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Letter to the editor: Protect Social Security

A little lesson in history & reality is needed here.

Social Security would be self sufficient if it wasn't for President Johnson & a compliant congress. President Johnson did not want to run for reelection as a deficit president so he convinced congress to divert all social security income taxes and existing reserves into the general fund. Thus, for the last 50 years, Social Security taxes have been funding the general budget of the USA ever since.

Social Security was never intended to be a Pay As You Go system. It was designed to be self funding, and was until President Johnson. If the fund would have been left alone it would be actuarily sound today.

So yes the piggy bank was & continues to be raided.

Thus Baby Boomers are not the issue as they enter retirement age. The problem is our presidents & congress who act without restraint and have not balanced the budget in decades.

As far as we Baby Boomers, I am in my 70's and I am still paying social security taxes & premiums for my medicare. So even though I am a user of the system I still contribute to it.

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Letter to the editor: Confronting change

Ken you missed my entire point...I even gave it to's called politics!

I congratulate you on your commitment to this whole climate issue. But I am afraid you have lost your objectivity. You totally discount any view or changes in the debate that are contrary to your beliefs, and that is fine. But in doing so you have missed the major shift that occurred years ago. That shift occurred when the proponents of climate issues saw they were losing their cause. At that point the discussion entered the world of politics.

Proponents then tried new tactics. They changed the name of the cause from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change" because they couldn't get any traction with the original name. Then came the politics, where in data was distorted in some cases, and it continues thru today, then there was alarmism, then there is "fake consensus", then there is the blame game where each side is blaming the other about some issue, now there is just people talking past each other.

As a result everything you see today regarding climate is all about politics. It is also about the economies of the various countries. That's why this issue isn't going anywhere soon. Until the climate folks admit these realities no progress will be made.

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Letter to the editor: Confronting change

Ken quit making stuff up...I did not say that Michael Mann was a slacker.

What I was alluding to is his scandal ridden past regarding Climategate & his famous hockey stick graph.

By the way given what we know about Michael, what does that say about the credibility of all of those organizations awarding him?


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Letter to the editor: Confronting change

This LTE was doing great until Mr. Michael Mann reared was mentioned. Then the letter lost credibility.

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Letter to the editor: Kasold woes

Mr. Anderson is correct.

My wife & I drive Kasold everyday. With the current construction it is hard to leave the Orchards Corner shopping center to exit southbound onto Kasold. You can't exit south out of Orchards with out playing "dodge car" with several lanes of traffic each way.

With a single lane Kasold starting at 6th street, a worse problem would exist for entry into the Westlake Shopping Area. Heading west on 6th street people try to enter the Westlake shopping area crossing 2 lanes of traffic and it stops traffic on 6th street.

The safest way is to enter that shopping area is from Kasold. A one lane Kasold would back traffic up onto 6th street if one tries to enter the shopping area from 6th St. This is because the grade from the parking lot down to Kasold is so steep that a person entering the parking lot from Kasold has to almost stop or risk scraping the cars undercarriage on the pavement. Look at the existing entrance for the deep gouges in the pavement.

Additionally, there are only 4 streets that offer north-south access. If you are just trying to go south, Massachusetts is not practical, Iowa is always jammed & Wakarusa is becoming Iowa.
Kasold is the only street offering complete access from as far north as I-70 & the county to the north, and south to K-10.

Reducing Kasold to one lane each way just does not make any sense. I don't care what grinding some numbers says. Sometimes one has to experience the real world and drive it multiple times a day, everyday, and look at the problems that would & do exist with the proposed change.

I just have one question: "How does it make any sense to install so many roundabouts & more being proposed, to keep traffic moving on Wakarusa & other roads, yet say we are going to take a busy road with many difficult access points and redesign it to become a congested nightmare?"

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Letter to the editor: Transit trouble

Do we have an apathy problem? Transit usage has been apathetic, until transit merged with KU. Now the Transit Advisory Board is apathetic.

I propose the city commission demonstrate their lack of appreciation for the apathy of some of the Advisory Board members and tell them to just stay home & do what ever they believe is more important.

By the way, why don't we go back to the door to door van service we used to use back in the early 90's? At least it wasn't as expensive as what we are facing now, and it focused on riders with real needs...federal support or not.

After all, it's just tax money that could be used to fix our infrastructure.

Now we know the locals are like Washington...take our money, ignore the issues facing the community, and go about their own business.

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Letter to the editor: Keep it safe

Wayne thank you for the reminder.

I might also add a reminder to not "text & drive" & especially in school zones.

Dailey I see this happen, many times at stop lights, where distracted drivers cause problems in intersections.

Even this AM I saw a lady, distracted driver, smoking, fumbling for something on the passenger seat, and weaving in her lane.

Distracted Driving is not a is an accident waiting to happen.

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Federal 'religious freedom' bill likely to become a campaign issue in Kansas

The above conversation is interesting but it demonstrates why problems are difficult to resolve. Everyone is talking past each other &, based on the tone, trying to force their opinions on each other. Insults, implied or spoken, don't convince anyone of the point trying to be made.

I believe the situation involves 2 aspects:

1) Respect. Why is it necessary for anyone to "force" themselves on someone else because they believe or act differently or because we want our cause to be accepted, even if it is by force? Why can't we respect each other enough to recognize our differences, leave each other alone and go about our separate ways? Why do we have to force ourselves upon each other? It's like children forcing themselves on each other initiates "Belligerence which breeds contempt". As we all know, this is when the real argument starts. Thus, we get the kinds of arguments above.

2) Laws Versus the Constitution & Rights, inherent & granted, within the Constitution.
The question becomes, which is superior to the other? Is the first amendment superior to the 2nd, or you pick and 2, 3 or 4 amendments and say, which is more superior to the other? Are any of our laws written, regarding any aspect of our life, superior to any constitutional right? Can any law written tell us how we must behave when exercising one of our rights granted under the constitution (especially the inalienable rights)?

Through out my lifetime, until recently, it seemed we always resolved that conflict thru mutual respect. We may do well to practice the lessons from our mothers, “Live & Let Live”.

Abraham Lincoln once said: “No man is good enough to govern another man without
that other's consent.”

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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence announced as Donald Trump's VP pick

It is interesting how some people never get beyond the first chapter of their lives. So limited is their world view.

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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence announced as Donald Trump's VP pick

Jim sorry I have not responded sooner. I have been in Topeka.

Read your web reference. I would say that Dan is subjective in his analysis and manifests itself in various ways especially thru his use of pejorative terms to describe Donald's characteristics. I would say that Dan is correct in that Donald is a warrior. Donald works relentlessly to achieve the results he sets out to accomplish.

Dan's focus is on "Narcissism". Folks generally categorize narcissism as a negative personality trait. In doing so they miss it's positive side. It is fair to say that everyone who achieved something (won peace prizes, advanced scientific thought, granted patents, grew major corporations or raised their children to be accomplished people and great citizens) in their life was & is a narcissist. That is to say they have the personal self-confidence to believe in themselves and the courage to focus their efforts on achieving the desired results regardless of what others say or do. That is not negative. You may or may not like them personally but you use their achievements (example Stephen Jobs, Bill Gates or Thomas Edison, etc).

Some may not like Donald’s language. But in the world of high stakes politics & business, life is not a world of “refinement”. It can have the face of polite society & political correctness, but in reality it is a world requiring results, it is the world of warriors.

Given recent world events, the current poor economic & employment situation in the USA & world, if we are going to turn the situation around, it is time for a warrior.

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