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Some Lawrence sidewalks remain snowbound despite $20 fines

I doubt the ordinance is enforced for small patches of snow here and there, and I agree that we can walk on the grass sometimes. But if the snow is deep, the "just walk in the grass area" is not practical at all, especially if you're walking a small dog. It's just the civil thing to do, to clear a path so that pedestrians can walk without risking a fall.

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Lawrence police to patrol Topeka Saturday during services for slain officers

Thank you, Lawrence police officers.

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Grocery stores compete for customer loyalty with gas discounts

The HyVee program makes me want to stop shopping there. You must buy from a preferred list of foods that changes weekly, so you have to pay attention to that. It's not clear how the discount even works. The items usually exclude the block-buster sale items that you might be stocking up on, whereas everything you buy from Dillons counts. And the qualifying HyVee items are usually processed foods. Yuck! Reward the buying of junk food! Get fat, or fatter!

And besides, the new HyVee gas station doesn't even sell ethanol-free gas. Stuck with the ethanol version, I won't buy gas there.

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Questions emerge about how much Fritzel and his foundation will control operations of KU facilities at proposed Rock Chalk Park

It sounds like a complex plan between KU and Fritzel, with the City as an expected financial backer. Except they (KU & Fritzel) omit the City from the specific details of their grand plan until and only as they see fit. I don't actually blame them from a business point of view, but does the City have a grip?

I think the City should realize (do they?) that they are not a partner in this deal at all; they are just the money bags and rubber stamper of zoning requests. KU and Fritzel have obviously been negotiating to work out a finely detailed road map benefiting them both, and the City is just a puzzle piece to help them get it done. The City needs to get it's game on.

Let's hear about the tax implications of how they want to structure this. What if the high schools need a place to play on the same day that a profitable event is proposed? If this is a profit venue AND a public, recreational facility, who will decide which takes priority and when? There are so many questions. Is it reasonable to keep approving things step by step without knowing the grand plan?

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Dole tries, fails to persuade Republicans, including Sens. Roberts and Moran, to vote for treaty for disabled

The reason it is our business is because it's a human rights issue. Discrimination against those seeking jobs, housing, education, etc. (due to gender, religion, disabilities, sexual preference...) is harmful to humans, and demeaning to progress in the world.

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Teacher prep programs coming under high-level scrutiny

I would've been thrilled to have a Nobel Prize-winning chemist in the classroom teaching my kids. The fact is that such a person obviously has passion, knowledge and skill, and they will want to convey those things to students, especially the interested and well-abled. Why should a teacher cater the class to the disinterested and/or less-abled?

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Iwig dairy files for bankruptcy, plans to keep retail stores open for reorganization

Do you know where your customers live? I suspect west of Iowa. It would be good if the location was near other major grocery shopping areas. What about the shopping center directly across the street from Checkers? Or up along 6th, 15th, or 23rd (west of Iowa) somewhere? I agree with the parking comments. I'm waiting to shop with Iwigs again after they move.

Also, does anyone have trouble pouring their milk without having it dribble down the side of the bottle? I wish we could somehow avoid that.

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City asked to provide monthly funding for arts coordinator; new report recommends water/sewer bill increases; city set to approve longevity bonuses

Is paying a year-end bonus common in government? I'm just surprised. It would be interesting to know how many city governments do this. With the added job security and typical generosity of benefits, I thought year-end bonuses were not-the-norm in such jobs. Then again, if these people are truly underpaid, and if the city wants to retain these long-term workers, then I can see the reasoning.

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Editorial: The right person

Where is the mention of taxes? What about the Romney/Ryan plan to overturn Roe v Wade with probable opportunities to name 2 supreme court justices during this term? Health care? Foreign policy? Climate change?

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