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Marci Francisco pulls out of Kansas secretary of state race, files to run for state treasurer instead

It's hard to keep up with speaking out against injustice and racism, when it's happening daily.

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Kansas Gov. Colyer signs letter backing Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

It's very premature. No agreement has been made, no substantial action taken.
Does starting a war elsewhere cancel any peace that he might bring in another?

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Letter to the editor: Health, safety threat

Even before Planned Parenthood, women had abortions. Women have always had abortions, and will always have abortions. The law that made abortion legal, made it safe for women - no more coat hangers, people claiming to be doctors who put women's lives at risk - no more fatal infections.

Providing education and birth control is effective. Colorado just finished a several year experiment in providing free birth control, and the abortion rate was half of what it was before.

And regarding adoption - there are thousands of children in foster care - many born to parents who couldn't provide for them. Many who have been neglected or abused, who are waiting for adoption.

Yes, education, job training, mental and physical health services would all help families stay intact. Unfortunately, Kansas and the federal government have cut taxes on the wealthy, and thus cut programs for education, job training, and health services. The spread between the super rich and everyone else keeps growing - especially helped with the recent GOP tax cuts.

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Letter to the editor: Health, safety threat

Most of us who support a woman's right to determine her reproduction, her right to choose what is best for her and her family, also support a science-base sex education in schools and available birth control - so that abortions are rare, safe, and affordable.

Most pro-birth supporters, seem to have no interest in the child after it is born. The current administration in Kansas and federally, are intent on removing health care, child care, food, housing, education, and rights from those who are struggling to survive. Most abortions are for women who are low income, and many already have children. Why do you want to force these women to carry a fetus to term, that they know they can't provide for, and might cause them physical harm or death? The US has one of the highest rates of death for pregnancy/delivery for developed countries.

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Letter to the editor: Health, safety threat

Brock, the League of Women Voters does not oppose voter ID. They do oppose restrictive ID requirements that are barriers to voting by underserved populations. If a person doesn't drive, doesn't go to a public school/university, or work for a government agency, they most likely would not have a government issued photo ID - the current Kansas requirement for voting. Several states also allow other forms of ID or a signed affidavit that the person is who they say they are.

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Letter to the editor: Health, safety threat

Brock, have the laws changed?

Kansas has no laws expressly regulating gun shows. Sales of collectibles, including guns, are exempt from state laws requiring the licensing of transient merchants in each county where the merchant does business.1 A “transient merchant” is any person who engages in, does or transacts any temporary or transient business in the state, either in one locality or in traveling from place to place in the state, and includes merchants who, for the purpose of carrying on such business, hire, lease, use or occupy any building, structure, motor vehicle, railroad car or real estate.2"

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Kobach claims Kansas law halted thousands of noncitizen votes; ACLU argues it disenfranchised thousands more citizens

RJ Johnson. This lawsuit has nothing to do with an ID. It is about having to provide a birth certificate, passport, naturalization document or similar proof of citizenship in order to register to vote. The "show me your papers" law has kept over 22,000 citizens from registering to vote since it was implemented in January 2013. You probably were grandfathered onto the voter rolls, in which case, you never had to provide your papers.

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Felonies, not pot smoking, filling up the Douglas County Jail, new report says

60 minutes yesterday, March 4, had an interesting story on German jails, where they treat prisoners as humans, and have a much lower rate of incarceration, and repeats. They had another story on incarceration in America.

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Colyer, Kobach jockey to become new face of Kansas GOP

Even in 2014's three-way race for governor; Brownback 49%, Davis 46.1%, Umber 4%. Only 49.7% of registered voters, voted, and over 13,000 of them didn't vote for governor. And we have about 1/2 million eligible voters in Kansas that are not registered.

Will 2018 have a better turnout?

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Kansas Senate approves bill allowing expansion of industrial chicken farms

"You do not get those smells of animals," Estes said. "You do not get travelers coming into Dodge (City) and taking a big whiff and saying, 'Oh my gosh, let me out of town.' It just doesn't happen anymore, so the assumption that these coops, that these chicken farms are going to be smelly, dangerous, disease-riddled operations is just absolutely not correct."

When and how are they able to make s**t not smelly?

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