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Westar Energy's proposal would increase rates for homes and small businesses, but decrease rates for big businesses

JUST WAIT....this is only the beginning. When the EPA/POTUS roll out their new Regs over will skyrocket. I found an old bill from 5 years ago for $120. Same house, now, $200. Sure, go ahead and raise it some more...thanks!

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What a great experience with Mr. Katzer. He showed up, and realized our door needed different springs. Drove across town and got them. Took less than an hour to replace them, and fix other parts of my door. Fixed things that the last guy let break. And replaced the springs with 3x the strength ones. On top of it all, it was **HALF** of the other bid I got.

Check him out. What a great job!!!

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City to consider using gated, pay-as-you-leave system for new downtown parking garage

At least they didn't try to hide the fact that the Whole Point of the "expanded Library" was to get their parking garage for downtown. That's what all of this was for, and no one was willing to go vote against higher taxes to help their bottom line.

Might as well be used to it by now....


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City estimates it may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to keep concealed weapons out of city buildings

Don't waste our tax dollars trying to avoid a law passed by the state. Concealed Carry owners are the LEAST of your worries. The cute little sign doesn't stop criminals from carrying anytime they would like. This will only stop law abiding citizens from exercising their right to carry.

While we are at it, let's build a couple more rec centers and 3 more libraries. Would make more sense to waste the $$$ that way.

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City seeking grant money to improve 23rd and Haskell intersection in preparation for increased traffic from SLT

This is all late due to LAWSUITS, not the city. Let's not forget that.

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No concealed carry in Lawrence schools

Arguing this point isn't worth it. People that are against guns, will not change their views. Even if their children could be threatened, they won't change. Let's get a forum of the parents from Newtown and ask them if they would be ok with an armed SRO officer in their school now. I"m guessing most would say YES. 1 of the parents went before congress and testified that we need someone Armed in the schools, and his kid was shot.

It's unfortunate that we've come to this point in our country, but we are here. The shooting in CT will not be the last one. Changing clips, guns, background checks won't stop it either. The guns are already out there. Defending yourself and your kids should be natural thinking, but it seems that logic is gone in this debate.

I truly hope that my child, that goes to school in Lawrence, does not ever have to face this horrible reality. But I would feel a lot better knowing the SRO had a chance to defend them.


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No concealed carry in Lawrence schools

And I'm VERY glad you don't carry a gun. I mean, it is the State's responsibility to train you with the Gun before you carry it. I wouldn't want you to take responsibility on your own accord and learn before you carry.

Whew, saved by the Man again!!!

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Gov. Brownback signs into law concealed carry measure; campuses exempt for four years

You can find the data Skull. I'm not a member of the NRA. I threw in the Obama part for fun. I figured someone would bring it up...and completely ignore the point.

Good job.

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Gov. Brownback signs into law concealed carry measure; campuses exempt for four years

You contradicted yourself there. If they are not subject to "criminal prosecution", then they aren't charged with a crime. Again, you prove my point. You ignore the fact that CRIMINALS that want to inflict harm, won't follow the law. This bill gives Law Abiding citizens a chance to defend themselves.

Dam the logic....

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Gov. Brownback signs into law concealed carry measure; campuses exempt for four years

Angelus, your comment is the logical one, but people don't want to think logically for themselves anymore. They just spew the crap they see/hear on tv as truth. They don't want to know that crime drops when Conceal/Carry is implemented. They don't want you to defend your family, just wait for the cops to show up in 10 minutes. And the ultimate truth: Unstable/Criminal people will KILL regardless of Gun Laws. Lanza did it. Aurora guy did it. The Obama Gun Bill wouldn't have changed any of those shootings.

Conceal/Carry at least gives you a chance to defend yourself and your family.


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