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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Social Service League Thrift Store serves as city's hidden gift shop

I agree Jean Ann is a wonderful person. We run a similar venue in Eudora Kansas called His Hands Clothing CLoset. I started this venue to help Eudora and surrounding areas from our own home in the basement. I started this venue in oct of 2009, and was then only getting items free from craigslist and freecylce, daily, sometimes 6+ times a day our vehicle was driven and loaded to the max to bring it back to help locals make ends meet in todays tough economy, we have helped countless from all over the map to date. We recently in June of 2012 renovated a bldg built in 1890 to open up as a thrift store, since we dont get any kind of local funding we need to keep up what we do to help many. We love helping foster parents, grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, single parents, etc. ANyone could use and appreciate a great bargain. I wish folks would appreciate what we do more, truly it goes unnoticed for the most part. We give all our overage to countless agencies, from SOcial Services League, to Penn House, to Pregnancy Care Center of Lawrence, to the School Districts Closets in Douglas COunty, and beyond, we help families who have lost it all in fires, etc. We are different in we are a mom and pop shop, almost all we do is done by our own family, from keeping the budget to running this non profit it is mostly done either by myself or my family. It can be all consuming but we are rewarded by the knowledge that so many love the savings we provide and the mission we stand for that is simple to help others. Keeping it local, and doing our best to keep decent items from the landfill is what we do each day. Using great quality donations to help others is what we are about. You dont have to be in a shiny bldg with doorbuster specials to lure them in, sometimes it is the little things that count. We LOVE douglas county and proud to be a part, even if very small. Working in conjunction to reach out to those who feel as if they have been forgotten. They will never be forgotten by us! His Hands Clothing Thrift Store, located in downtown Eudora Kansas. also on facebook.

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How to spend the holidays

I spend the holidays giving back to those in the community. I run His Hands Clothing Closet Thrift Store. A non profit who has a mission of offering quality used and new items in a storefront to help those who could use to save money on their purchases. Offering only quality clothing,shoes, coats, jewelry, purses. We have most sizes for the whole family. Each year we sponsor local families through the help of local businesses and private citizens who are just willing to share the "true meaning" of Christmas, helping those in need. We collect new unwrapped toys for girls and boys from birth to age 18 yrs to give them presents, ask for gift cards and grocer cards to provide the meal and we give clothing gift cards to His Hands so the families can come in and get great clothing. We could use the help of the folks in Douglas COunty. I have tried countless times to get broader ads and more local funding. So far our boxes are EMPTY, we could sure use the help. We are in downtown Eudora 727 Main St. 690-7220, if your interested in donating to our cause feel free to check us out on facebook or call or drop by. Local families would sure appreciate this.

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Early-morning fire displaces family of 11 from rural Douglas County home

Well said nkinman. Focus on the family. Right now we need to be stepping up and trying to Bless them any way we can. Could use pants 34 X 34 mens (jeans, and nice dress slacks) and womens size 11, I am Christine from His Hands CLothing CLoset (thanks for the mention). I usually only do clothing, shoes, coats, but this family has touched my heart and I know their is a huge Blessing waiting for them right around the corner. Dont be so quick to sit in judgement it could be you in this same position. Instead, use your energies to get aide to this great family. 542-3528 to anyone who has leads on a possible home for this family. Or to help with donated items. I currently have most of the clothing items except pants for Mom and Dad. Once they get a suitable home they will need all the furnishings, if you happen to know someone who could help that works for a large furniture store perhaps. Any way you can lend a hand would be appreciated. Let the Lord be the one who sets judgement, no one is perfect.

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Early-morning fire displaces family of 11 from rural Douglas County home

I will be trying to help, I have some of the sizes but if you could go to facebook: His Hands Clothing Closet this is my site for donors, sponsors, clients. I run a free clothing outreach and working on putting as much together as humanly possible. I feel for all of you, and will be praying for you all as I am gathering as much help as I can provide. I have called and let the father know we are here for the family with clothing. I am working on seeing if I can get new shoes for the children. ANything else I can get to help will be great? This is one of my specialties. Sending prayers your way. You can go to my facebook page and leave the sizes of clothing, shoes, etc. there for me. I have some of my donors and sponsors working on items for the family as well. We can all STEP UP and do as much as we can, we could all be in this situation. God Bless You.

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Early-morning fire displaces family of 11 from rural Douglas County home

smallest child is a boy who wears size 5 in toddlers. These would not help them. We are working on helping them, His Hands Clothing Closet (eudora), a free clothing outreach that helps anyone especially in displaced situations.

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Once homeless Lawrence family makes goal of having own place by Thanksgiving

dont forget to call first, only opened by appointment basis. thanks

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Once homeless Lawrence family makes goal of having own place by Thanksgiving

Congrats! Hope you have a great Holiday together, and remember if you need clothing for your family, its just a short drive away! His Hands Clothing Closet (eudora), we have some pretty great clothing for children here, and the whole family usually! Just have to call and make an appt., 542 3528, Christine. We give free, in most sizes.

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KC mom admits she was drunk when her baby vanished

these are my thoughts exactly, since the baby was already "sick". She was too drunk to measure so maybe she overdid it? Just the look on her face speaks volumes of something she is hiding? Mr. Irwin do you have any feelings at all, you are completely stoic, is this shock or just your regular composure? You dont want to work with the police to help them find your daughter but you will be on Good Morning America and every other television show. I think they should have hired Polly Klaas father to help them or John Walsh, not some fancy lawyer, after all what do they have to hide?? I would stay far far away from anyone Van Der Sloot had for a lawyer, he is a true scum bag! It must be pro bono because you can tell they cant afford it. It makes me mad that so many people out their loose their children to abductions, etc., but something like this gets all the media attention. I am sure many children have went missing since baby Lisa, where is all their attention to help them find their children? If the baby were close by with all the media attention and a reward they wouldve found or heard something by now.

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Section of 'old' Kansas Highway 10 reopens to traffic

yeah, I have used it so much over the years never thought I would miss it but I did. Glad its reopened! Now my clients can come see me so much easier from Lawrence! Come visit His Hands Clothing Closet (on facebook) and if you dont need free clothing, just stop in and visit me or you can donate as well! Hope to see you soon.

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More than 600 gather at public forum to vent frustration with closing of Lawrence SRS office

That is what I had said in comments about the last article! A "satellite" office, somewhere folks could come in and fill out paperwork or maybe have internet access to do so. If the workers need to be in schools to help clients they need to be close by. Commutes do not make sense. Maybe a freeze on pay raises for a while, downsize, get rid of the two big bldgs. If we have to do it in our own budgets then I think anyone can cut back, just dont get rid of it or make people suffer. It is not right to have a phone conference to let your employees know of changes. Professional or politics at their best!

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