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School board member Kristie Adair resigns, criticizes board over technology, ethical issues

I think the majority of the school board does care about our youth, and dedicate a lot of time and energy for this non-paying position.

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Kansas Senate to move quickly on bill that would repeal Brownback tax cuts

Yes, put the progressive income tax back (tax more for those able to pay the tax), then reduce the regressive sales tax back (tax that falls more for those less able to pay).
Brownback's tax plan gives the wealthy the tax break, while charging more for those who don't have the money.

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White House doubles down on Trump's false claims about voter fraud

The only type of voter fraud that photo ID prevents, is voter impersonation at the polls. There is no evidence of voter impersonation.

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Longtime KU political science professor, known for challenging students, dies at 73

Allan's wife, Beth, was my children's favorite teacher at Grant Elementary.

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Kansas election officials threw out thousands of ballots

All voters who voted provisionally, can call their county election office, and ask if their vote was counted, and if it wasn't, why it wasn't. Election offices are required to provide that information to the voter.

If you voted provisionally, then after the election were sent a letter stating that you need to provide your proof of citizenship - then you need to do that in order to be registered in Kansas. If you received that letter, then your vote didn't count.

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Kobach seeks authority for bifurcated elections; downplays issue of missing registrations

For voting purposes, US Senators and US Representatives are included in a federal election.

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Chamber poll dings state on amount it spends on school administration, taxes, other topics

"Less than 6 percent of operating expenditures went for administration, with an additional 2.4 percent for administrative support services." This doesn't seem like a big administration expenditure.

On the business tax issue, and as a business person. In previous years, we knew that we could purchase business supplies and equipment before the end of the year to reduce paying income taxes. But, with the business exemption - where we don't pay taxes on our income - we don't have an incentive to make those purchases. This business tax exemption doesn't help anyone but the business owner and the wealthiest 5% of the the businesses get 85% of the tax benefit, including 20 KOCH businesses. Go back to the tax structure before 2012 - it is much fairer, and will allow the state the revenue needed for schools, roads, public health and safety.

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'Ordinary' area woman has spent nearly a decade trying to expose an international nonprofit

I had a friend work at Goodwill in Lawrence - she said that things were trashed.

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'Ordinary' area woman has spent nearly a decade trying to expose an international nonprofit

Planet Aid website says that they recycle old, torn, stained clothing and past-wear shoes. Do you know anyplace in Lawrence, or the area that will recycle these into rags, furniture stuffing, reusing rubber-like soles, etc. So far, I've only seen that local places will put these types of things in the trash. There is so much used clothing in the local thrift shops and donation places.

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