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A large tree split in half and fell across the road at 4th and Michigan in Lawrence.

Is this 4th and Michigan like your caption says (11am Wed.), or is it 4th and Maine?

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As City Hall considers a plan for the future of the Oread Neighborhood, the neighborhood association finds itself at a crossroads

How dare those Oread board members be against disturbingly loud noise and people vomitting and urinating and littering all over their streets? Renters passing through should be able to trash the neighborhood as much as they want in the name of having a fun college experience. You owner-occupants have no right to want to be treated with consideration and decency. How dare you disturb the fun these Johnson County and other temporary occupants are having. Who cares about preserving the architectural integrity of century-old buildings and streets by limiting these good American profiteers from remodeling and adding on however they want? People don't come to Lawrence for the charm or beauty; they come to party and puke and park wherever they want. Selfish Oread homeowners. Now get off the board and make way for people who want to make money off your neighborhood.

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Judge gives convicted rapist maximum prison sentence despite plea agreement

The article says this brave young woman "stole" his wallet? There's a lot of horrible, scary stuff that jumped out at me in this article, but somehow the author's choice of the word "stole" seems jarring to me. I wonder if it would've been better to say "was able to secure". I guess I'm being overly sensitive, but it just seems like assigning the word "stole" to the victim is a little distateful or jarring.

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Police execute search warrant at apartment of a KU student body president candidate

Yeah, real good judgement to make a video using guns and make a comment about getting back an ex-girlfriend and with a restraining order involved. I just love men, or boys, who are so cowardly that they like to terrorize women with guns. Even, at its most innocent if it were supposed to be satire, it shows poor judgment. As if the combination of guns and universities and ex-girlfriends is somehow "funny". What an idiot. Poor, poor victim had his guns confiscated. People who don't make videos showing themselves firing a gun and mentioning winning back an ex-girlfriend don't ordinarily get their guns confiscated, so please don't whine about gun rights in this case. Oh, and please don't threaten to kill me for making gun rights comments.

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Fire Department: Illegal use of fireworks causes destructive Indiana Street fire

balloon-style house? huh? what is that? did the writer mean "balloon frame"?

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In default

Remember, McCain's chief Finance advisor (who resigned from McCain's campaign this week) says this lady is just a whiner.

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Beware: Fraudulent callers soliciting personal information

I got that call in the middle of the night. It woke me up. I had to play the answering machine message several times the next morning to make out who they said they were. They gave a phone number to call back. Last time I tried to report a fraud call like that to the state's consumer protection office, they made it SO hard to file a complaint that I just gave up, so I didn't even attempt it this time. The state office makes you do so much work to report it, that it's less time-consuming to just put up with the calls.

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I-70 construction confuses drivers

Instead of the headline reading "I-70 construction confuses drivers", it should say "DOT's Poor Detour Signage Confuses Drivers".

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Former Dole, Graves officials endorse Slattery

Dweezil, yes, Brownback is atrocious, but remember how Roberts as Judiciary chairman ran interference for the Bush administration whenever anyone tried to investigate their wrongdoings? He did anything he could to help cover up suspected violations of the Constitution. Just google the words Roberts Blocks Investigation, and you'll find so many examples.

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Tornado watch issued for Douglas County

oh, wait, never mind, I just checked and they've totally deleted the sentence I was quoting.

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