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Amid budget cuts to higher education, KU gets funding for adult stem cell center

Since successful somatic cell nuclear transfer using human cells was just achieved, can that be done at the Midwest Stem Cell Christian Taliban Center or are the Ayatollahs in the legislature opposed to that as well?

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Reviews of tenured professors proposed

good luck with that - hey, can you perform some more non-compensated work for an institution you don't work for?

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Reviews of tenured professors proposed

If the Governor of Kansas understood and accepted the process of evolution I would agree with you. However...

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GOP colleagues: Yoder's nude swim breaches trust

Too bad Jim Carey wasn't there to give Kevin some advice:

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KU Hospital contributes $2 million to Cancer Center

another $2M down the crapper...

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Leadership issues coming to light at KU Medical Center

"We have seen remarkable progress at the University of Kansas Medical Center the past several years." True, but DESPITE the lack of leadership rather than anything that Atkinson has done (or not done). Why is a PR flack (who is on the State's payroll) even responding to this, on what appears to be company time? Also, nothing of substance was released officially regarding Dr. Atkinson's review - if you want to refute the claims in Mr. Simons' column, that could easily be accomplished by releasing data.

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GOP in House and Senate create a budget gridlock for Kansas

When compromise and shared governance is viewed as weakness and surrender, as they are by the radical right now controlling the House, you get this pathetic circus where fashioning a budget is impossible and blaming each other the only thing that gets done.

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Dean’s firing reveals broader concerns at KU Medical Center

Klaasen has a very committed and devoted cadre of junior faculty and trainees who appear to be behind the deluge of anonymous emails (included in this piece) pointing out Atkinson's poor leadership. Many of the points they make have merit, but many do not. Dr. Klaasen is indeed a well-funded scientist, but a fairly large chunk of the faculty have tired of his antics and brinksmanship, a bombastic, confrontational style that makes it difficult to have any type of dialog. The notion that "great" scientists and leaders behave like spoiled three-year olds is absurd. Some of the greatest academic scientists are quiet, thoughtful people who rarely, if ever, employ tantrums as a means of dealing with ineffective leadership. That being said, Dr. Atkinson is a major liability to both the clinical and basic science departments of the SOM. Her departure is likely to coincide with the receipt of the first review of the NCI application, whether it is positive or negative. Hopefully, BGL will have the wisdom to identify a true academic dean for the SOM at that time.

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KU Medical Center raises more than half of money needed to expand Wichita campus

Kansas can't afford one medical school and now they want two?

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Students join in to help lobby legislators on higher education

Some simple numbers. March 2010, high school diploma, unemployment rate around 10%; bachelor's degree, unemployment rate around 5%. If for no other reason, that's why education needs are so critical.

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