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Social safety net in Kansas is, sadly, now a private-sector responsibility, 2017 United Way Campaign co-chairs say

"In this state, there are 130,000 people who pay zero income tax." The number of those not paying any state income tax (includes 8 Koch companies) is 330,000, not 130,000.

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Year-round yard waste collection, other trash and recycling changes to begin in May

How to purchase a yard waste bin? Click on the link "can be purchased for $60" to fill out the form and have one delivered.

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Lawrence mayor signs letter objecting to Trump's environmental policies

The Mayor acts on the decisions of the city commission:
"As part of its meeting this week, the Lawrence City Commission authorized the mayor to sign a letter written by the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda to Trump."

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Letter to the editor: Value KPR

Brock, did you mean to have three sentences instead of two? The start of your second sentence contradicts the end.

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Lawrence school district's $87 million bond issue: A few frequently asked questions

For Deborah and others who need more information, you could listen to the Voter Education Coalition town hall on the bond issue:

Also: the online information:

For LHS, an addition will bring the current 30 entrances down to one main one that can be secure, classrooms will be enlarged (similar to FSHS classroom sizes), hallways will be widened, and much more.

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Letter to the editor: Not entry level

A business only requirement is to make money for the stockholders. A government needs to serve and protect it's citizens. There is a great deal of difference.

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Letter to the editor: Fair is fair

"Why don’t you write a column about all the limitations placed on a man’s right to procreate? Oh wait, there are none."

Reading the whole letter, which is about health insurance and who should pay for procreation in our society, I believe that we are talking about just that - who pays. Before the ACA, women's health insurance costs were higher than men's - because they were the ones who became pregnant and gave birth, and suffered all the possible complications. Is it really fair to charge women more, when all of us are a part of the process, and perhaps benefit from maintaining our society? Unless you think we should all stop having children and let humanity die out.

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Letter to the editor: Fair is fair

"...tailor their insurance coverage to their specific needs." ? Who can predict if they will be in an accident and need hospital care and rehabilitation, or get cancer, or diabetics? And even women who don't plan on getting pregnant so don't buy prenatal and maternity care, then end up pregnant?

The US pays nearly twice what all other developed countries pay for health care, yet had lower life expectancy and the highest infant mortality rate. Only in the last few years has the US health care spending leveled off.

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Aging Lawrence High School would receive bulk of bond issue funds; a look at most pressing needs

The previous bond was for the elementary schools and the work is nearly complete. This bond is for the secondary schools - and is badly needed.

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Kansas governor now backs ‘flat’ income tax plan, including eliminating exemption he had championed

There are many people who work 2 jobs, are paid low wages with no benefits, barely get by.
"Top wage earners last year made 5.05 times what their lowest-income counterparts took home, the widest gap in data going back to 1979, according to the Labor Department." You can read the whole article for more detail:

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