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Trump, via angry tweets, confirms he's under investigation

Not necessarily Richard.

Put yourself in the administration's place. If someone is hired to find some dirt on you, & they have an army of attorneys, all of which contributed & supported your opponent, they are determined to find something. The question is, is it worthy. The blue dress of Clinton fame wasn't worthy.

Given that, if your smart, your going to lawyer up.

That doesn't mean guilt, it means common sense.

Now some will interpret the situation differently, & you are one of them.

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Trump, via angry tweets, confirms he's under investigation

I wonder what the left will do when the real crimes show up wi Lynch you say no one is above the law.

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Trump, via angry tweets, confirms he's under investigation

So whats the point of all this vitriol? This can't be just that Clinton lost the election.

I mean really, where is all this hate coming from & to what end?

On the national level it must be that President Trump has control of the establishment sand box, and the establishment doesn't like that one bit. Because he will upset the establishment's game & the establishment won't be able to play.

Thus the establishment doesn't like losing control, and they really don't like the citizens rising up against them. That's what President Trump represents. Thus he must be taken out of office.

I believe this plays out locally based on the comments in the articles & the blogs that follow.

My question is what happens if after all the investigations, all the name calling, terrorist attacks on our elected officials, calls for impeachment, no charges worthy if removal from office are brought, what then?

If the liberals hadn't over reached in the last 8 years & with such a poor candidate & campaign, maybe things would be different.

All the current name calling, cries for impeachment, investigation, etc. is continued over reach by the Liberals.

This is not helping your cause for the future.

In the meantime, it's humorous watching the frustration manifest itself in manic behavior.

Question: When are Liberals/Progressives ever happy?

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Trump, via angry tweets, confirms he's under investigation

The left is pretty darn funny.

After almost 2 years of investigation nothing found on Trump.

Now special council can't find anything.

I'll bet the special council is investigating President Trump's hair. 😂😂😂

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Lawrence City Commission to review changes to budget from increased property values, other sources

This is absolutely amazing, the discussion the city is having regarding the increased revenues..."Hey we have more money, how can we spend it?"

Does "City Hall" have any respect for the citizens precious tax dollars? Why can't the city say to the citizens..."No mill levy increase this year, and by the way here is a small decrease, as a thank you for supporting the city when the city really needed the money."

No, the city can't manage it's own affairs as shown by not handling billing properly. Why aren't heads rolling over that issue? Where is the accountability? Why has it taken years for the auditor to find this issue? That is just plain horrible stewardship of the tax payers money!

And now I read in the paper this AM that the city is going to spend $58,000 to save a hundred year old tree...Amazing! Couldn't some other arrangement be made to accommodate this situation? If this was West Lawrence the City would be demanding a certain number of "Affordable Housing Units", or some other exaction. Why not request the builder donate the lot with the tree on it as a park, instead of just the "unbuildable land"?

If the City has so much excess cash sitting around why not use that $58,000 to fix our deteriorating sidewalks? The City can make a quick decision to spend $58,000 to save a tree, but can't make a decision to finance & repair our crumbling infrastructure?

There shouldn't be any need to go to City Staff to discuss how to spend excess funds! If there are excess funds then that means the city wasn't expecting or planning to use those funds. The Citizens don't need a knee jerk reaction from the city, to scramble to find some "projects" to spend the money.

The City Commission needs to exhibit some real leadership & financial stewardship..."Give The Money Back To The Citizens"! The citizens can manage their own money, thank you very much.

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Lawrence mayor takes stand against Trump's withdrawal from Paris climate agreement

Continued from above:

Thus the USA will proceed based on sound economic principles.

By the way, you didn't respond to the idea of cash prizes for innovation versus the current GW/WW approach of treaties/Accord/agreements, or increased taxes, restrictions on different kinds of fuel, etc.

The GW/CC crowd always takes the negative approach.

Why not the positive route? Anyone & everyone objects to being hit over the head with a stick...why not positive reinforcement & rewards?

As I mentioned earlier England couldn't solve the navigation problem, so they offered a reward & got the result they wanted.

Maybe just maybe, if the GW/CC crowd would listen to their critics & improve their science, and maybe just maybe the GW/CC folks were positive partners VS being negative you might gain cooperation.

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Lawrence mayor takes stand against Trump's withdrawal from Paris climate agreement

Nice try Ken, but I think you protesteth to much about the articles. Is the data wrong/challenged?

That's how things work. GW proposes something. Other scientists, even some GW folks, find errors or challenge the result. GW folks should get busy and fix things, but no we get responses where folks get fired, or objections like yours but no facts that refute their critics. Sorry no cigar.

Ken say what you will about the title of the Paris document. The document name was watered down for several reasons, among them so President Obama wouldn't have to take it to congress for approval & so other nations would not be bound by having to meet it, like China.

Really on the sheesh?

The main reason we got out of the Paris accord is as I said...Activists and others like the IPCC suing the USA if for some unknown reason we didn't meet the stated "voluntary goals". Well it seems even the legal minds believe member signees could be sued. Please see the following article, and refer back to my previous blogs making this exact point.

Some of the language states: The provision at issue, Article 4.11, states that a nation “may at any time adjust its existing nationally determined contribution with a view to enhancing its level of ambition.” The question is whether the ability to “adjust” is like a ratchet, allowing progress only in one direction — upward — or if it permits a country to weaken its commitment without violating the terms of the deal."

It goes on to say: "Christopher C. Horner, a senior legal fellow at the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, said liberal state attorneys general and climate activists would inevitably sue over efforts to weaken the targets. “This will be most aggressive in the Ninth Circuit, which hopefully triggers some memories in the minds of administration lawyers,” he said, referring to the fight over the administration’s immigration plan, which has been stayed by the California-based federal appeals court. “Despite the mad rush to insist that plain language means either the opposite of what it says, or else nothing at all, under any canon of construction, Article 4 does not permit revisions downward,” Mr. Horner said. “The language is deliberate and reads only one way: the way it was written and, as the context affirms, was plainly intended.”

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Lawrence mayor takes stand against Trump's withdrawal from Paris climate agreement

Ken the reason you don't like the article is it challenges the GW/CC paradigm.

As we discussed before you want to talk about real science. Well in real science their are those challenging ideas. Each challenge leads to better science. In this case either in favor of AGW or not, or maybe if AGW is true in some respects then those respects get addressed.

I don't care if the articles are avocado picked, they cast doubt, which has yet to be refuted. (Your cherry picked remark is aimed to denegrate...sorry that liberal trick is all about the GW/CC crowd has left 😢)

Regarding Al Gore, why does anyone listen to him? He lives the lie, on one hand he promotes saving Mother Earth, yet between his jetting around & @ home lifestyle, his CO2 footprint embarresses him. Al is in this for his personal $$$$$$ gain. If Al is pushing for more efforts in GW, then watch the $ trail.

America doesn't need a Paris Treaty. It's the GW/CC crowd that needs the Paris Treaty.

America has & will continue to make progress in it's CO2 footprint. We just don't need some entity or foriegn government dictating to us.

Additionally we can keep our $ billions to invest in America.

And we don't need to be in a position to be sued by anyone or thing because we didn't do something.

What's really interesting here is the GW/CC crowd is missing the boat on their whole endeavor to get their way on CC. They missed the business side.

The GW/CC crowd only speaks in negative terms. They only speak about what's not being done. They need to speak about the positive sides. For example many companies for years have marketed the companies based on their green efforts thinking its good business.

The GW/CC crowd could promote those companies & applaud their efforts and show the positive economic gain by going green. Anything the GW crowd is doing, at least its not in the public domain.

I also really like Richards idea of a prize for a major break through or multiple prizes for various break throughs. England did this to develop a longitude clock (AKA Marine Chronometer) to solve navigation problems.

As I have said before America will move ahead on greening efforts based on sound economics.

If the GW/CC crowd would get on the positive side of the equation vs staying on the negative it might be surprising what can be accomplished by working together within our own economy.

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Lawrence mayor takes stand against Trump's withdrawal from Paris climate agreement

I know some don't like this site but I present this to allow some perspective. The so called MSM haven't printed it I am aware. It doesn't fit the paradigm.

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