by clothes. 62 years later I retired with degrees in engineering & business. I earned those degrees while supporting a wife and 2 children.

So please do not bore me with your political terms of "conservative talking points". If they are conservative in your eyes maybe it is because I am a self-sufficient person & am encouraging others to be also.

I am offering a way out 0f Mark's socio-economic musical chairs thru practical advise & thru hard knocks experience! NOT thru POLITICS!

I will not judge you based on your youth & inexperience.

BY the way the government is not the answer either. Since President Johnson's administration & the start of the Great Society program in the 60's we citizens have spent over $6 Billion.

Yes the problem is worse because the government is promoting "Dependency". Socio-economic improvement comes thru "Self-sufficiency".

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Panel at Kansas Union discusses the forces and attitudes around poverty

The problem with this article is the sociologists assume & maintain attitudes that there will always be losers in life...such pessimism! The article does not mention any discussion of how to solve the problem.

There are plenty of jobs for those with marketable skill in the trades, marketable education & those constantly striving to succeed (motivation). The only people left standing in the game of socio-economic musical chairs are the unskilled & unmotivated.

The root causes of poverty have always been; unskilled single parents, broken homes & unskilled & unmotivated workers.

Mark Rank, as a Social Welfare professor, promotes social justice, but does not seem to promote personal achievement & self-sufficiency.

I hope KU does better with the rest of the series.

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