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Opinion: Defining Hillary Clinton

First time in years that I've agreed with Cal Thomas about anything, lol.

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City leaders reach consensus on budget that won't raise taxes

I didn't have time to read all this but at first glance it seems like you're at least somewhat correct, the relevant information starts around page 18.

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A look at pending pay raises for city police, fire and med employees

Seems a bit myopic to complain about the police officers pushing for higher wages, since everyone does that.

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Letter: Room to reflect

LHS already has these, they're called "the room at the back of the library," "the low strings closet," and "the south courtyard which isn't patrolled." Actually not kidding.

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Letter: Judicial bully

I don't like Scalia but just because he's a Supreme Court judge doesn't mean he doesn't get to have his opinions. I've always thought the idea behind the court was to collect a variety of opinions and backgrounds with regards to the law. All judges inject the own opinion into the ruling, and if I support it when Ginsburg does it then I can't complain when Scalia does it.

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Letter: Property tax votes

All things being equal, I would agree with the letter writer. Unfortunately, they aren't equal, because the state has slashed aid to municipalities so severely that most would absolutely have to raise taxes above the consumer price index just to maintain basic expenses like paying for utilities.

Now I understand Lawrence has caused itself its own funding problems with boondoggles like Rock Chalk Park, but it's not Lawrence I'm worried about. It's smaller towns and other taxing districts that barely can afford to maintain their roads already that will be hit hardest by this.

EDIT: I should say that I understand that raising property taxes still disproportionately affects the middle class compared to the wealthy, which isn't what I want, but for many municipalities it would be a simple matter of survival.

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Lawrence Super 8 owner charged with attempted first-degree murder in wife's stabbing

Some good ol' they all look the same here

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Letter: Restroom access

Also budget for two-ply, please!

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Talk of a new dog park and a $10 per year dog license requirement for Lawrence; Quonset hut debate in East Lawrence on hold; city manager search update

A pet licensing fee seems like a really invasive idea. If the city wants to raise the money to maintain a dog park how about just charging people per use?

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