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Sen. Pat Roberts still defends GOP health plan; health care advocates say it's terrible for Kansas

Do you have any data that shows that people don't want to buy health insurance?

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Candidate meet-and-greet today for Lawrence City Commission and school board

The League of Women Voters will be there to register voters. Deadline to register for the August 1 primary is Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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Lawmakers override Brownback veto of tax overhaul

That $20,000 would need to be the net "taxable income", after all the deductions allowed.
Then the first $15,000 would be taxed at 3.1% = $465, and the next $5000 would be taxed at 5.25% = $262.50 for a total of $727.50 on the taxable portion of income of $20,000.

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Lawmakers override Brownback veto of tax overhaul

"▪ A couple making $80,000 a year in taxable income would pay about $565 more."

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Insurer pulls out of Kansas, Missouri health care exchanges

Over the past year of two, we were sent information and encouraged to switch to KC Blue Cross Blue Shield - saying that our premiums would go down 30%. We didn't switch because we didn't want to have to travel to KC doctors for care. But, I wondered, did they lose money because they were trying to reduce premiums beyond reason?

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Kobach to announce plans on governor's race within 2 months

The Ft. Hays State University "Kansas Speaks" poll found that of 9 possible Governor candidates for 2018, Kris Kobach was rated lowest.

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Lawmakers go into overtime with biggest issues still unresolved

They passed more restrictions on abortion providers. Kansas and Texas have the most restrictions of all states.

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Editorial: Kobach keeps playing games

The SOS continually talks about his SAFE Act not costing the state any money. Did you know that after the debacle of the 2000 election, the Federal government gave the states money to help counties buy new voting equipment. Did you know that the SOS used that money for advertising the SAFE Act requirements, and now there is no money to help counties purchase voting equipment? Did you know that the requirements of the SAFE Act cause county election offices to spend thousands of dollars in mailings and staff, which do not help the security of the elections?

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Editorial: Kobach keeps playing games

Even the courts understand that most of the voter registration restrictions and voter ID requirements do not help with election integrity, rather, they depress the vote. All of the 9 voter fraud cases that the SOS has prosecuted in the last 2 years could have been found and prosecuted without his proof of citizenship or photo ID requirement.

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Trump makes Kobach vice chair of commission reviewing voter fraud allegations

Mr Kort is probably referring to the fact that the 45th daughter, son-in-law, and several of his inner circle are registered to vote in 2 states:

And perhaps, the fact that after almost 2 years and 3 new attorney hires, the Kansas SOS found 8 older, white, republicans who voted in two states.

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