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Race should be 'fundamental' issue of new criminal justice council, author of suggested bylaw says

Randolph does it take a "Criminal justice Council" with subcommittees to prove or disprove any wrongdoing?

To me its pretty simple to initially verify if there is a problem. We can answer a few questions: How many of those arrested were without cause? How many were wrongfully arrested? How many went to trial and were not convicted? Did those arrested do the crime for which they were arrested? These kinds of questions can be addressed quickly.

I have a question: What if the arrests & convictions hold up to be legitimate & we still have this disproportionate incarceration statistic. What do we do? Do we say well only 4.8% of our future arrests can only be blacks? But once we reach 4.8% what do we do with the rest of the lawbreakers if there are any?

Another question is what is the result of all of this if the statistics are correct? Do the Criminal Justice Council & all of these sub-committees go away?

I am also very leery of having a person on the Criminal Justice Council with an obvious negative agenda. Additionally I am leery of any committee with a large number of sub-committees, as all of those folks have to “justify” their existence.

Anybody with any real experience with committees and studies knows one thing to be true. It is very rare that any type of committee doesn’t come back with the answer the boss wants. Also committees “deny” personal accountability. The “committee” made the decision. Committee’s are always used when controversial subjects are addressed. Politicians like to use them to shelter their agendas.

The tone of this article & the quotes contained has a presumption of guilt on the part of the police department.

Maybe the Criminal Justice Council would better serve the community & police department by looking into the systemic causes of crime in our city & county & develop strategies to stop/reduce crime at its root cause. I hope that isn’t too heavy a lift for the council.

The police are only the messenger of the crime. Let’s not kill the messenger. Let’s kill the root cause of crime. Let’s keep the scope of the Criminal Justice Council on a positive note, not a negative note. Just looking at “race” as the key topic is prejudicial and keeps us ignorant of the systemic cause of crime in Lawrence/Douglas County.

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Race should be 'fundamental' issue of new criminal justice council, author of suggested bylaw says

Jamiee let me help you with some history. I don't know if you are familiar with Lawrence history, so I offer the web site below to give you a cursory overview and what "Free State" means & the sacrifice Lawrence citizens made in the cause of freedom for the slaves/Negros. Perhaps that lack of historical knowledge has your 1950 reference about 90-100 years too late.

I hope you are not offended by my use of the term Negro, but throughout history that was always the politically correct term to use when referring to Negros as a class/group, etc. Thus I have no idea what you are talking about when you say, "Nowhere in your post do you refer to people of color other than calling them "Negros". I am not a student of the politically correct terms of the day.

It is too bad you missed the entire point of the post Jamiee.

To help you out the post basically says: Lawrence was founded on the principles of fairness, equality and the abolishment of slavery. Men & women of Lawrence died for that cause. I go on to encourage Rev. Gufffey to act like a reverend and act with humility & forgiveness in her implications, & be anti-political. I am not willing to allow Rev. Guffey or anyone else use the politics of the day to disparage Lawrence's police department. I ask her to provide facts to support the innuendo in this news article.

Our police force deserves our full support. My father was a police officer in Leavenworth, KS. He was shot twice & killed. I have the highest regard for the tough job the police have and the circumstances under which they must perform. I just wish everyone did.

Now Jamiee I hope you have some understanding of what I said & why I said it. Thank you for allowing me to clarify my points.

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Race should be 'fundamental' issue of new criminal justice council, author of suggested bylaw says

Race should be ‘fundamental’ issue of new criminal justice council says Rev. Edith Guffey. The above article goes on to quote crime statistics implying wrong doing by Lawrence Police, thus supporting the agenda of Rev. Guffey that Lawrence is racially biased in their criminal arrests. This article says there is a political agenda with at least some member(s) of the Criminal Justice Council.

This is Lawrence Kansas, FREE State Lawrence Kansas, that supported Negros, was a major hub in the Under Ground Railroad, battled and died to abolish slavery and to be a free state. That is the soul of Lawrence. Maybe Rev. Guffey forgot the roots of Lawrence during her travels & work away from Lawrence. Are there a few stupid people in Lawrence, maybe.

Further to imply or accuse the Lawrence Police of racial bias when conducing their work is unconscionable, especially when no evidence is provided that says the arrests and convictions in Lawrence & Douglas County are wrongful!

The statistics in this article are quoted without context implying misdeeds by our police force. If Rev. Guffey has any evidence to the contrary, she should please provide it so we can judge for ourselves. Whatever evidence is provided it should not be manipulated or spun to satisfy an agenda.

Lawrence is not Ferguson, Mo; South Chicago or L.A.; Washington D.C.; or any other major metro area with.

The attached article from the Washington Times can provide further background regarding this subject.

I do not believe we Lawrincians should allow an outsider to imply wrong doing with out justification.

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Letter to the editor: Empowerment

I offer the following example of how education is collapsing in America. Educators are abdicating their authority and responsibility in running our educational institutions.

Today a news story broke stating, at Stanford, the students took responsibility for establishing curriculum requirements for graduation by voting to not have Western Civilization Classes. Of course this is just a reinforcement of a decision brought on by demonstrations in 1988, led by Jesse Jackson, to exclude Western Civ & in its place study multiculturalism. Metaphorically speaking, the inmates are running the asylum.

This graphically demonstrates the weakness in our schools & universities when those to be educated establish not only the curriculum but also the rules by which the school will be run. Especially when all they have to do demonstrate &/or shout the latest phrase of the day.

How is it that those who are to be educated decide on the requirements to achieve competence in a given field of study? Who is in charge? This demonstrates a classic weakness in administrators.

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Kansas Senate passes bill targeting teachers unions

Ms Reed I am puzzled by your constant sarcasm & your denigration of others. You do not appear to be a happy person, actually quit sour. I hope you can find happiness.

I will attempt to answer your questions as specifically as I can.

Over the years I have had hundreds of employees as I worked in both my corporate career & my private business. Corporately we paid wages that in todays dollars (vs 70's & 80's) would range from mid $40k to $70k for non-management. professionals would be about $80k. Yes we 100% paid for very generous benefits including medical, holidays, sick leave, vacation and personal help when required.

In my own business we paid salary ranging from $50k-$60k. Contract employees earned upwards of $100k +/-.

You assume the worst about everyone. You should try to learn something about people before you verbalize such false assumptions.

No I did not wish my children's teachers would "give" my children "A's". My children got what they earned. I coached my children to strive for the best education & learning experience they could get. I coached them to get a skill, as I described it, get something no one can ever take away from them. As a result they did well.

They learned the value of a good eduction and they learned nothing is given in this only get what you earn! Both of our children earned both bachelor & masters degrees. Our 3 oldest grand children have graduated from KU, with 2 of them receiving masters degrees.We have 2 more still in grade school & junior high. They are being taught to respect education as well.

Dorothy I wish you well. I am out.

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Kansas Senate passes bill targeting teachers unions

Interesting comment David Reber. Rest assured lying is not in my character.

You have accused me of lying. You should learn to inquire regarding facts before libeling yourself.

For your info my mother-in-law was a teacher in Jr. High School during my 47 years of knowing her. Additionally her 6 siblings were also teachers. Over the years we talked many times about what was going on within the schools systems. During family get togethers it is hard not to talk about teaching, & the profession in general, with that many teachers in one location.

Yes I did learn their position about teaching, teachers, unions, government and parents.

So "Yeah, Sure" we did discuss such issues.

Being as your conversation has denigrated to accusations & in effect, name calling I am out.

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Kansas Senate passes bill targeting teachers unions

Chris glad you brought that up.

What is interesting is the USA is significantly lagging behind in international test results in Math, Science & Reading. We have lost our leadership as ranking among the best performing countries.

Perhaps this is because the union emphasis is on power versus educating the children. I believe we would be better off paying teachers for performance of their students.

Regarding wages decreasing, possibly you should be looking at our current failed immigration policy where illegals have displaced high tech workers (US employees even train their replacements) & immigrants taking over our manual labor positions. The illegals are even taking over the fast food industry.

Chris there are many issues in this situation. History has shown that the unions are not helping our students. Based on the fact that our family has had teachers at all levels grade school thru university professors & one that helped write the SAT test, all have said they were not impressed with the unions contribution to their working conditions. They said better teachers not salaries make better students & performance. Of course better teachers should be paid better.

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Kansas Senate passes bill targeting teachers unions

Mr. Smith I appreciate your thinking this is just an attack on unions & I also appreciate your altruistic thoughts regarding teachers unions.

A little historical journey may refresh everyone regarding the true purpose of the teachers union by reading the following article at this web site. I have included a couple of the comments to that clarifies that their real intent is about POWER, not the childrens education.

"National Education Association’s retiring top lawyer, Bob Chanin, speaking at the NEA’s annual meeting in July, 2009:"

“Despite what some among us would like to believe it is not because of our creative ideas. It is not because of the merit of our positions. It is not because we care about children and it is not because we have a vision of a great public school for every child. NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power.”

He goes on to say he will sacrifice it all to protect the unions: “This is not to say that the concern of NEA and its affiliates with closing achievement gaps, reducing dropout rates, improving teacher quality and the like are unimportant or inappropriate. To the contrary. These are the goals that guide the work we do. But they need not and must not be achieved at the expense of due process, employee rights and collective bargaining. That simply is too high a price to pay.”

So they will sacrifice the kids & teachers to maintain their power!

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Kansas Senate passes bill targeting teachers unions

Mr. Reber,

I have been around long enough to know when there was & is coercion in union elections, etc.

Just the fact that they used to do a voice vote or raised your hand during an election was major coercion. I have seen it all. So coercion has many forms.

By getting a set of legislation that allows true freedom to choose, if people want a union; or to join a union; or decide how their union dues are spent, etc, is a very good thing.

The unions don't like it because these rules impose some democracy versus the old way was pure autocracy.

How can a democracy be a bad thing?

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Kansas Senate passes bill targeting teachers unions

Really Randolf.

What you refer to as an attack is just requiring unions to stop coercion & letting potential members have a choice. They choose no!

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