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Letter: Where is the anger?

isn't it amazing a law has to be passed by a state to protect what is a constitutional right and considered an "inalienable right"?

This whole situation is unfathomable. The USA was founded on the principle of religious freedom, yet here we have in our society today forces raging against religious freedom.

A women does not recoil that a doctor does not provide abortions, she just seeks a doctor that does provide an abortion.

A speaker supporting abortion rights does not give speeches to an anti-abortion group, and the speaker does not rage against such situations. The speaker probably discriminates against the anti-abortion group because they do not support her cause.

Thus the LGBT community should seek out folks that agree with them and not try not force themselves upon others. Not everyone that disagrees with the LGBT life style is religious, they just do not support that lifestyle.

Society should leave one's bedroom alone & also leave ones business alone.

This intolerance of others beliefs and opinions serves neither the intolerant nor the accused any good. it definitely does not garner support.

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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

James, regarding couples not using birth control. There are a myriad of reasons ranging from personal choice to religious conviction. Regarding incorrect use, instruction is available at drug stores, health clinics, hopefully in their home, etc.

With regard to "why I am not personally doing something to ensure inexpensive access to birth control, i think I am, given that Obamacare has handled that, & I pay taxes. Between elementary schools handing out condoms & their sex-ed classes, health clinics making birth control available, economical birth control is available.

James I am not blaming anyone for getting an abortion. I believe abortion should be used in real cases of medical emergency. Statistics indicate abortion is possibly being used as contraception given its frequency.

One of the main problems when discussing abortion is, the discussion shuns the baby & focuses on the mother. Our society speaks about helping the poor & the vulnerable, but it never mentions the absolutely helpless...the baby to be aborted.

While some scream for a women's right to choose...who screams for the baby's right to choose?

It is interesting our society argues about cruel and unusual punishment for the methods society uses to execute our prisoners on death row. Yet society doesn't seem to want a discussion regarding methods of abortion that respect the mother & the humanitarian treatment of the baby.

Never having been in an abortion clinic, I wonder...does a women get to choose what surgical procedure is used to abort her baby? Does the clinic inform the mother of health risks to her & the humanitarian treatment of her baby for the procedure to be used? If not, is the women really participating in her own health care decisions? Or is she just getting an abortion by whatever means? The answers to these questions are leading to the laws being passed in various states & the battles in the courts. For the most part all the laws seem to be speaking for a women's health, i.e.; clean clinics & equipment, affiliations with hospitals, humanitarian abortion methods & limits. Hopefully, in time, these laws will lead to a civilized society.

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City Commission candidate Bob Schumm answers your questions

David I do not understand your question regarding legal suits against the city or police department?

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City Commission candidate Bob Schumm answers your questions

It's not the rec center itself.

The problem is lack of leadership & management! It is the no-bid infrastructure (which violates the cities own rules), lack of project management, lack of priorities (police department or recreation center?). It is spending $27,000 plus expenses to buy vindication for the decision to use a no-bid process regarding the infrastructure. It is supporting a proposal to build the police department by raising sales taxes to pay for it...when that was resoundingly defeated we had the existing commissioners running for office say...(paraphrasing) well we can build it by reevaluating what we are building and not raise taxes...DO YOU THINK...REALLY???

It's this kind of shoot from the hip, non-thinking action that is in question. We can & must do better.

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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

I did not add the following statement of findings from the Guttmacher Institute study:

"...Some 45 of every 1,000 women aged 15-44 in the United States had an unintended pregnancy in 1994 (the latest year for which data are available).

1) The high level of unintended pregnancy can be attributed to three factors: the failure of couples at risk of unintended pregnancy to practice contraception, incorrect or inconsistent use of contraceptive methods, and method failure among those practicing contraception correctly and consistently.

Approximately one-half of unintended pregnancies end in abortion.
2) A substantial minority of women having abortions—42% in 1994-19953 and 49% in 19874—became pregnant because they and their partners were not using a contraceptive method. It is unknown, however, what proportion of pregnancies among method users were due to inconsistent or incorrect contraceptive use and what proportion were accounted for by method failure."

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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

James it is always interesting to see responders to comments say nothing but demeaning remarks. It tells me they have nothing constructive to add to the conversation, and thus in frustration, try to denigrate comments by others.

I would say this is born out by there being no comments regarding the truthfulness of the primary arguments made above.

With regard to your comment regarding women practicing contraception and still getting pregnant, there is an older study completed by the Guttmacher Institute. The institutes goal is: "Advancing sexual and reproductive health world wide through research, policy analysis and public education". One of their findings was: "Inconsistent use of contraception &/or method of use of contraception was the main cause of pregnancy for 49% of condom users and 76% of pill users; 42% of condom users cited condom breakage or slippage as a reason for pregnancy. Substantial proportions of pill and condom users indicated perfect method use (13-14%). As many as 51,000 abortions were averted by use of emergency contraceptive pills in 2000."

As I said earlier: "Thus the need for an abortion should be minimal versus the frequency society is experiencing."

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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

This whole discussion seems so surreal.

Here everyone is debating the acceptance of a procedure to terminate a life. REALLY!!!

To me this should tell us all how convoluted our societal acceptance of behaviors has become. As examples; By some estimates, since Roe v. Wade approximately 52-55 million babies have been aborted! This is more people than the combined states of California & New York combined, & no one blinks an eye. Some one takes a gun and kills one child in a school or shopping mall and society & the media go nuts & we demand gun control! There are efforts to stop the death penalty. We send people to jail for euthanasia. Where is the equity?

All of the discussion of "we do it to protect the mother" is political speak. In today's society there is no excuse for not practicing some method of birth control. Thus the need for an abortion should be minimal versus the frequency society is experiencing.

The practice covered in the article is particularly gruesome. During the evening news we cringe when see ISIS decapitate another human being, yet we remain silent when we dissect a baby in the womb.

Yes it is surreal how convoluted our society has become when we have a discussion regarding the appropriateness of one method versus another to abort a life.

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Letter: Optional laws?

This is politics at it's worst. Obama didn't take action on immigration until the Republicans had control so that he could manipulate the situation to try to damage the Republicans, when they call him on his lawlessness, & try to make the Democrats look like a hero to the hispanics.

Interesting how Obama & his minions support some people who break our laws, and then try to defame those who try to uphold the laws of our country.

If we have learned anything from Obama is that laws have two sides, the original intent & the antithesis of the original intent. Obama takes the side of the antithesis.

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Kansas Senate endorses ban on specific abortion procedure

Isn't it interesting that as a society we are debating and passing legislation to provide more "Humane" ways to kill fetuses.

Who speaks for the unborn? What about their life?

Since Roe V Wade an estimated 57 million babies have been aborted. 57 million is greater than the populations of California & New York combined...where is the outcry? If we were attacked by an outside force and that many people died we would go to war! If children are killed because of a senseless act in a school shooting, there is an outcry to ban guns. So if 57 million babies, who can't speak, are killed by a mother's choice using acts more horrific than what is shown in movies, then that is okay. That right should be defended? Is an unborn baby's life less important than that of a child or an adult? Where is the equity?

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Letter: Premier facility

Mike you are correct regarding the shrinkage cracks.

So far only the floor cracks have gotten the attention of the public due to the lj World article.

Next time you go out to SPL walk around the exterior of the building a look serious at all the exterior wall cracks. Unless the city holds the contractor to the responsibility for properly fixing those cracks all of our tax dollars will be paying for the repairs. The contractor has tried to smear some joint sealer on some of the cracks, which both looks awful and is not a long term solution to the cracking.

Just saying lets just move on is no protection for the tax payers of Douglas County.

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