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Letter to the editor: Party of Trump

My lord Barb you csn do better than that. No reality in that response.

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Letter to the editor: Party of Trump

Regarding the issues, Trump didn't deny help to our ambassador & contractors in Benghazi that lead to their the way she went to sleep.

Also Trump didn't use an unsecured server in his basement that allowed "classified" information to be transmitted. And Trumps efforts to cover up the server didn't lead to the corruption of the FFBI,DOJ & the exposure of the President Obama as complicit in the illegal servers usage.

Trump at least tells you what he is going to do. He doesn't say one thing to the public & another to his Big Bank friends like Hillary does.

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Letter to the editor: Party of Trump

My Lord Barb. Way to keep the discussion in the gutter & off the real issues. You want to keep the discussion in the gutter because Hillary's positions on the real issues would guarantee her failure.

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Letter to the editor: Party of Trump

It's amazing the vitrial aimed at Trump & conservatives in general for their stance to protect the US Constitution. Granted his tone is offensive to the PC culture. But only liberals seek to control society & destroy the USA thru open boarders, neglected economy & a congress & president subservient to the Oligarchs.

All this while ignoring, and in so doing, fully accepting the many character & policy failings of Ms. Clinton. Especially her demeaning women to protect her husband & promote her own political asperations.

I am surprised by the women following that path. Hillary is personally responsible for destroying the feminist movement, when the feminists wouldn't condemn Bill for his misbehavior as the feminists felt Bill supported the feminists agenda.

Yet we see many blogging here support the idea of having the Lincoln Bedroom turned into a brothel like the oval office.

I would rather see the discussion about real issues real people are concerned about like who is best to stop illegal immigration, turn the economy around and put people back to work, & repair America's relationship with our allies.

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Editorial: Sidewalk repair

Additionally who pays the cost or whst is an acceptable repair when large trees and their roots have heaved the sidewalk. Who pays to remove the trees the city demanded we plant?

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Editorial: Sidewalk repair

From a fairness perspective what about those areas of town where sidewalks only occur on one side if the street? Why should only one side of the street pay for repairs if it benefits both sides of the street.

Seems to me there are many disparities. Affordability included.

How about the city getting a city wide agreement with sidewslk installers for a repair cost. Currently bids to repair for small areas are exorbitant.

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Opinion: It's not the 'locker room' talk; it's the 'Lock her up' talk

Aw come on Charles. The populace realizes that Hillary is being protected by a compromised FBI, DOJ, President & the media. Additionally many decades ago the presidential race ceased to be "polite". Good examples are the gutter tactics currently playing out in the election, were also pulled on Reagan, both Bushes & Romney...Charles notice any consistency? The liberals & their compliant media took all of those & the current election into the gutter. So when the excoriated candidate tries to defend themselves they are called derogatory names by the press and opposing campaign.

What Trump is sensing is that the citizens of the USA believe that Hillary is being treated differently (No grand jury, unnecessary immunity, destruction of evidence). The fact that Comey worked for Lockheed Martin & HSBC Holdings, both companies donating to The Clinton Foundation as a board member & not to mention Comey's financial relationship with his brother Peter Comey, who works at the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation's taxes & he did not disclose any of it. Comey also said he would recuse himself in case of conflicts of interest with previous employers.. Magically Comey got $6mm in one year in compensation from Lockheed Martin. Also Bill Clinton discussing grandchildren with Loretta Lynch on an airplane...really? And then Hillary is exonerated?

Trump is not trying to persecute his political enemies, he is responding to the citizens realizing the corruption in government does in fact create a double standard of prosecution. The folks are just fed up with it & the so called establishment. This is why Trump has his unfailing support. Should Trump maybe not jail Hillary?...maybe. But at least the public is due a proper investigation, & finding of facts. If Hillary is guilty Trump could grant her amnesty like was done with Nixon. But at least justice would be served and Hillary would have to live with, and be accountable for her past actions.

The folks just want an honest government treating everyone fairly, and the freedom to live their lives without the government reaching down into their every day lives.

A dishonest investigation does not instill confidence in our government nor its leaders. We want to move away from 3rd world political behavior.

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Opinion: We must restore confidence in the value of education

Thank you Dorothy, I never imagined you would reinforce my point.

Thank you again & well done. : >))

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Opinion: Trump a poor excuse for a man

Well Mr. Pitts there you go again...more character assassination! You ignore the indiscretions of Hillary & president Obama. Hillary's lying, verbal abuse of those around her & dirty mouth.

Mr. Pitts & the Liberals can't argue the real issues the citizens of this great country are concerned about. If they did they know they would lose in a landslide like we have never seen.

Thus all they have is slander, false charges like Bezos vomitted in the NYT this AM.

Slander, demeaning people, hate...Mr. Pitts has shown another new low for the liberals.

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Opinion: We must restore confidence in the value of education

The public educational system itself is responsible for the public's lack of confidence and the lack of perceived value in the education our children receive. Why are people wanting school vouchers or seek to have their children attend private schools?

The cost of education for some degrees has far outstripped the income earned in that field of expertise. Thus students graduate with debt that inhibits their ability to become financially secure & or purchase homes, etc. Which defeats the purpose of the education in the first place. That itself is shameful that our educational system would allow that situation to exist.

Why do we allow the idea of “Academic Freedom” to control our educational system to the extent that teachers that produce students who can’t perform are allowed to continue in their positions? We have teachers unions, faculty boards & tenure inhibiting “At Will” employment. Thus poor performing teachers can’t be easily removed. Who suffers?...the children!

Some years ago an executive with the teachers union said (paraphrasing) “…We are not here for the students, we are here for the teachers…”.

Our children are not given letter grades to denote achievement & instill the competitive spirit. Our children are given subjective comments of praise or areas of improvement, but no measure of comparative objective achievement. No wonder American students are falling farther and farther behind other countries. Reading local articles about Lawrence school’s achievement rankings, which are only compared, to Kansas State Standards, I say so what? Where do we stand against the world? That is where our children are going to compete for jobs, further educational opportunities, and business, etc.

And we ask why do we have a lack of confidence and perceived value in education?

The authors rightly say part of the choice lies in the Presidential Election. Do we want a candidate that is deeply imbedded in the status quo, and Establishment Politics, or an outsider promising to work for America and outside the Establishment? We must look to the ideology of the candidates, not the crass side of both candidates.

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