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104 Republicans endorse Davis for governor

Brownback is obviously terrible, but I hope Davis can make this campaign about more than Brownback's track record. He can probably win the race by playing the "anyone but Brownback" card but that won't make him an effective governor.

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So this person is charged with suspicion of second-degree murder, but the condition of the victim is unknown? Aren't murder victims typically deceased?

Good job LJ World!

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Six teens apprehended at downtown bar Wednesday morning

Color me unsurprised. That's one of the worst establishments in Lawrence and I'd be very happy if it closed down.

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Future site of Lawrence police headquarters down to final four

The Venture Park location makes the most sense to me.

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What local restaurant are you a regular at?

I used to be split between a number of restaurants, but over the past year the Burger Stand has become easily my favorite restaurant. Fantastic food, great beer menu, fun unique options, KU Basketball, walking distance from my house.

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Letter: Due process rights

The problem isn't so much any one issue related to teacher's rights as it is that Brownback and Co. have forgotten the first rule of a successful business: get the best workers.

NCLB/Common Core/any future standards for schools won't matter if we can't get talented teachers into the classrooms. Ultimately the only important factor in student success is skilled teachers, and if other states provide better benefits for teachers they will go there instead of here in Kansas. Brownback and Co. think that teachers will just stay here in Kansas regardless of the better options elsewhere, but the truth is that all of the best teachers are leaving for Missouri.

100% guaranteed KS standardized test scores will drop consistently every year after this.

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Kathleen Sebelius resigns from Obama Cabinet

She might be effective as a Senator. I thought she was a good governor but in hindsight she was clearly the wrong choice for HHS Secretary. Obama should have nominated somebody out of the tech industry to oversee the ACA rollout, not a career politician like Sibelius.

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