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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep

John I agree with you.

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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep

Upon reflection Fred, Trump vs McCain is a one on one critique. What gets lost is McCain lashed out at Trump initially during the campaign & Trump didn't take his guff so he responded. I have always enjoyed the Liberal's & Media's fake indignation of Trump's responses, given some of the things the liberals have done & said.

One can debate their personal grudge match. But it's their grudge match. The media picks it up to try to denigrate President Trump. Trump's not a polished politician, pandering to people just to get votes, like his predecessors, including McCain. That's what his supporters like.

What's different is the Liberals attempt to pit various elements of society against each other to achieve their Liberal agenda...divide and conquer. That's destructive & what was rejected in November, & continues to be rejected today.

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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep

So what's your point Fred?

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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep

Tell me Fred who divide the citizens against each other based on race, religion, ethnicity, culture, economics, etc? Who promotes the Political Correctness that is nothing but intolerance of others behaviors? Who promotes illegal aliens taking American jobs?

I could go on...

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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep

Winning the surface area is all that is relevant. The so called Electoral College requires a candidate win the most votes, from the selected state electors, which represent the voters in each state. Thus the "popular vote" is what is not relevant nationally, state wise yes.

In this case the so called electoral college vindicated the founding fathers. They did not want a localized concentration of voters, that did not represent the most states, be elected president.

The founders designed the election process to be representative of all the people, who are represented by their various states.

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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep

Fred it's obvious you don't like President Trump, fine!

But concocting some election scheme won't change anything.

Trump won 85% of the counties in the USA. He won MI, Ohio & PA.

President Trump won! He is legitimate!

The sooner the Liberals stop acting like babies, and stop whining the better off they will be.

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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep

This is amazing!

Is our educational system so bad that "reasoning/critical thinking" are not taught or required in our schools?

It's amazing that with all the discredited news coming from the liberal media that no one bothers to question it? Maybe even ignore it when it insults your intelligence? Are the liberals so jaded and full of remorse that their candidate failed them, that they continue to fantasize about President Trump being this Ogre, and thus consume the trash published by sources like the MSM?

By now I have come to believe the constant assault on President Trump, by the Liberals, is really displaced aggression. They don't dare attack their own so they try to discredit the person who legitimately defeated her.

It's sad really that the Liberals, their globalists & establishment friends, are trying to maintain the status quo...everything that was rejected in the November election.

If the Liberals really thought about it, and followed the money, who was really winning while America was deteriorating? Not the ordinary citizen carrying the banner? it was the 1%'rs.

The ordinary citizens only got social pandering, reduced wages and wealth, lost jobs, while those pulling the strings got rich and laughed. So I hope you enjoy the NYT, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, WP, LAT & other Liberal news sources, maybe they will help you find Nirvana, but then maybe not.

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KU Athletics director explains ‘no comment’ stance on reports of basketball players’ misconduct

Fred you are following for the trap of "conviction by trial of public opinion:! This is what the media wants. You assume because KU is not providing any information that questions remain.

Did it ever occur to you that legally KU Athletics cannot discuss what is going on? That the investigation and information available are out of their hands? Title nine issues, KU investigation procedures force silence.

Why must people automatically assume the worst about every one? Why must you Fred?

Currently there are no formal charges, no evidence of wrong doing by any member of the team, no collaborating witnesses, and so far no accuser. I would think even the pot issue should be mute by today's societal standards.

Bill Self is a man of high integrity. He has always responded to issues properly. Do you think for a minute he would jeopardize the University, staff & players...the very program he has developed over the last 14 years if there was a problem with one of his players? Really???

So why must we assume the worst? Wouldn't you like judgement withheld until the truth were known about accusations against you? Would you want your reputation sullied by the "Court of public opinion", when no wrong doing has been demonstrated?

What we have here is the same girl is involved in all of this, and she hasn't brought charges against anyone. it's her father that's raising the ruckus. The police's hands are pretty much tied because so far there are only accusations but no evidence, like I mentioned above.

Let's please give this a break until something is determined. There will be plenty of time then to criticize or praise depending on the final information being available to all.

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Report: 2 KU basketball players allegedly involved in car vandalism case

Depends on the way they are portrayed. No emphasis on nothing came of it as there were no charges of misbehavior except for the girl.

From what I understand the same girl is involved in all these accusations. It's her dad that is raising the stink.

Again, no charges, no evidence, no collaborating witnesses, so far no accuser.

Why not emphasis that in the reporting?

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Report: 2 KU basketball players allegedly involved in car vandalism case

An accompanying article regarding the 911 call to McCarthy Hall states:

"Um, one resident's — I believe it's their guest — has been banging on their door and harassing them," the man said. "I believe she is looking for her phone."

The man tells the dispatcher that he is calling from inside his room on the third floor and the "altercation" was taking place on the third floor as well.

"So I just wanted to give somebody a heads up just in case something else, you know, this kind of gets a little hectic or a little crazy," he said.

When the dispatcher asks the man if he can describe the person banging on the door he said, "No, I haven't stepped outside yet."

"OK, I will send an officer and have them go up to the third floor," the dispatcher said. The call then ended, after one minute and 27 seconds. Some of the call was redacted by KU police.

It was not clear at what time the call was made."

As the Journal-World has previously reported, KU police have been investigating the reported rape of a 16-year-old girl in McCarthy Hall. Currently the case remains open, and no arrests have been made."

My Comments: The article & 911 call, at this point in time, tell us that according to the 911 caller, the "girl" was doing the harassing & the police aren't pursuing the case because there is no case at this point. So why are the athletes being pursued in such a disrespectful way by the LJ World? Unless there are charges, we only have the innuendo of the KC Star & LJ World.

That's the real story with all of this so called "reporting".

THERE IS NO CASE!!!! There is only innuendo, that is personally damaging to the players character. The LJ World is putting these men on public trial...trial by public opinion! This demonstrates a total lack of journalistic ethics.

There are, no charges, no collaborating witnesses, no known accuser, no evidence.

So what does the KC Star & LJ World think they are reporting? Or are they just trying to stir things up and sensationalize a nonissue. Are we just trying to sell subscriptions?

The problem is the players can't afford to fight back at this point. So they are left to "take it"!

I would hope that folks who by ink by the barrel, & where bits & bytes are free, would be more responsible for their articles.

I believe a public written apology is due unless a conviction in a court case is achieved.

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