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Statehouse Live: Labor groups suffer blow in Kansas House

Being innovative, critical thinkers, and problem solvers does not qualify someone to address issues far outside their area of expertise.

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Statehouse Live: Labor groups suffer blow in Kansas House

I wonder why after generations of lawyers and politicians who have never spent a day teaching making education policy, the country is in the condition it is in?

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Statehouse Live: Labor groups suffer blow in Kansas House

I am a teacher. I am glad to be a member of my local union. Our local representatives DO NOT pressure any teacher to become a member. Our local representatives work WITH our school board to establish the best possible learning environments for our students. Our KNEA representatives in Topeka work hard to present the needs of teachers so that we can best support our students. This goes far beyond just salary. Classroom resources, technology needs, school physical environment, curriculum adoption, professional development, special education needs, school support staff (nurses, registrar, office support), library and media specialists, and counselor needs are all items for which KNEA and our local groups advocate. The most disheartening piece about this legislation and the other bills that have been presented, is the portrayal of teachers as "thugs". And the request that "union thugs" please leave the House after the vote today. This is the ultimate in disrespect.

I am a teacher. I am preparing the next generation of Kansas workers, tax-payers, and voters. I am encouraging our state's children to be problem solvers, innovators, and critical thinkers. I am helping YOUR children develop the skills needed for whatever the next page in their life adventure holds.

I am a teacher. I am not a thug. I am not the enemy. I am a hardworking, tax-paying, Kansas voter. I am a member of a union that speaks on behalf of myself, my colleagues, and YOUR CHILDREN. We did not flood the statehouse today, because we were too busy doing our jobs.

I am a teacher. I am molding the best hopes for our future. Kansas legislators, Chamber of Commerce, and our governor showed today how little regard they have for that future.

I am a teacher, and I am crying.

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Evacuation lifted for homes near Langston Hughes school in west Lawrence after large grass fire

A big thank you to all of the fire departments involved in the response. Eudora Township also responded even though they were not mentioned in the article. Fighting brush/forest fires in this kind of heat is absolutely grueling and takes a physical toll on the responders. Kudos to a rapid and successful response and containment of the fire. Very thankful that there was no loss of property and everyone is home safe.

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Aquahawk meets mark

Emma is a most amazing young lady, both in and out of the pool. She swims for the pure love of swimming. She is not pushed to compete by parents who are living their goals through her. She practices daily, maintains straight A grades, and balances friends and family time. She is an example for every teen out there. Congratulations girl. We are behind you all the way!

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