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In Plain Sight 5/13/2012 (Solved)

Fuzzy's Tacos. Northeast corner of Massachusetts Street and North Park Street.

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In Plain Sight 6/19/2011 (Solved)

Looks to me like the old house - most likely converted to apartments - on the west side of Massachusetts in about the 1800 block - near Dairy Queen and the old fire station.

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In Plain Sight 4/10/2011 (Solved)

This is the house on the northwest corner of 15th and Engel.

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6News bringing live broadcasts to area communities

Hello. Several factors went into our selection of towns. We wanted to hit the communities where 6News is available. This includes the towns we chose and a couple other spots in the Lawrence area. We also had to factor in the technical aspects of beaming a signal back to the station. Due to the distance or terrain, some locations were not feasible.

We hope to make this an annual event and we're always looking for ways to expand our reach and improve our coverage.

Thanks for your interest.

Cody Howard
6News Director

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In Plain Sight 4/12/2009

Well, I've already used my final answer, but based on your comment, it must be at the KU Visitor's Center...

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In Plain Sight 4/12/2009

Stone Creek?

I guess that's my final answer, I don't have anything better...

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In Plain Sight 3/15/2009

Well...I'm at least 98% sure I'm wrong, but just for the sake of keeping the dialogue going...I'll guess that this is at the very end of 1350N (basically 27th Street extended) right by YSI, the bike path, and the Parks and Rec maintenance building out there by the softball fields.

Basically, a little to the east of cingham's guess, and, I think, basically wrong.

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In Plain Sight 2/22/2009

Perhaps this will test the rules of the forum, since a new final answer is being posted from my username and I've already given a final answer -- but after conferring with others in the News Center, including the fine photographic eye of JW photog Richard Gwin, we -- as a group -- believe that to be Old Fire Station 4 on Stone Barn Terrace.

Final Answer (again.)

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In Plain Sight 2/22/2009

I've been wrong before, so I see no reason to stop now: Black Jack Cabin, east of Baldwin City.

And I guess if I'm guessing, I might as well say 'final.'

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In Plain Sight (12/29/2008)

Ok...I'm still stinging from the incorrect guess on the mural photo, so I'm really hoping to redeem myself here.This is a house on the east side of Indiana Street in the 300 block. If I was a better Lawrencian (or a better reporter) I'd be able to post more about the history of that house. I'm still hoping to track that down, if I'm correct, of course. Final answer.

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