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Victim 'remains hospitalized' following throat stabbing at Lawrence Community Shelter

i answer them all untruthfully. just for fun.

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Measures introduced to do away with Kansas' ban on same-sex marriage

I actually agree with you here- if the siblings are of legal age then why not?

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Measures introduced to do away with Kansas' ban on same-sex marriage

Incest is illegal because it involves a minor child who is not able to give consent. A LGBT relationship is a consensual relationship that occurs between two willing parties. Do you see the difference now? I don't know how to explain it any clearer.

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Measures introduced to do away with Kansas' ban on same-sex marriage

you say you are not here to persecute gays, yet that is exactly what you are doing. stop it.

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Letter: Expand Medicaid

"a mockery of morality" is the fact that there are people in the country DYING from lack of healthcare. People lose their homes, their savings, their futures and their lives to feed the greed of the insurance companies and big pharma. I see it everyday as a nurse,
Something has to be done, and hats off to Obama for getting it started. The way our country takes care of its people is despicable. The ACA is not perfect, by any means, but it is the start of creating a system where everyone has equal access to healthcare. What can anyone possibly have against a happier, healthier and more productive society?

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Report: Kansas hospitals hire lobbyist to push Medicaid expansion

The ER is not free, it is the most expensive way to obtain care for acute illness or injury. Your diabetesm CHF, COPD, cancer or autoimmune disease will bot be managed by the ER.
the patient is still responsible for the bill. they They have collections calling and calling, and if no results they will garnish your wages, your bank account or you home. This happens all the time. A patient of mine had her checking and savings account seized for ER bills. This has to stop, right now.

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No charges to be filed in Sunset Hill gun incident

this is my kids school, and I do not want an employee with a gun. Since this person was caught, he obviously had the gun where someone could see it. Not ok with me, and i do not like this employee gambling with MY kids safety.

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Mental health crisis calls — doubled in past decade — weigh on minds of police, health agencies

I did my psych clinical rotation at Osawatomie. That place is not pretty. I mean no disrespect to the men and women working there at all-they are doing the best they can with the little resources they have.
I also worked in a maximum security prison. The mental health staff is dedicated, extremely competent and stretched way too thin. Severely ill patients are warehoused and maintained with little expectation or hope of rehabilitation.
It's a sad world we live in, where we let those that need help so badly get thrown away.

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Controversy surrounds Lawrence navigator for Affordable Care Act

This article saddens me. Just because someone has some financial problems in their life does not disqualify them for a job. I, like many others, have fallen behind on bills for whatever reason. Life is hard, especially as a single mom!
Let her make her living and raise her family. Certainly there are more important issues at hand than this womans personal financial problems.

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Church battles local hunger with food fight

the event was in poor taste. Using food as a toy, or publicity stunt is making a mockery of people who are starving.

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