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Coroner: Man found in burning car died from ‘self-inflicted’ wound

I want to know what the cause of death was on the autopsy report

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Sheriff’s office: No foul play in case of body found in burning car at campsite

I was listening to the police scanner when that call came in and just a few minutes before the call for the car fire came on there was a call about the sound of gunshots from that campground. I’m curious as to why this wouldn’t be significant

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A closer look at the Lawrence school district's new open-access condom program

I honestly cannot think of one reason why anybody would be against high school children having access to condoms. It is not encouraging distractive behavior, it is encouraging responsible behavior. This has nothing to do with Trump, liberals or any of your political agendas that somehow always get wrapped and everything a conversation on the Journal world page.
this is about teenagers sexual health and pregnancy prevention. Every single person should support this and if you don't support it then you are part of the problem instead of the solution

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Police review board: No recent racial profiling complaints against Lawrence police; 1 complaint remains under investigation

BLM has not "attempted" to land here, BLM IS here.
It would do you well to educate yourself on BLM's mission before you speak of it. Right now you just come across as uneducated and foolish.
LFK supports BLM

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County commission makes purchase to help with crowded jail, prisoner transport issues

Vehicles should last much longer than 120,000 miles. Maintain your vehicles better and they will last at least twice as many miles. Common sense.

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Rise in mental health emergencies makes local ER workers fear for their safety

Staci, you're either a person who works at Lmh or patient who is admitted for psych reasons often and knows the system very well.
I'm just wondering which one it is, and where your information is coming from.

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Lawrence chapter of Black Lives Matter calls for community action

If you don't agree with what they're saying then don't participate with them.
Instead of spending your time finding a group you don't agree with find something that you do agree with and feel passion about and work to bring awareness to that .
I feel like everybody is just trying to tear everyone's ideas down instead of trying to build each other up.

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Dog's death by pellet gun under investigation

And the sheriff that made the statement was not even working the case, therefore the facts are wrong. The necropsy results are posted on the Lawrence police scanner page

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Dog's death by pellet gun under investigation

The facts in this article are wrong, and the owner of the dog is extremely upset due to this.
There is a statement that has been released by the owner on the Lawrence police scanner Facebook page.
There is more to the story then is printed.

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Jeremy Farmer pleads guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from nonprofit food pantry

A sentence will determine how long you go to jail, if there's no sentence then there's no order to go to jail. That's how that works.

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