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Opinion: Ignore Trump’s words? Seriously?

Thank you Paul & Dorothy.

January 12, 2017 at 5:06 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Opinion: For GOP, the Year of Living Nervously

Dorothy, like I posted for another Syndicated Column, the immaturity by all is astonishing.

Your justification for your & other Liberal's continued attacks on Trump is justified via arguments I used to get from my 3 year old grandchildren..."well Johnny hit me first". Just stop already.

If Trump's comments are horrible the Liberal response is no better.

Dorothy how about playing the adult...just stop.

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Opinion: Ignore Trump’s words? Seriously?

First off Dorothy he is not my buddy. Your sarcasm does not flatter you.

Your comment: "..but as long as Trump continues to behave like a self centered brat, I will continue to point it out.", is an argument I used to get from my grandchildren. Example " well Johnny hit me first"! How about some maturity in this conversation.

Like I have said, both sides should just stop.

Maybe we should send all the demonizing Liberals & Trump to their rooms with no cell phones, computers, TV or any means of contact with the outside world.

It's time for the immature childish behavior to end, It's time for some adult behavior.

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Opinion: Ignore Trump’s words? Seriously?

Sorry, but Jesus — big surprise — was right. “The mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” Trump’s mouth has made it starkly clear what fills his heart.

And, sadly, what does not.

Well Leonard the same is true for the Libersl media & Hollywood as well, including you. The media & folks like Meryl are good examples of speaking what fills their heart.

Why no criticism of that Mr. Pitts? Will you be the first to criticize your fellow Liberals & request they stop their negative comments?

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Opinion: For GOP, the Year of Living Nervously

Dorothy we have also been waiting for the Liberals to stop their continual attacks, criticism and insults of Trump.

I am not here to defend either side. As a matter of fact if you have read my blogs I have said both sides should cease.

It's interesting that the Liberals only complain about what Trump says and does, but never seek to have the venomous attacks from others Liberals stopped.

Example was the "opposition research" hit piece that was in the news yesterday. It has been denounced as fake news by media & intelligence agencies.

Trump took the media on boldly on that subject and the media was caught in their lie. Who else is their to defend him. As he says he is the only one with a microphone big enough to compete with a "gotcha" media deluge.

So yes both sides should stop this bickering.

I am just waiting for the Liberals to call for their own to stop.

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Opinion: For GOP, the Year of Living Nervously

Greg my many decades of experience tells me to be cautious of both sides in this case.

This latest fake news was "opposition research"...which taints it at the start. A person named in the report wasn't even where the report said.

Who is worse here Trump, the media or those that buy in & assume the report is true without a clear picture of the facts?

What I believe is criminal in this situation, is the Feds did not substantiate their info, didn't report it to Trump as garbage, but worse somebody in the government leaked it to the press.

I get it...the Trump Haters just want to try to demean Trump & his Presidency. What is happening is the Trump Haters & the Fake News Media & their supporters won't win this battle. CNN is backing away with all kinds of infantile excuses. Don't embarrass your self further by supporting this self destructive behavior.

January 11, 2017 at 7:50 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Opinion: For GOP, the Year of Living Nervously

Fred I would tread lightly on the Buzzfeed report. CNN has run with it and also said the info is unverified. There are many on all sides standing back and waiting and questioning specific details.

Personally I will wait for the irrefutable facts to come in before I pass judgement.

You can jump in and indicte if you wish. But beware if the info is proved wrong, and some in the media are questioning the veracity of the report, you will be painted with the same lack of credibility.

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Opinion: For GOP, the Year of Living Nervously

Fred, there is innuendo but no "proof" the Russians hacked the election. The Feds never personally analyzed the DNC computers.

I appreciate that there is all the accusations, but no proof, getting everybody stirred up.

Why is there a predisposition to assume the Ruskies did this? Just because someone is a bad actor in one area doesn't mean they acted badly in another area.

Why the rush to judgement? Are the supporters of Hillary so desperate for a scape goat they are willing to destabilize international relations?

Let's get irrefutable proof of Russias involvement and I will support proper diplomatic repercussions.

I have wondered, why the Democrat supporters aren't really ticked at the DNC for keeping a written record of their "improper actions" against Bernie and others, and their other salacious material.

Possibly if the Dems & DNC hadn't been the instrument of their own destruction we wouldn't be having this discussion.

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Opinion: For GOP, the Year of Living Nervously

Based on your own words, I must assume everyone else on earth, other than Trump, is perfect in deed and thus no judgements can be given against them.

Wow Fred, I guess your personal attacks & character assassination doesn't count either, so no one can speak about them like you do against Trump.

Given the vitiol in these blogs I never guessed everyone was so pure. 😇

January 10, 2017 at 9:38 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Opinion: For GOP, the Year of Living Nervously

Just another hit piece & so is the comment.

The world gets it...Trump won, Hillary lost and it was the Electoral Colleges fault. Thus ignoring the real drivers of this election.

Trump's tweets are no worse than the words of those attacking him. I would say both sides should cease.

For all those saying how is he going to bring us together I would respond...when are you going to stop trying drive a stake into his heart? When are you going to give him a chance? Why not judge him in 4 years on the sum total of his work?

Their is an old story of a boy and a white horse where the cities citizens made instantaneous judgements on events. The wise man in the city would only respond to each judgement, "We shall see".

And we to shall see.

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