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Man arrested after frightening a Lawrence city bus driver, police say

Could you report on the attempted kidnapping overcthecweekendcat schwegler school? I messaged the story to ljworld on Facebook.
2 kidnappers ripped the child's short while he was getting away, they even found the kids basketball in their car.

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Armed man robs Dollar General in North Lawrence; suspect at large

Can we possibly have a more vague description?
Come on, LPD. You have a height/weight or hair color?
This description matches 2 men sitting in my living room if they changed clothes.

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Would you name a child after a celebrity?

I named my cat Olivia Benson

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Not an 'out there' problem: Domestic violence in Lawrence

It's very sad, just recently, like this week, the district attorney refuse to file charges against someone for breaking a protection from stalking order. This is a very clear message to the abuser that there is no consequences for breaking these orders, which will probably lead to escalation. It also sends a very clear message to victims that there is no consequences for the abuser, and that calling the police and file a report will
only serve to confirm to the abuser that it's OK to continue this behavior. It's a sad day when calling the police just make things worse.
In my own real life experience The police officers have often treated me like I deserve the abuse, that I somehow asked for it, or that it was made up because I wasn't injured badly enough. Not once has a police officer ever given me the phone numbers of resources available to victims of domestic violence.
Calling the police is not an option anymore for most of us. Sadly.

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Opinion: Spanking not necessarily child abuse

I just love how hard the author tries to justify hitting children simply because she was hit as a child and turned out fine. In fact, she hit her kids too. I'm sure she would say they are fine too-and that may be the case.
Some women drink when their pregnant and their kids have no apparent il effects? So does that mean it's ok? No.
It's easy to justify the other side if this lame argument. Hitting is wrong. Using pain and fear to control a weaker persons behavior is wrong. How can anyone justify it?

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Despite fewer cars, Douglas County Fair's demolition derby remains as popular as ever

It's $10.00 for a few hours of fun, and a great fundraiser for the 4-H clubs. Refunds? really? chill out.

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Despite fewer cars, Douglas County Fair's demolition derby remains as popular as ever

Had a blast! I love the derby, good times. Great fundraiser for 4-H!

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Editorial: Smoking bans

Toddlers too. They are as bad as infants AND they are mobile. They are like a tar ball with legs. :)

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Just Food says its shelves are nearly bare

check sent.

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