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Ex-Trump campaign aide Gates pleads guilty in Russia investigation

This whole Mueller investigation has turned into an "Intimidation" investigation.

Nothing Mueller has come up with is remotely related to collusion or obstruction by the Trump campaign, or President Trump himself. All charges against everyone are strictly related to personal financial issues.

As a matter of fact Mueller's investigation has been so thorough, all he has uncovered is collusion with Russians by the DNC, Hillary's Campaign, President Obama's, State Dept, Justice & FBI Dept's, & his CIA Dept., & probably Senator McCain.

So Mueller now appears desperate, wherein, he is willing to reduce charges for real crimes to have folks say "anything", real out not, in order to gin up an Impeachment proceeding against President Trump. Mueller is doing this by financially breaking each person/family. Mueller, up to this point, has shown a willingness to ignore all abuses & collusion by the folks mentioned above.

In this day and age of extreme partisan politics, I might ask, "Are we willing to allow extreme abuses of power" to try to achieve a political end? If so, do we realize we will have turned our government lose to become a dictatorship, so forget about those "rights" you think you have.

I agree we should try to understand the extent Russia, or any foreign power, has meddled in our elections. But do it honestly!

At the same time please recognize that the USA, thru our CIA, has done the exact same thing, meddled in election of foreign governments, for most of the last century..

I understand that folks wanted Hillary to win. But are we going to allow corruption to be introduced into our government to try to achieve a political end?

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Letter to the editor: Environmental harm

Ken, faith-based you say?...Really? I believe your comments are just that.

Your comments about lack of knowledge back in the '70's, is no different than our lack of knowledge today. Yes we are smarter, but not yet smart enough. Yes, in 50 years we will view today they same way you view the '70's.

Your comments supporting the admittedly flawed models is faith based. By admitting the models are flawed, yet assuming they are "good enough"to figure out general trends is a clear expression of faith in flawed information. I would ask," how does anyone know what is good enough", & relative to what?

Ken, the fact climate alarmists predictions of catastrophes are not occurring is proof of my case. Just last fall alarmists were saying the latests hurricanes were caused by global warming. Really? How do we know the existence or strength of a particular hurricane is caused by global warming? Is there an equation or model that would predict that?

Regarding science & politics. You say politics will always be part of the climate discussion. That is only true if the science is flawed. Politics always is left behind when the science is irrefutable. The earth is round, not flat, & the sun is at the center of our solar system, not the earth. The "adjustments to data" are reminiscent of "Archaeoraptor", (link between birds & dinosaurs) back at the turn of the century, which was revealed to be a hoax. Just as fake fossils subverts/misrepresents paleontology, so does needlessly adjusted data pervert the climate change debate. Politics will play a significant roll in the Climate Change debate until the science is indisputable, and the predictions can be independently predicted by someone independent of the studies.

Yes we all do share the earth. But the common ground I am talking about is indisputable evidence. When we have indisputable evidence then we will have the answers to solutions we seek. Then real solutions & progress can be made.

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Letter to the editor: Environmental harm

I have to congratulate you Ken on your tenacious support of those who predict the worst, and nothing happens.

You can point to all of the charts you wish, and you can denigrate all of the journalists, reporting facts, you wish, but it doesn't change the facts.

Let's see, in the 1970's the climate alarmists predicted we were going to be living in a cooling period. In the 1990's thru today the alarmists predicted by now the coasts would be flooded and the earth would be excessively hot. But, the polar bears are doing fine, and the human species is just as ornery as ever. The quantity of hurricanes in the period 2000 there 2017 ranged from 8 in 2000, 15 in 2005, 3 in 2009, 2 in 2013 & 10 in 2017, thus hurricane activity is normal. Even the alarmists have admitted that over the last 18 years there has been a cooling trend in the US. Nothing is significantly out of balance.

Amazing! No major calamities as predicted by the models.

The models are flawed primarily due to the prejudice in the mathematics...the results of the models can only be what the person writing the equations predicts. Thus even the "sensitizing" by running various assumptions are still flawed because they are all predicated on the assumptions initially built into the models. I have heard you say the models are getting better. That may be true, but they are not good enough. They still are incomplete due to a total lack of understanding of what all the variables are needing to be included in the models, each variables contribution to the whole, what happens when one variable changes (ie, increases in CO2 increases foliage which reduces CO2), and their complex interactions. Part of the problem with the model's predictions is the "manipulated data sets". The old adage of "garbage in-garbage out", will always hold true.

I know you like to defend the modeling techniques & the data, but the facts remain, performance of the climate models are like kids toy cars compared to the performance of the most sophisticated automobiles.

In the past you have admitted there is politics at play in the climate issue. Until that issue is resolved no progress will be made toward the truth.

Looking forward to the "some day" when we both may find common ground.

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Letter to the editor: Environmental harm

Deborah, I too am a grandparent. But please take heart, Man made global warming is not a problem. Our grandchildren will be just fine. The key is to educate ones self on the issue by looking at both sides. If you noticed during the Democratic rebuttal to the January State of the Union address, even the democrats did not bring it up. The reason? It's a non-issue! The populous put global warming way down on their priority list.

Please consider what you see out your own window, and then reflect on the news not published by the so called MSM & Liberal blogosphere. There are voices of reason on the other side of the climate issue.

In particular is the recent finding that, yet again, the data has been erroneously "adjusted" by NOAA. Now I know there are some that say there is consensus and that "main stream science" supports man made global warming. If you look deeply enough you find some of those supporting this hypothesis are also the same ones "adjusting" the data.

But please read the following article. I have lost count of the number of times NOAA has been found guilty of manipulating data "upward" to show there is some global warming, when in fact the data has shown cooling. There justification for these "adjustments", is beyond ludicrous.

Please read the following article. You can click on the "blue" words to get further background.

In the summary this article it says:
"..One excuse NOAA’s apologists make is that weather stations are subject to changing environmental conditions. For example, when the station sited at Syracuse in 1929 was located at what was originally just a sparse aerodrome. Since then, however, as Homewood notes, it has grown into a large international airport with two runways servicing two million passengers a year. Its weather station readings therefore will certainly have been corrupted by the Urban Heat Island effect: that is, its temperature readings will have been artificially elevated by the warmth from the surrounding development and aircraft engines.

So you’d think, wouldn’t you, that to compensate for this NOAA would adjust the recent temperatures downwards. Instead, for no obvious reasons, it has adjusted them upwards.

This is a scandal. NOAA’s climate gatekeepers are political activists not honest scientists and the U.S. taxpayer has no business funding their propaganda."

it's a shame Deborah, that the so-called MSM & Blogosphere would report these issues. That is why you read about them in other places. There are those that will try to denigrate the site referenced above...why I can only guess. one of my guesses is their intolerance for anything that presents facts contrary to their agenda.

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Bill to repeal in-state tuition for undocumented Kansans dies in House committee

Also Steve, once here illegally, their is no justification to extend them benefits only granted to citizens.

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Bill to repeal in-state tuition for undocumented Kansans dies in House committee

Steve there is no excuse for them being here illegally! If their problem is so dire,they can appear at our points of entry & plead their case. Then the authorities can properly address the problem.

I am a compassionate person, but I believe in doing things the correct way.

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Bill to repeal in-state tuition for undocumented Kansans dies in House committee

The hypocrisy of this situation is breath taking. Allowing undocumented residents (think illegal aliens) access to our colleges at "in state rates"!

Our higher education system is always complaining they do not have enough money...they always need more. Yet, we allow undocumented residents (illegal aliens) to have Kansas resident tuition rates. This certainly doesn't help reduce the illegal alien population, it exacerbates the problem.

Why aren't our colleges & universities raising holy ....! The institutions don't complain because they get additional students, and thus can complain their costs are increasing more & more to handle increased populations. Of course they are also places of "social justice".

With all the clammer in recent years about education costs, K-12 & higher ed, & tax rates, one would believe that denying an "undeserved benefit" would be a no brainer!. No, our illustrious elected officials & administrators of our higher ed institutions, only "support the problem by doing nothing to correct it".

Thus, we the tax payers continue to pay this "Hidden Tax", & our In-State Student continue to pay higher tuition rates!

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Lawrence leaders propose using part of city sales tax collected on groceries to help the poor

The simplest way to help the poor is to increase employment opportunities in Lawrence & Douglas County. The old adage: "Feed a person a fish today & they eat today. Teach the person to fish and they eat for a lifetime", holds true today & in this situation.

For too long the city of Lawrence has, thru it's actions, discouraged employment opportunities. Most recently telling companies we want them to locate in Rock Chalk Park, when that ran contrary their demographic requirements. Of course there is also the howling about corporate welfare. it's amazing how the city administration believes it is smarter than the companies making the investment. The city administration seems to forget, or ignore, the fact that through their decision employment opportunities are lost, which exacerbates the problems the city is trying to solve today.

If this "redistribution of grocery tax dollars" goes forward, how do we make up the lost revenue?

Why does Lawrence always take the most costly route for a solution to any problem?

As mentioned above, for years we have been losing employment opportunities, because of policies that disincentivized companies from coming to Lawrence & Douglas County.

The continued increase in property & sales taxes are the result of those policies.

To make up the lose in revenue, will the city reduce spending or continue to spend and raise taxes, making Lawrence more & more unaffordable, for the very poor they are trying to help?

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Your Turn: Climate closely related to state of our union

Ah Ken, your arguments are laced with condescension. Thus trying to portray a superior attitude and knowledge. But alas, your condescending remarks says you have no facts to present so you resort to trying to demean. Ah, the typical alarmist behavior. You are fearlessly trying to defend damaged goods.

Interesting, your thoughts...but to paraphrase Shakespeare: " I think the gentleman doth protest to much".

I wish you well Ken.

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Your Turn: Climate closely related to state of our union

Well Ken, if I don't have anything of substance to say what does that say ab out you? All I am doing is just responding to your comments. What is so enlightening about your comments?

Ken there are many advances occurring in many technical fields. So what does that have to say about those manipulating the data?

Ken, as usual you read what you want. I have never rejected global warming per se. What I reject is the "Man Made Global Warming Hypothesis" presented by the alarmists. You ignore what I have said before about the end of the last ice age, and it's effects on today's climate.

That's part of the weakness of the anthropogenic argument, is separating out the difference between what is happening due to earth's natural cycles, the sun cycles, etc. All the alarmists can say is something happened based on their assumptions. They can't differentiate what is happening into it's constituent parts of natural earth cycles (air quality, clouds, natural warming & cooling, sun, foliage growth, etc) & artificial influences.

You can ignore me all you want, just as you ignore the problems with info supporting the man made global warming hypothesis.

By the way talk about deniers. Where what happened to the prediction of excessive warming while the earth's temperature stayed low due to low sun spot activity, for what a decade?

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