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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

From the creators of Django and Ellington, this new policy and the Google alliance represent extraordinarily ham-handed applications of technology, not to mention a fundamental misunderstanding of the civic responsibility of the newspaper of record.

... btw, am I the only one whose browser frequently renders no name on the by-lines of LJW articles?

I'm gone.

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Mother Earth News Fair expected to draw 10,000 to downtown Lawrence

LCVB and the Chamber dropped the ball on this one. Though they obviously and appropriately are focused on external (to Lawrence) rather than internal communications, I hope that they will be reminded that we are all partners in making this stuff work.

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Mother Earth News Fair expected to draw 10,000 to downtown Lawrence

This may turn out to be a smart use of the new library parking garage. If it helps draw regional events and participants downtown, it may help defray some of our construction costs (through increased retail activity.)

Of course, the garage won't hold 10,000. But 300 cars at three to a car for a few hours apiece over the length of the event might just work. The weather should be good. Lawrencians might want to park elsewhere to leave room for visitors.

One more thought.... in coming years, consider marketing train travel to Lawrence for this event. The Mother Earch crowd might be receptive.

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Kansas officials on new health exchange: Be patient

Huelskamp says, "When you can't get online — it's a 'fail.'" So Tea Party soldiers are now behind a Denial of Service attack? ( )

Just kidding, (I hope.)

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Will young, healthy people purchase insurance under the Affordable Care Act?

The Obama administration announced on September 24 that Kansas will have the third lowest premiums among 36 states for which the federal government will operate exchanges. See .

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Housing sales, home prices continue to rise in Lawrence

"But with eight months worth of data, such differences tend to even out." I've never seen any evidence of this. I suspect that it has more to do with what is getting built from year to year. In April, LJW reported that "The first-quarter single-family and duplex <i>[housing starts]</i> numbers are 40 percent higher than the 2012 first-quarter numbers and are double the 2011 first-quarter totals."

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Westar residential rates would go up $3 per month under proposed settlement

This information is almost impossible to interpret in this form. For background, find Westar's filing before the KCC here: . Existing and proposed revenue and rates appear on pages 75-76 (Section 16) of the Application. Also find Westar's rationale in Sections 1 and 2 of the same document.

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

This certainly is not the first time that the Kansas Legislatiure has extorted administrative action from KU. I am reminded of Senator Wagle's 2003 campaign against KU Prof. Dennis Dailey. Read this May 14, 2003 tract from Mike Hoeflich, Kansas University School of Law ( ) in which he wrote: "If Wagle can wage such a crusade against Dailey, what is to stop her or any similar-minded colleagues from attacking any citizen of the state for any reason?"

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KU journalism professor condemned by administrators for tweet about NRA

Former (liberal) Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens would disagree. In a speech posted at , Justice Stevens states that he would have dissented from the opinion in Snyder v. Phelps (decided after he left the bench) that protects picketing and "intentional infliction of emotional distress" at the funerals of U.S. servicemen (or, for that matter, in tornado-ravaged Joplin MO.)

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