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Animal control officers are advocates for pets

maybe in lawrence they are advocates for pets but in other cities like memphis.... they abuse animals and animals just go "missing" like the story of Kapone that comes out of Memphis Animal Shelter.... a AC worker picked him and another dog up and dropped the other dog off at the shelter but nobody knows where Kapone is and she won't tell. She's been charged with animal cruelty. Then we find out that earlier in the summer she "forgot" that a dog was in her truck and the dog died of heat stroke. There was another officer that got charged with animal cruelty as well. There is a webcam to watch the employees at Memphis. They drag the animals and well.. its all very disturbing..... You can write the mayor, the council members, the governor, or the shelters director and you won't get any resoponses because they believe that they've gotten too much of a bad reputation. Hmmm maybe because they treat the animals so badly......the mayor thinks that its the communities fault for the way the animals are treated, and how many animals are brought in. He doesn't take responsibility for anything and doesn't want to inform or teach the communitiy about animals and how to care for them. Memphis Animal Shelter is one of the sickest animal shelters I've come across. NYC and Miami Dade are in there too.

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'It's heartbreaking': Families adjust to homeless life together at shelter

How about over to the west side closer to Topeka?

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Dogs take final plunge at Lawrence pool

Both my dogs made it in these pictures! Sweet babies!

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Heat wave leading to growth in toxic blue-green algae at area lakes

This stuff is also very toxic to animals. Don't let them drink this stuff. If they do drink it, get them over to the vet.asap.

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'Dangerously hot weather' expected; NWS extends excessive heat warning to Wednesday

I forgot to mention that running your dog on the streets or sidewalks when its this hot burns their pads. So please refrain from doing this until the sun goes down and the streets cool down a bit.

And ......would you want to sit in a kennel for 12 hours? not able to do anything? Try it sometime.

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'Dangerously hot weather' expected; NWS extends excessive heat warning to Wednesday

Yes, I don't know why LJWorld doesn't warn people more about pets.

Heat stroke is very serious and when it starts you don't have much time.

Keep cool fresh water outside at all times, hose them down a few times a day, make sure they have adequate shade. DON'T leave them in your car. DON'T take them on a fishing trip in a boat (this is huge especially if you don't bring cold water, and don't let the dog jump in the water. Your just making them suffer)

Personally, I don't know, or don't understand why people leave pets outside. Yeah Yeah I hear "I don't want my furniture to be destroyed" or "I don't have time to clean up messes" or "I don't want pet hair on my furniture" (there are ways to keep pet hair off the furniture...but really? get over it.) or "my landlord doesn't want them inside" Well, to the last one, if your landlord woud just require you to have your pets spayed and neutered in the lease agreement with proof there wouldn't be any spraying or "messes" that they'd have to be concerned with. Pet deposts are good too. However if these are your problems... maybe you shouldn't own a pet.

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New home sought for stray cat who was trapped and shot twice

just so you all know, letting your cat outside/off of your property is illegal in lawrence. You must have it on a leash if you want it off of your property.

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KU implements automatic enrollment policy for math requirements

I'd like to know what anyone thinks about someone who has a math disability. A math disability so bad that tutors, calculators and extra time on tests don't help, but otherwise has a 3.5 GPA in all other classes.

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How to keep pets safe amid holiday festivities

Hunting is legal (different species at different times of the year), fishing is legal, horse racing is legal (I think killing the horse after winning all the money they can is stupid but its still not illegal)
Fighting dogs or roosters or any type of animal for sport so that one dies or gets severely injured for money is illegal. Its is a felony in all 50 states. This is why he shouldn't have a dog. Again if your a felon you cannot own a gun or vote etc...if your a pedophile you must stay away from children...(there are other restrictions for other types of crimes I just won't list them all) The point is if your going to watch animals kill each other for money and you know its illegal, then you shouldn't ever be able to own animals again. Period.

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