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Do you support Gov. Sam Brownback's income tax cuts?

Slimeback is running for vice-president. He has to something spectacular to get noticed. It will come at our expense as a spectacular failure. Ultimately, of course, the Koch-heads want to install him as mr potus.

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Kansas City Chiefs fire head coach Todd Haley

Great point, Marco. I'm sure its_just_math_but_i've_never_had_an_original_idea was subconsciously thinking we should have been able to fire that dumb a** GWB in his first year of office before he screwed up so many things.
T Haley had to go! Go move Chiefs.

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Brownback apologizes for overreacting to student's tweet

I'm only guessing here, but I'll bet Karl R. Krawitz's nose is brown(back). When he wasn't hiding under his desk today, KRK was rapidly backpedaling through the hallways.
Hurray for Emma, a person of honesty, humor and courage!

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Team player: Dad starts free soccer practice for toddlers

Let's's a play group with a soccer's free, fun and a relaxed, totally unstressful atmosphere...nobody gets in trouble unless they're harming someone else...parents are meeting other's doesn't involve anything electronic!
Speaking of ridiculous, that would be your assessment, canyon_wren.
Keep up the great work, Dan. You sound like an awesome guy who understands what's good for these kids. I just wish my two could have been a part of this when they were that age. This is volunteerism at its best.

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Sheahon Zenger's challenge: Find money to make coaching change

Just a quick refresher for all the memory-challenged fans longing for the 2nd advent of Coach Mangino: two weeks after the Orange Bowl victory, Defensive Coordinator Bill Young leaves KU for MIami Univ. And then what? Mangino beats (& eats) some cream puffs and finishes '09 with an 8-5 record. After that, to top off the cake and with T.Reesing in his senior year, KU finishes the season losing 7 - that's S.E.V.E.N. - in a row! Gotta love that. Where's Bill Young now? He's the DC at #3 Oklahoma State. You can have the rotund one, I'll give Coach Gill room to develop his team/staff and if it hasn't happened at the end of his 5th year, hire someone else.

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Pickup truck driver cited after striking motorcyclist on Sixth Street

Really? Ever see a biker texting? Reading a newspaper or a book? Trying to find the cigarette he dropped in his lap? Slapping at their kid in the back seat? Dozing off? Reaching for something they dropped on the floorboard? Eating tacos? Your "bike" must have 3 wheels, 2 pedals and one disney princess horn on the handlebar.

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Man dies after head-on motorcycle accident on Iowa Street; road shut down for nearly five hours

Totally pointless comment. I've ridden motorcycles all over the country without accident. You have to be extra cautious because drivers can be very careless (stupid) and now we have cell phones to add to the list of driver distractions. Don't drive those killer cars, bootlegger, and crawl under your bed for safe keeping! Tragically, accidents happen even to the best and safest of drivers/riders. My sympathies to the rider, his family and friends, and to the innocent van driver for the nightmares she'll have to relive on a daily basis.

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Onside kick turning point in KU's 52-45 comeback over Colorado

This is to all those babbling idiots who've heaped endless amount of criticism on Coach Gill, his staff and his players. These coaches & players have shown more character in one day than all you impatient flamers have in your whole lives. So now back off and shut up! Thank you Coach Gill & your staff for your commitment to KU. Thank you players for your unwaivering dedication to the game and the true fans who support you wholeheartedly.

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Tight-knit tradition: Firebirds’ postgame soccer circle part of bigger picture

Your charisma, skill & passion will serve you well into what will certainly be a very bright future, both in and out of soccer. Best of luck finishing out this school year and also in the coming years in college. Now...back to those books!

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Tight-knit tradition: Firebirds’ postgame soccer circle part of bigger picture

From a parent's p.o.v., a significant difference off-the-pitch between the two coaches was/is their personal connection to the majority of parents: cold/exclusiveness vs Barah's warmth/inclusiveness. Additionally, the previous coach (in spite of his teams' excellent records) at soccer banquets while discussing each player's performance for the season and potential for the future, would frequently criticize a player, often with sarcasm, in front of peers, staff and parents. It was difficult to sit through - even though our player, who was satisfied with playing time, was not a subject of belittling - and there was always a cringe factor of "I can't believe he said that!" We're so very glad Coach B is here now and hopefully he will have a long and continued successful tenure at Free State.

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