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Opinion: Spanking not necessarily child abuse

I just love how hard the author tries to justify hitting children simply because she was hit as a child and turned out fine. In fact, she hit her kids too. I'm sure she would say they are fine too-and that may be the case.
Some women drink when their pregnant and their kids have no apparent il effects? So does that mean it's ok? No.
It's easy to justify the other side if this lame argument. Hitting is wrong. Using pain and fear to control a weaker persons behavior is wrong. How can anyone justify it?

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Despite fewer cars, Douglas County Fair's demolition derby remains as popular as ever

It's $10.00 for a few hours of fun, and a great fundraiser for the 4-H clubs. Refunds? really? chill out.

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Despite fewer cars, Douglas County Fair's demolition derby remains as popular as ever

Had a blast! I love the derby, good times. Great fundraiser for 4-H!

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Editorial: Smoking bans

Toddlers too. They are as bad as infants AND they are mobile. They are like a tar ball with legs. :)

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Just Food says its shelves are nearly bare

check sent.

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3-year-old boy dead after accidental shooting

I didn't even trust my kid with a sharpie at those ages, much less a loaded gun.

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Editorial: Smoking bans

awesome idea. Now if only we could figure out exactly WTH a tar ball is.......?

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Editorial: Smoking bans

I find it curious that LJWorld keeps removing Mike Duponts wife's statements that insult the entire state of Kansas, stating that we have a "poor life" and that we think we are so exceptional we cannot take criticism, and accusing us of being racist and to dumb to know our states history or be politically active.
One should stand behind their direct quotes, or at least address them, or at least NOT have them censored and removed, especially when that same person is accusing us of not allowing their "freedom of speech". It is Ironic, to say the least.

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Citizen's petition calls for smoking ban on Massachusetts Street

Signature Number 150 Writes : I avoid one very popular restaurant simply because of the gauntlet one must pass through to enter the place. Also, walking downtown has become one long gauntlet of holding my breath against the nasty air. My kids used to hang around downtown in the 70s & 80s. Nowadays it is not such a healthy place for kids--Skid Row almost outdoors in the 70's and 8's smoking was allowed everywhere, inside, outside, etc. how is it worse now?

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Editorial: Smoking bans

from the author "The reason why I started this petition is that I was downtown in the evening with my wife and newborn and we wanted to walk around and have a coffee. There was so much smoke around and we had to doge though large groups of smokers. Then when I came home I had this cigarette smell that I could not get rid of, finally figured out my head was covered in some tar goop that stunk like an ashtray. It was so disgusting that I sat down and wrote this petition. If that did not happen I don't think I would have done it."

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