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Proposed Kansas bill would allow stronger spanking

Isn't there some minimum IQ test that legislators should take even before being allowed to run??? OMG - this is going to be national news - again - and the world will continue to think that Kansans are all imbeciles!!! (which BTW - how does this relate to the color of the child's skin - if he/she is darker, can he/she be hit harder since it won't "show" as easily???? R U kidding????)

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Stolen Jim Brothers sculpture returned to gallery

Good job, Officer Barta!

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Jim Brothers sculpture stolen from Signs of Life gallery

A photo would be nice...

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Lawrence Public Library exploring digital options for readers

In response to alexis: But, if you had to choose no book vs ebooks, wouldn't you choose ebooks? And, the younger generations are so used to the digital versions, they often prefer the ebooks.

To that end, I wish that all that money that was spent/is being spent for bricks and mortar would have been/would be spent for technology. If even part of the money were spent for ereaders that could be checked out - or even better, give to - kids who may not even be able to get to the library because they have no transportation, those kids would have so much more access to books than any building could EVER provide.

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Vehicle involved in Eudora accident sought

I heard that this was all a hoax. Was it?

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Wheel Genius: Road work planned this week

Although this information is helpful, a map with the areas of construction indicated by the locations where detours or barricades will be and/or the street/road in a significant color with an associated legend would be so much MORE helpful.

Yes, I see the reference to where the maps are, but it's not even a link. Why not also print the map for those who will never read all the text, anyhow?

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Lawrence ranked second-worst-performing small metro area, according to new national economic index

Maybe we LIKE it just the way it IS - and IF it changed too much, we might not want to be here??? Beauty (and performance based on economics) are in the eye of the beholder.

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Obama coming to Lawrence to visit KU on Friday

Wow! Hope I can figure out how to at least see him.

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Lawrence officer who died in auto accident had blood-alcohol level three times legal limit

Although the comments here are unlikely to produce any direct effect, the open discussion of the problem of drinking and driving will only ever be addressed and, hopefully, someday corrected by continually shedding light on these cases rather than the historical covering-up. There are just too many cases which have been uncovered that show individuals who have been given diversions over and over and over until they finally kill someone. Too many cases where judges and/or juries have gone easy on a drunk driver, putting themselves in the offender's position and thinking, 'it could have been me," when they should have been putting themselves in the victims's position. Until our society comes to its senses and openly accepts and proclaims that drinking and driving is just completely and totally unacceptable, these sad cases will continue to occur. It does NOT make it any less sad or terrible that this man died because of something that was within his control. In fact, it makes it all the sadder that it was within his control - or possibly the at-least-partial control of someone who knew and saw him get into his car when he clearly should not have done so...

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Senate approves constitutional amendment to remove courts from school finance decisions

Vote and when you do, please VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS.

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