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Documents shed light on ties between KU teacher and Koch Foundation

Could KU make Art Hall's class(s) non-required? Or is the required class one of the conditions of Koch funding?

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Clinton, Kobach spar in social media flap over voting rights

The DMV doesn't 'pass on' the proof of citizenship, they only indicate that they saw it when processing a voter application. The voter application information goes into a database and is dispersed daily to the county election officials. Especially when this system was first implemented, there were many computer glitches where the information didn't reach the counties.

The SOS office doesn't process this information. They are only a pass through for the relatively small numbers of registrations that are sent directly to them.

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Clinton, Kobach spar in social media flap over voting rights

Alton, you don't understand the issue. As the article says, most of these are called "incomplete" because the person didn't provide "proof of citizenship". Although, many of them did provide the document and the information was not sent to the election official because of person or computer error.

Also on the "incomplete" list (often called the suspense list) are people who filled out the federal voter application and, by law, should be able to vote in federal elections - not have their registration purged.

Also on the "incomplete" list are young people who are not yet 18 years of age, but will be by the next election (as allowed by law). Are these people also going to be purged after 90 days?

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Kansas judge allows suit over citizenship rule to continue

The SOS sold this law requiring proof of citizenship to the legislature as being implemented in a way that wasn't done. If he can't follow through with the implementation, the law should be abandoned.

The DMV's, Nick Jordan, admits that requiring proof of citizenship for driver license renewals is too large a burden. If it's an unreasonable requirement for a driver's license, why isn't it an unreasonable requirement to register to vote?

This article proves that people who submit their proof of citizenship are still being denied the right to vote. The computer system is not up to the task. If the system can't make the necessary adjustments to comply with the law, the law should be abandoned.

The SOS said that all voter applications would be checked against the Kansas Vital Statistics for those who were born in Kansas. Yet, there are people on the suspense list who were born in Kansas. If the system can't make the necessary checks, the law should be abandoned.

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Kansas judge allows suit over citizenship rule to continue

"Kobach is the architect of the state's proof-of-citizenship law, which took effect in 2013 and requires people registering in Kansas for the first time or after living in another state to provide a birth certificate, passport or other documentation of U.S. citizenship. The federal registration form requires only that people affirm that they are citizens, without requiring additional papers."

Kobach sold this law as being seamless. That drivers licenses would indicate "citizen" when a person showed their document. That hasn't happened.

"Jordan said his agency responded to concerns that some Kansas residents wouldn’t be able to produce the necessary documents — and would be without a valid driver’s license — ..."
Jordan said. “We just want to make it convenient for Kansans, and this seems the best way to do it.”

"The department’s decision comes amid an ongoing debate over the proof-of-citizenship rule for new voters. The registrations of about 17,000 prospective voters are on hold because they haven’t yet provided the proper papers to election officials. They can’t legally cast ballots until they do."

"House Elections Committee Chairman Scott Schwab, an Olathe Republican, said Jordan’s comments Monday were the first he had heard that GOP Gov. Sam Brownback’s administration had shifted its plans on driver’s licenses. He said lawmakers based the election law on the original driver’s license plans, “and now they’re backpedaling.”

“When they change direction without letting us know that they’re changing direction, it’s disappointing,” Schwab said.

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Kansas schools seeking more aid asked to detail efficiencies

"We want to see what they've done in the past that can be shared with other districts," Ryckman said. "It could be good, useful information."

If the committee really wants to share efforts on efficiencies, they should ask all the districts for ideas, not just the ones that are asking for more money.

It's pretty clear that this is harassment.

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Faculty group says KU business teacher with Koch ties not subject to academic freedom protection

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was told that Mr. Hall's economic class was the one class of that type that was a required class for seniors in order to graduate.

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Sloan: Clean Power Plan leaves gaps for states and utilities to fill

Natural gas is still a fossil fuel, and as such, is a limited resource.

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Letter: Stop abortion

David Reynolds, "that is the most cold & inhumane thing a person can say"

I have no idea why you would say that concern over the world's population growth is cold and inhumane. I think that overpopulation which creates more hunger, disease, and environomental polution is inhuman. Even the Pope has recently said that humans should not reproduce like rabbits.

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Letter: Stop abortion

"At 56 million abortions that is almost the combined populations of California, 39,005,118, & New York, 19,889,625."

There are many of us who think that we should be reducing the speed with which we are populating the earth - not increasing the population as fast as we can.

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