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Former Kansas inmate who killed 3 in DUI accident has parole revoked

From a bleeding heart liberal:
I think all of those who were involved with the decision to grant her parole should have to serve her remaining sentence as well.

Want more?
Ok... how about this: The only think I like about the Saudi legal system is the punishment for DUI. First offense - beheading. Second offense.... oooops.

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Wellsville man killed in Sunday motorcycle accident

Sad to hear of this tragic event. Motorcycles are only as safe as the riders who ride them, but sometimes even the riders have no control over deer, idiot car drivers, etc. Helmets are a big factor in reducing deaths, and I'd like to see Kansas instill a helmet law.

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Obama and Romney face off on foreign policy in final debate

All over the board? I disagree. I think he's been quite focused. Remember when the economy was shedding 750,000 jobs a month? Remember when the DOW was at 4,000? Remember when the terrorists were running wild? The president has stopped the bleeding, whacked the terrorists and shown no quarter, and despite it all, the economy is coming back.

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Obama and Romney face off on foreign policy in final debate

If you want to go forward put your car in (D) emocrat.
If you want to go backwards put your car in (R) epublican.

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Analysis: Kansas governor owns aggressive tax cuts

Riddle me this:
If tax cuts creates jobs how come during the last 18 Months of G.W. Bush the U.S. lost around 750,000 jobs a month.

I will make an official bet with anyone for $1.00 that these tax cuts will not create jobs, and the State of KS will be bankrupt within 3 years.

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Falling into poverty: Economic setbacks make Lawrence couple, like many Americans, lose security, gain fear

It's their own fault for NOT voting Republican...
Tax Breaks for the RICH will solve the problem - if only they would have listened.

Oh wait - after 10 years of these tax-breaks for the rich where are all the so-called jobs that was supposed to create???

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Two SUVs collide southeast of Lawrence

Did you hear about the 2 Yuppies that were in a wreck???

It was a real Saab story...

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Lawrence homes' tax values often more than selling prices

Imagine if you will:
1 Billion a week for 7 years spent on mortgage payoffs for the American People vs 1 Billion a week for 7 years squandered in Iraq.

Could you imagine the amount of discretionary income being spent right now sending the Economy into the stratosphere ?? Instead - someone lied - people died - and the treasury was robbed by no-bid contracts.

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Lawrence homes' tax values often more than selling prices

This isn't so far off base. The value of an item and the selling price can be 2 totally different amounts. If I sell my house to my child for $1.00 I suppose the tax value should be $1.00 ??

What are your thoughts about that? To place the value simply on the 'sellng' price is the same thing as writing an appraisal of a property for the 'asking' price which has nothing to do with the true value of the property.

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Former Lawrence man enters no contest plea

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