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Better off

Nice cherry pick there.

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Better off

Hell, even Romney thinks we're better off.

INGRAHAM: You’ve also noted that there are signs of improvement on the horizon in the economy. How do you answer the president’s argument that the economy is getting better in a general election campaign if you yourself are saying it’s getting better?

ROMNEY: Well, of course it’s getting better. The economy always gets better after a recession, there is always a recovery. […]

INGRAHAM: Isn’t it a hard argument to make if you’re saying, like, OK, he inherited this recession, he took a bunch of steps to try to turn the economy around, and now, we’re seeing more jobs, but vote against him anyway? Isn’t that a hard argument to make? Is that a stark enough contrast?

ROMNEY: Have you got a better one, Laura? It just happens to be the truth.

"life of yesteryear when anyone who wanted a job had one." You mean the past 30 years when wages stagnated and wealth inequality widened to a point not seen since the Great Depression? Perhaps people should consider the effect of the idea behind Mitt's previous company (not that he still doesn't still profit from said company shipping jobs overseas though we couldn't know for sure since he hasn't been forthcoming with his TAXES) and others like it had on jobs here in America. See also: how demand for products is what drives companies to produce, thus creating jobs, and who really drives demand. (Hint: "It's the Middle Class, Stupid!" - James Carville). That's the name of a book, not an insult to any one of our lovely LJWorld neighbors.

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Better off

Some people don't understand how to look at a paycheck or how taxes work. They also don't seem to understand inertia, and have an amazing ability to ignore 66% of the last 12 years. To some, this country was an unspoiled land of perfect freedom before Obama and his Kenyan Muslim army snuck in and broke it in just 3 1/2 years. Better off than Sep 08? Maybe not.. Than Jan 09? It's not really debatable.

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Komen drops plan to cut Planned Parenthood grants

Hypocrites?? this post could be sarcasm and if so, the rest of my post can be disregarded or ridiculed. either way. but if it's NOT, citizen1,

how do you feel about war? crippling poverty where adults and children are dying because they lack the means for health screenings or paying for healthcare?

why do "pro-lifers" only seem to care about life between conception and birth? why don't "small government" advocates who don't want government meddling in our lives seem to think it's ok for government to dictate what people decide to do with their own bodies? the rand paul TSA incident is a perfect example. ridiculousness defined.

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that sort of logic is lost on the fox news crowd.

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Blizzard Blog: Winter weather advisory lifted; roads remain snowpacked

anyone have any idea if side roads will be plowed and/or when?? there's no way we're getting out of our neighborhood unless they plow the streets -- the snow is too deep!

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No more taxes

No one needs to pay any taxes, ever. Private corporations will help pay down the debt with their newfound earnings after all their taxes are cut. Why should any American feel any obligation to pay back the money that America has borrowed. That would be ridiculous.

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Obama reasons

RIP Richard Wright. Terribly sad.

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Lipstick On a Pig By Any Other Name

"So I think if you're just talking about income, how about $5 million"McCainWe can play this little game, esq2eb. If you want.

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Free Sarah!

"What do you think about Obama turning down additional debates and Town Hall meetings with McCain because of strategic reasons?"Obama has been interviewed time and time again, even going on Fox after months of O'Reilly hounding him. Obama turning down additional debates and town halls with McCain isn't comparable to the restrictions placed on the media's access Palin.

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