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Lawrence schools: Five senior Free State students identified as vandals

My "very white" stepson also attends SMS and he'd never, ever say that word, in any context. Drawing a phallic symbol and throwing eggs are pranks; writing "school of [racial slur]" is meant to be a hateful insult.

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City employee, not hacker, source of unauthorized tweets on city's account

...and what happens to the employee and the supervisor?

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City to consider $1 million loan guarantee for downtown, East Lawrence broadband project

I, too, live in Indian Hills, but don't know what monopoly deal from Wow you're referring to, as we have UVerse.

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Bigg's BBQ to open in former Buffalo Bob's space downtown; study finds Douglas County residents get best bang for the buck on taxes paid

Thank goodness the Biggs on Mass. concept is focusing on "quick" service. Whenever I am outvoted and must go to the original location, we are always stuck upstairs (with a preschooler) and during the last two visits, we have been enveloped by parties of at least forty. No joke. It seems my family of four is part of these large gatherings...while downstairs is empty. With a four-year-old. Near the bathroom, downstairs, is empty. Did I mention I'm always outvoted? When said toddler is salty, we even refer to him as "Gary", a name we heard and heard and heard the last time we visited and were surrounded by people we don't know.

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KU broadcaster David Lawrence to open West Lawrence sports restaurant and bar; update on Limestone pizza restaurant downtown

The Korean place at Campus Hideaway reopened as O Cafe a while back.

I can't believe Bambino's stayed in business as long as they did. My husband and I got wicked food poisoning back in 2009, after the only time we ate there.

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UPDATE: Buffalo Bob's to close at end of month; Ladybird Diner plans to open along Mass. Street in June; city, county hosting Horizon 2020 meetings

Say what? I wasn't even a twinkle in my father's eye in the seventies and I'm excited about Lawrence having this "kind of comfort food".

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Adair wants focus on early childhood education

Her daughters are in preschool.

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@FakeTwitter: Behind the Twitter accounts lampooning local celebrities

I prefer @LawrenceAs shats (minus the space).

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