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After threat and weeks of teasing, Trump finally says he didn't record meetings with Comey

My point is if you don't like someone everything they do irritates you, and the opposite is true if you like them.

Today we see history being made. What is happening is the most concerted effort in America's history to overturn a legitimate election. These efforts are fomented by the media, establishment supporters and all political persuasions that dislike President Trump's agenda.

The tragedy is this manifests itself in all forms of violence. There is political assassination thru the investigations & special council; under the guise of free speech we have plays literally assassinating the President; we have personal attacks on everything the President does (it is spun into a negative by those opposed to his agenda); physical attacks like we witnessed on our congressmen; the character assassination thru various media by the opposition as displayed in these blogs & various social media; We see the media that has nothing good to say (eg, a Harvard study shows CNN's articles about Trump are 93% negative), I could go on.

The point is all of this is leading to a very bad place. The opposition to President Trump has gone from simple comments to physical violence & those promoting physical violence, especially from Comedic & Hollywood actors. All of this is working society into a frenzy.

There is an article out this morning, saying this all is headed to civil war. Is this what we want? I certainly don't. The article's opening comment is: "The left has been at war against America for decades. The right represents those of us who favor individual freedom and capitalism — and the left are those who want government controls and socialism."

If one thinks about that comment, one must ask...Why? Why are we trying to turn our self into most other countries? Why do we want to be Europe? I have visited Europe, and been in most of their countries. Nothing compares to America. Why are folks from other countries still trying to enter the USA by any means, if the USA is so bad it's economic & political system must be changed?

There is a place in Old Buda, Budapest called "Momento Park". It is where Hungry disposed of the Russian monuments to themselves and which communicated subservience, after the soviet breakup. Our guide lived under communist oppression, he cried as he took us on a tour explaining what the various statuary meant.

There is one statue with a wall and a large crack in it breaking the wall in two, with a Russian soldier in front of it. He explained the intent was to communicate the intent was the breakup of capitalism & never let America go back to it.

That is the symbolic fight between the Progressives & the Conservatives, and why there is such animosity toward President Trump.

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After threat and weeks of teasing, Trump finally says he didn't record meetings with Comey

Fred thank you for your service.

I believe the circus you refer to is created by the media to create the effect you seem to believe exists.

President Trump is only being named called by those wishing to remove him from office. You focus on what the media says & goodness tweets...really? I have seen worse from ordinary citizens. Some of the blogs in the ljw are jaw dropping horrible.

The liberals & establishment types dislike President Trump because he is playing in their sandbox & they can't play. They see him stopping their agenda.

Well guess what stopping the establishment agenda is what he ran on and why he was elected.

If the liberals would stop their usual demeanin & worked with the President then they would have a voice.

But no the media, libs, & establishment types only have disruption as their midus operandi. That's a losing strategy.

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After threat and weeks of teasing, Trump finally says he didn't record meetings with Comey

What a hillarious display of gullibility. You Libs are so fixated on destroying Trump you haven't any objectivity.

Trump plays the media and the Trump haters like a fiddle. Its hillarious 😂😂😂

He did this during the campaign & he continues to do it now & will into the future...why? Because hate blinds the haters. Thus the haters embarrass themselves.

By saying what President Trump said he kept Comey & others honest in their testimony. Now those folks are on record. Now Comey & otherrs can't play the old DC shuffle.

The media & liberals were worked up into a lather believing they had another Watergate.

Thus the media & liberals are embarrassed & expossed as amatures with their long faces and looks on their faces that express "what...what happened".

Sorry I can't stop...😂😂😂

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Republican Handel wins Georgia House seat in key contest

Marc this just means it will dog them for 5 more years.

This will just keep them out of office that much longer. Best to come clean and get past the pain so they can move on...but then, that would be the smart thing to do.

I received the following from Chris Percy @ Talks about charging their batteries for the "Resistance movement against Trump agenda to come, calling it a marathon not a sprint.

This marathon Resistance will only drive them further into the black abyss they are now racing into. They want to celebrate what they have achieved...whatever!

Hi, David!
It's summertime and the Resistance is on the move. We have marched, protested, called, written, and peacefully resisted the alarming acts of the Trump administration and the complicit Republican Party. The Trump era is a marathon, not a sprint. That's why we have to take the time we need to recharge and make sure we have the energy we need to be effective in the coming weeks and months around campaigns like the fight to save health care for millions of Americans.

That means taking time to connect with each other—over food, fellowship, and even a little fun. It's time to take a moment to celebrate what we’ve achieved—and recharge for the work ahead—with a summer social gathering: a Resistance Summer Community Cookout!

On June 24–25 and July 1–3, MoveOn in partnership with Indivisible, Action Group Network, Wall of Us, and other partner organizations will launch more than 400 Resistance Summer Community Cookouts in 49 states and Washington, D.C.

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Republican Handel wins Georgia House seat in key contest

There is an old saying: Figures don't lie, but liars figure.

The media, controlling the polling are trying to use polls to create an illusion of a narrative the media wants to happen...thus create a lie.

The problem is the media is so self centered they believe everyone clings to their every word for advise. That's not true. All politics is local and the locals know what they want. They definitely are not swayed by the big city media, hollywood elitists, and most definitely not by Soros & Steyer.

It is really interesting. The Dems were all over President Trump for giving a qualified answer regarding his support for the results of the 2016 Presidential election. The Dems were all high and mighty because Hillary said she most definitely would accept the results of the election. There was nothing but scorn for Trump's position. Well guess whose squealing now that Hillary lost. The Dems and media are blaming everyone but themselves. Even going so far to press for a special council.

I keep saying how the Dems have been overreaching for the past 40-50 years and folks are fed up with their "progressive policies, demeaning behavior toward anyone who are not one of them, globalism and illegal immigration", and the demands for a Special Council to Investigate the Trump Administration for collision/obstruction". You would think the Dems would back off as nothing has been found in about a year and a half.

That overreach is now like a giant snake about to bite them. The house is preparing to investigate the Obama Administration including Obama, Lynch, Holder, Panetta, and the DNC over the email scandal, obstruction of justice, and outing of individuals, and wiretapping without a warrant.

The arrogance of the Dems knows no bounds. Now they are about to get a whole lot of their own.

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Republican Handel wins Georgia House seat in key contest

Dorothy this whole "well its a Republican stronghold" is just another excuse promoted by the liberals.

When do the liberals take responsibility for anything?

The Dems made another huge mistake by selecting a candidate that couldn't even vote for
himself 😂.

The Dems are run by the media so they believed all the media's false news & stories. The media controlled the polls via selecting more dems vs a real polulation sample thus got squashed.

The Dems spent more $ for this race than ever and still lost.

The dems are in total disarray..When are you going to fess up to reality...they are out of step with most of society

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Republican Handel wins Georgia House seat in key contest

By the way, all you Dems saying District 6 was a Republican stronghold don't know what happened to make that statement not true any more.

Governor Deal added Dekalb county to Distruct 6 to spit Price for not supporting something Deal wanted. Dekalb county us a Democratic stronghold.

As I keep saying the Dems need to wake up. The country us not supporting the Progressive agenda. The citizens want to eliminate most of it.

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Republican Handel wins Georgia House seat in key contest

Jim do you think the Dems wouldn't be celebrating in the streets if Ossoff won?

Please be real.

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Republican Handel wins Georgia House seat in key contest

This is was a typical political miscalculation based on blind wishful thinking, allowing the media & pollsters to drive thinking. There were 5 Soros backed entities that contributed big $ to the race. This is another major Soros failure.

Last night there was an article that stated the Dems now realize President Obama will not be impeached.

Additionally the investigations are starting into Clinton, etal. The Dems are stonewalling it because they realize that investigation will implode the whole Democratic Party.

At what point do the Dems/Liberals/Progressives realize their overreaching actions are hurting tge Democratic Party? Other than the reelection of Obama they have lost every election since 2010.

It is time for the libs to wake up & stop trying to impose their ideology & support efforts to solve Americas problems.

This country has real problems both foreign & domestic that need to be addressed.

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Trump, via angry tweets, confirms he's under investigation

George it sounds like you voted against vs "for" because you believed in Trump's agenda.

It also sounds like you listen/watch too much biased msm. The lefts whole purpose is to create an image of incompetence in peoples mind. For those weak in belief fall victim to the onslaught.

Ask yourself a question, how would you react to a swarm of bees constantly swarming in your face trying to harm you so you can't do your job. Tell me you would remain calm & you wouldn't run away to escspe the stinging.

To President Trump's credit he has stayed the course working on his agenda, yet swating back at the busy little bees (msm/left), & the little bees try to make him out to be anything but what in DC. he is. And the busy little bees don't like him standing up to them & exposing their destructive behavior & especially the little bees don't like Trump messing up their sandbox in DC.

The busy little bees are starting to realize their concocted investigation against President Trump has no substance. So they are starting to back away from their charges. They are starting to say "oops" as it looks like Loretta Lynch, Panetta & Holder are guilty of everything they are accusing Trump & that Obama is involved.

So George if you believed in Trump's agenda at all. Stay the course. He's not insane. He was smart enough to beat the Dems to gain the presidency, he's smart enough to beat these very egregious efforts by the Dems to destroy his Presidency.

Sit back and watch the Dems when the Dems are embarrassed and Trump wins. Tell me then who has lost their mind.

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