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Board of Immigration Appeals grants new stay of removal for Syed Jamal

I enjoy ignorant comments as much as the rest of you, but the easy claim of his illegality just ain't correct. He had approval to stay in the country from ICE, and they were negotiating his status.

You may not realize this, but there aren't two simple states of documentation--legal and illegal. There are many gray areas, and Mr. Jamal was in one of those gray areas. Furthermore, he was being very cooperative with ICE, checking in regularly, while paying taxes, raising his family of US citizens, providing college-level chemistry instruction at a reasonable rate of pay. His work was in demand, and he was a law-abiding 30-year resident of the USA. He was singled out without due process--and due process is the bedrock of democratic liberty.

Maybe you think he should be deported, maybe not. But it's plain ignorance to claim that "he had nobody to blame but himself," or that the 94,000 people who signed a petition should also be deported, or that he didn't do all those things (applications, visas) to keep his stay documented, or that he didn't pay his legal share of taxes [without being able to seek Social Security, even though he paid into it], or that the "companies" he worked for need to be investigated . . . well it's just plain ignorant.

Keep that in mind when we think about who deserves to be in the USA. We keep it open for ignorant people. Why not people who teach college, pay taxes, raise citizens, and have a 30-year clean record?

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Area voters head to polls today for sales tax, city government and school board elections

Property doesn't vote--people do. Renters vote where they live, just like landlords. Landlords do NOT get an extra vote because they own property.

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Lawrence area coalition gets creative to keep students free of alcohol, marijuana

Not so fast, Clark. The development of schizophrenia after marijuana use is almost certainly due to pre-existing neurological states--being pre-schizophrenic makes marijuana appealing, and not the reverse.

The same is true of anxiety and depression evidence you cite.

The causal claim you make, Clark, is based on a correlation--it doesn't support your conclusion.

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Witness: 12-year-old struck by car in downtown Lawrence 'flew 30 feet'

It is not the case that pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way in a crosswalk. If they dash on very fast and unpredictably, they can be cited and held at fault. Lawrence city codes.

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Kansas House Speaker Merrick blasts regents, KU over funding, salary issues

Yeah, worthless psychology majors, like Oscar-winner Natalie Portman, Nobel laureates Daniel Kahneman and Linda Buck, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, or NBA MVP Tim Duncan (not to mention all the people providing necessary services in humble careers of service).

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Kansas House Speaker Merrick blasts regents, KU over funding, salary issues

Given that state support is at about 38% of the university budget, your math is quite wrong.

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Kansas House Speaker Merrick blasts regents, KU over funding, salary issues

He is, with bells on:
Rep. Ray Merrick (R-27), Alec State Chairman
Attended 2011 ALEC Annual Meeting
ALEC "Legislator of the Year" 2010
Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force member
ALEC Board of Directors member


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Digging into KU faculty salaries

Really? Your response to free and open markets is to tell people to take their balls and go home?

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Campa-what? A pronunciation guide to campus buildings

This article is entirely incorrect about Fraser Hall. It's FRAY-zerr, not FRAY-zhur. There is a distinct lack of a "z" or an "i". Don't tell Doug Fraser of the UAW or the people who teach at Simon Fraser University or live near the banks of the Fraser River that there is a "z" sound in the name. There isn't.

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