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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Steve & Ken, sorry for no response, I have been out of town recently

I believe you both suffer from the idea that individuals only succeed thru liberal big government victimhood. It takes individual initiative to achieve, despite the odds. Look at all the successful minorities in the USA.

Free individuals are those who take initiative and, despite obstacles, achieve personal success. The liberals thru there over reaching activities stifle individual initiative. The following people explain what I am saying.

Terry McCann, in a Durham News Observer LTE titled: “Liberal dogma perpetuates black victimhood”, 9/3/2015, in part says: “The liberal narratives…portrays blacks and minorities as victims that need to be rescued and government as the institution that will bring forth equality for all.”

"Liberal policies put individuals with fingers pointing outward instead of inward. Many in the black and minority community need to look at the man in the mirror and see that the enemy is staring back at them. …If black people in today’s America are victims, the bad guys are no longer just members of the KKK and their riffraff but rather also are liberals that exaggerate inequality and unfairness in American life in order to justify overreaching public policies or programs. Liberalism undermines the spirit of self-help and individual responsibility.” Terry is a Durham mathematics school teacher.

Matthew Delmont in an article titled: What Black Americans Lost by Siding with Democrats, in the Atlantic 3/31/2016, says basically starting with providing the majority of their voting support to Democrats since President Kennedy, they have gained little. But most of all they lost leverage with the Democrats who basically ignore them until election time, making promises deliver little to nothing.

In part, he says: “While the passage of the Civil Rights Act helped Johnson earn…94 percent of black voters in 1964, there is a gulf between what black Americans hoped the legislation would achieve and what Democratic politicians actually delivered. Although… helped end apartheid conditions in the South, …the legislation did little to address the structures of racism that shaped black lives in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. This was an intentional consequence of how the bill’s sponsors, largely liberals from the North, Midwest, and West, crafted the legislation.”

After the initial impact of The Great Society programs of the 1960’s the poverty rate in America has bobbled along, but net out basically unchanged.

It’s Free Individualism, self-initiative, that makes a person successful, not liberal victimization & big government.

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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Steve, “callow philosophy”? I do not believe Individual freedom without dictatorial oversight is an “immature” idea. The individual has always sought freedom from dictatorial oversight by overlords, monarchs, various totalitarian governments & now political ideologies. Please see the Magna Carta, William Penn’s Charter of Privileges, the USA Bill of Rights.

In my post, I should have made one further point: I was never told: I couldn’t do something; I was unworthy, I was a victim of my ancestors being persecuted for their religion or we were dirt poor thus I couldn’t achieve in life. On the contrary: “My mother said: “The Lord Helps Those That Help Themselves”. No victimhood, that was just the situation.

This is contrary to victimhood advocated today using the past versus today via the “Ad Misericordiam fallacy” argument where victimhood & dependence is promoted and, in fact justified.

There was an interesting article in the New York Times, in 2014, titled: What Drives Success?
The authors basic argument is “It turns out that for all their diversity, the strikingly successful groups in America today share three traits that, together, propel success. The first is a superiority complex — a deep-seated belief in their exceptionality. The second appears to be the opposite — insecurity, a feeling that you or what you’ve done is not good enough. The third is impulse control.” By impulse control the authors mean, what are you willing to give up today to have a better tomorrow?

After one of their examples they say: “The point of this example is not, “See, it’s easy to climb out of poverty in America.” On the contrary, Justice Sotomayor’s story illustrates just how extraordinary a person has to be to overcome the odds stacked against her…But research shows that perseverance and motivation can be taught, especially to young children. This supports those who, like the Nobel Prize-winning economist James J. Heckman, argue that education dollars for the underprivileged are best spent on early childhood intervention, beginning at preschool age, when kids are most formable.”

They also say: “The United States itself was born a Triple Package nation, with an outsize belief in its own exceptionality, a goading desire to prove itself to aristocratic Europe (Thomas Jefferson sent a giant moose carcass to Paris to prove that America’s animals were bigger than Europe’s) and a Puritan inheritance of impulse control.”

The article also says many minority groups are more successful than whites, due to their striving for success.

Thus, the article is saying if we promote success from early in life we can have “individuals” grow up believing they can succeed. If, we would promote success more than victimhood/dependence we would see broad success of everyone in society.

If those promoting victimhood quit telling people they are victims, and instead promote a positive “can do” attitude, we help individuals/people be Free to succeed.

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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Ken, you make a great many assumptions about me & the opportunities I may or may not have had. I will give you a little bit about my background. The point to understand as you read this is that regardless of the many obstacles in my life, thru personal perseverance, I and my wife overcame them. Thus, demonstrating that no matter what, by having a goal in life, it doesn't matter how many times one gets knocked down. What matters is how many times you get up and continue to persevere.

Contrary to your biased opinion Ken, it doesn't take "privilege" to succeed in life, it takes resilience, personal goals, and stick-to-itiveness!

That is the lesson life has taught me, and so many others who have overcome their share of adversities to achieve their personal goals.

My story started 6 weeks before I was born when my father, who was a police officer, was shot twice, and killed. The first 7 years of my life I lived primarily with my grandmother & step-grandfather. My grandmother suffered from severe depression after losing 2 children and her husband who died resulting from their home burning down. My older brother and sister lived in an orphanage off and on for 2 years. In those days, there were no social programs for financial help. Everyone helped each other person to person, and took initiative to better their own lot in life.

When I was ten my mother said, she couldn't afford to buy my clothes or pay my tuition for school so I went to work delivering 2 different newspapers, getting up at 4:00AM, & worked at a soda fountain. I worked thru grade school & high school.

I married my wife right out of high school, worked in various jobs for 6 years, some of that time unemployed. I will say I never once filed for nor took unemployment compensation. I used my unemployment as motivation to get a job and provide for my family. After being married for 6 years I attended KU with a wife & 2 children. I graduated 6 years later with a degree in engineering. During that time, I worked 40 hours a week during the school year & 80 hours a week during summers when I wasn't going to summer school. Yes, I had student loans, but they came from a private bank, not the government. There was no one to help me.

My wife & I busted our buttons to make a life and I always went the extra step at work where they eventually sent me to school where I earned and Executive MBA. During that time, I became registered as a professional engineer in 4 states.

My wife & I risked everything opening our own company. While we owned that company, we worked 24/7/365. Yes, we provide everything for ourselves.

The problem with the Progressive’s “Equality/Justice” agenda today is it never promotes self-sufficiency, just victimhood/dependence. Why do Asian’s perform so well in school, and get great jobs as a minority, yet American women & other minorities are always complaining about being repressed?

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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Ken, the "Equality & Justice" movements are great examples of "Victimhood".

You need to reread my posts & brush up on your history.

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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Sorry Paul, for the misspelling. It's interesting your militant attitude, trying to demean the message. It's also interesting you weren't able to discuss/debate the facts of the blog.

Thus your typical leftist trick of trying to destroy the facts by obfuscating with let's say, colorful commentary tells us all you have nothing constructive to say.

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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Steve, regarding your latest comments regarding the constitution and the thought that our rights are not unlimited. To that point I would agree, but with limits to my agreement.

What Free Individualism is about is not that we are limited by laws that are practical, like not driving on sidewalks, rioting, crying fire in a theatre, assaulting your neighbor, stealing, violating the ten commandments that are basically codified in our laws.

Where Free Individualism disagrees with you is the Lefts assault on our specific rights granted in the Constitution's Bill of Rights, and others fought for and achieved thru the 9th amendment and the due course of everyday law.

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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Steve, Interesting response, rather victimish I think. As I said earlier, it takes two to tango.

I would like to respond to your thoughts regarding Political Correctness.

Mao’s 1967 book: “Mao Zedong on People’s War” (better known as Mao’s “Little Rd Book”) was the ultimate authority on political correctness in the ‘60’s, and was carried by millions of Chinese during the “Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution”. Mao’s Cultural Revolution was violent and impacted politics & society for decades after his death.

Chairman Mao helps us understand that Political Correctness is not some phrase thrown about by competing points of view. Some people even see it as a joke. Not so, it’s absolutely serious! Political Correctness is in-fact an ideology. This ideology can be traced back in time to the 1920’s, and find its origins in the so-called Franklin School of social theory & philosophy of cultural Marxism/Communism/Fascism. This ideology infected some governments, most specifically, Italy, Russia, & China, causing much harm in their time. America has escaped ever having a governmental ideology up to this point. The left and the media are certainly espousing America adopt the “Political Correctness” ideology today.

Make no mistake, “Political Correctness” is an ideology, the Left wishes to impose on America to forever change its cultural values, and transform America into a Globalist nation.

Political Correctness, as applied today, attempts to control “language”. When you control language, you control knowledge, thought, words, learning and creativity. Freedom of speech, total freedom of speech, is vital to a “free society”. There is no beneficial logical argument for placing any limits upon speech. The Left argues that so-called ‘hate-speech’ should be criminalized. The problem with this is ‘hate-speech’ cannot be defined in a way that is universally acceptable. The additional problem is, who gets to define what constitutes ‘hate-speech’? The constitution guarantees ones right to speak, it does not guarantee another person against being offended, especially when political correctness is used as a political tool. Political Correctness is justified, by the left, visa vie “etiquette” & thus used to marginalize people by defining opposing views as bigoted and illegitimate.” Political Correctness, thus stupefies society, and numbs them to the Left’s manipulation, forcing conformity to the Lefts narratives.

Steve, you say that conservatives use political correctness. That is a shallow view point. It would be more correct to say those, of all political, and demographic categories that hold dear to America’s cultural values & national independence, oppose the Lefts use of “Political Correctness” to undermine America’s Free Individualism values, and America’s position as a powerful, free independent nation.

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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Steve a further comment regarding the Rocklin Academy transgender issue.

How can a 6 or 7 year old possibly comprehend the subject of transgenderism?

How can a parent possibly put a 6 or 7 year old thru surgical & chemical procedures thus committing the child to a lifetime decision, without allowing the child to mature at least to an age where they are capable of comprehending transgenderism & themselves, and able to make such profound decision for themselves?

To me this is "Totalitarian Socialism" imposed on a child incapable understanding what's being done to them, or offering intelligent responses/questions, or even saying "NO"!

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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Dorothy, after your story yesterday & my comments to it, I expected more maturity from you than the picture post above.

Just for your clarity, there is a difference between a community of independent achievement oriented compassionate individuals coming together to help their neighbors, and a Socialistic Government.

Dorothy you should be ashamed and apologize for a cheap shot at concerned citizens risking their lives, and spending their personal time & resources to save their neighbors & help their communities.

Of course your cheap shot came from a dry home & free of things that go "bump in the night"

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Letter to the editor: Free individuals

Steve, you glossed over paragraphs 3 & 4 of my LTE, as your comments are not related to my comments. My comments relate entirely to the behavior of the left that has been going on for decades, but more aggressive recently, and outline the difference between socialistic agenda vs governmental socialism.

First Victimhood:
The left creates victims to promote its agenda to weaken America & move America into the Globalist sphere. The Socialist method to promote victimhood (childlike dependence) is to offer the victim all the benefits of a working society without the work. In essence, the left says, we don’t care what your problems are, we in the left will solve them for you.

After all a victim identity can be a unifying force, but victimhood is a position of powerlessness for the victim, equivalent to a childlike dependence. Victimhood of course is the polar-opposite of an independent achievement mentality, Individualism. Victims are easily manipulated & controlled. An individual with an independent achievement mentality, can’t be easily manipulated.

Thus, once there is a victim, the social justice issue is attached. Then, with a complicit media the victim mentality is promoted stirring emotions. Some recent examples are Ferguson, Charlottesville, & Berkeley.

Second Intolerance of Dissenting Views:
Intolerance of dissenting views is manifest in the following violent acts.

A great current example of this is Charlottesville & Berkeley. Those protesting the removal of the statues, in Charlottesville, had a permit and were protesting lawfully. The fact they had guns and clubs would have been a non-issue if Antifa hadn't shown up illegally. Yes Antifa did "not have a permit", and Antifa shown up with clubs, etc seeking a fight, thus the conflict would not have occurred if Antifa had stayed away. Remember, it takes two to tango, and without Antifa no tango, no riot.

An article today in the Washington Post, outlines the violence imposed by Leftist Antifa groups at Berkeley, where 13 Antifa members were arrested.

As a side note, why are Antifa members wearing black masks and clothes to hide their faces? They must not want to be identified knowing they are breaking the law.

Third Politicized educational system and media:
If you breath you know the bias in the media!

An egregious example of educational bias, occurred at Rocklin Academy in California, where the kindergarten teacher led an in-class discussion on transgenderism that included a “gender reveal” for a little boy who was transitioning to a little girl, resulting in a girl being sent to the principal’s office after she accidentally “mis-gendered” a classmate in what’s being called a “pronoun mishap”. The girl was “questioned” in the principal’s office & sent home in tears. Really? A first grader is expected to understand such a complex subject?

Also anti-free speech efforts such as safe spaces, Berkeley campus riots to shut down speakers & today’s riot at Berkeley.

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