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Unwed births leading cause of poverty, panel told

About the lack of availability of contraception, I'll say this. I recently saw where the idea has been presented to make prescription contraceptives available over-the-counter. For the most part, I'm all for this idea. But something tells me some would then be complaining because their health care insurance wouldn't pay for it and they'd have to come up with the money.

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Given 2nd term, Obama now facing new urgent task

Evidently those that are too lazy to work are not too lazy to vote.

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Kansas Senate, District 2: Marci Francisco vs. Ron Ellis

Ron is blessed with common sense, a sense of humor, and cares deeply about helping others. After knowing him for a couple of decades now, having children who loved having him as a teacher, mentor, and now friend, I have seen Ron go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to contributing to his community and those truly in need. I have lived/worked in Jefferson and Douglas counties and would definitely vote for Ron Ellis.

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Chances Lansing prison escapees will remain free are slim

I believe Jan Lunsford is a man, well read............

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Lawrence man files lawsuit against Washburn, health care contractor after incident involving ADHD medication

They manage to get out to the parking lot for smoke breaks.

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KU to confer honorary degrees for first time in university's history

I remember the 2 streakers at a KU commencement back in the 70's!

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McLouth student Justin Johnston shot, killed on school trip to Costa Rica; classmates returning to Kansas

This is awful! My heart goes out to the friends and family of this young man.

When I was in high school our advanced Spanish class took a trip to Mexico. We were told in no uncertain terms (some got special one on one meetings with school personnel) well before the trip that any trouble we caused or got into would be taken seriously, that the law in Mexico is not innocent until proven guilty, but guilty until proven innocent and the adults with us would not be able to get us out of any trouble with authorities there. We were also not allowed to wear shorts in Mexico City because of the way it would be perceived. We were well versed (I guess as well as a 15 year old could be) on cultural differences and practices. Fortunately, we all returned safely and even the normally rowdy kids were well behaved from what I can remember.

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Brownback criticized for signing abortion bill that opponents say will hurt women who get impregnated after being raped

Women who are treated in the emergency room for sexual assault are provided with the morning after pill, as well as having access to advocate services.

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