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On eve of NCAA volleyball tourney, KU's Tolefree happier than ever she stayed

Great article. Would have been nice if you had mentioned her Big 12 Scholar-Athlete of the Year award.

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Snow job

I am all for rules and the idea that everyone should follow them but be realistic. This snow was far worse than anything we have had in a long time and it came on a holiday when many people are out of town. The city wants us to be patient with them as they have yet to clear many miles of their own sidewalks then of course they should have compassion for the citizens of this town. Many of whom, like my neighbors, spent their time shoveling streets that the city hadn't cleared yet. I'm sure once they recover from that they will make the two block jaunt around the neighborhood to shovel their 20 feet of sidewalk. The problem isn't educating people about the ordinance it is educating them about what sidewalks they are responsible for clearing. Should you be responsible for a sidewalk that lies 20 yards beyond a city made ravine?
If this were truly about public safety, then the city shouldn't have created 6 foot snow banks at the corner of every major intersection, making it impossible to reach the crosswalk buttons and causing people to have to stand in the street and hope that the car turning doesn't hit them. If it were about public safety then the city would have had a plan in place for this big of storm and they would have hired more contractors. Instead many available crews were plowing parking lots Christmas morning for businesses that weren't even going to be open. This isn't about public safety. It's about finding a way to make money at the mercy of its citizens. If you want the ordinance to be fair then they should ticket everyone that doesn't shovel. Instead the only people that get penalized are those that live on busy streets or those that have neighbors who instead of helping out would rather complain.
If the editor is really concerned about public safety, then maybe he should put down his pen and pick up a shovel.

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