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Dancers preform in the Halloween Monster Ball presented by the Lawrence Ballet Theatre and the Schoo

"Dancers PREFORM"? Maybe Dancers PERFORM?

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Judge sets new hearing date in Kansas gay marriage lawsuit

Thank you, Lisa (previous poster). Unfortunately "delusional" and "illusions of grandeur" seem to be the "norm" for too many Republican Kansas politicians.

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Free GED Ready tests available to public Oct. 1

Ironic: "The practice test is design to evaluate..." SHOULD be: The practice test is designED to evaluate..." Also, at least one comma is missing in the next sentence: "The results of the practice exam come with a list of areas that need improvement a personalized study plan that provides a test-taker with the exact pages and chapters to study in specific study books." SHOULD be: "The results of the practice exam come with a list of areas that need improvement, [necessary] a personalized study plan that provides a test-taker with the exact pages,[not required for a series, but in this case would improve clarity] and chapters to study in specific study books."

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Lawrence commission approves downtown ice skating rink on split vote

Who has actually indicated that he/she would use this facility? Was any sort of poll taken?

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Democratic congressional candidate endorses Orman

Do NOT waste your vote on Orman. Vote for Chad Taylor - a proven winning candidate!! a candidate who won the support of the Democratic party!!

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Brownback campaign to residents of Lawrence: 'It's nothing personal'

Being a Lawrence Liberal is something to be PROUD of anyhow !!! #savekansas Vote FOR Paul DAVIS !!!

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Proposed Kansas bill would allow stronger spanking

Isn't there some minimum IQ test that legislators should take even before being allowed to run??? OMG - this is going to be national news - again - and the world will continue to think that Kansans are all imbeciles!!! (which BTW - how does this relate to the color of the child's skin - if he/she is darker, can he/she be hit harder since it won't "show" as easily???? R U kidding????)

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Stolen Jim Brothers sculpture returned to gallery

Good job, Officer Barta!

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Jim Brothers sculpture stolen from Signs of Life gallery

A photo would be nice...

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Lawrence Public Library exploring digital options for readers

In response to alexis: But, if you had to choose no book vs ebooks, wouldn't you choose ebooks? And, the younger generations are so used to the digital versions, they often prefer the ebooks.

To that end, I wish that all that money that was spent/is being spent for bricks and mortar would have been/would be spent for technology. If even part of the money were spent for ereaders that could be checked out - or even better, give to - kids who may not even be able to get to the library because they have no transportation, those kids would have so much more access to books than any building could EVER provide.

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