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Judge says Kansas can’t require citizenship proof to vote

Why would an illegal immigrant even risk being discovered by going to the polls?

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Judge says Kansas can’t require citizenship proof to vote

As I've posted before, the biggest problem with requiring proof-of-citizenship is that any and all documents that can actually prove one's citizenship cost money. Therefore requiring a document is effectively a poll tax and should be disallowed by the 24th amendment.

A lot of the folks who support these kinds of voter ID measures don't seem to consider that many people don't actually have their birth certificate. If you grew up in a broken home, you might never have got it from your parents. You'd have to go get a new one, which can cost more than $50. Getting a new DL costs money, getting a new passport can be exorbitantly expensive.

By requiring one of these documents, you're effectively disenfranchising some poor and struggling people. The right to vote cannot be restricted to only those who have their lives in order - it is extended to ALL citizens regardless of social situation. So how can you continue to justify these restrictions when they are depriving US citizens of their constitutional rights?

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16-year-old injured jumping into shallow pond near Free State High School

Giving students the opportunity to leave for lunch isn't really about emulating the work world, it's about giving the students more responsibility for their own actions. That's a good thing - when you give a young adult more responsibility, the vast majority of them will rise to meet that responsibility and become better thinkers and better citizens. There will always be dunderheads but letting the dunderheads fail is a worthwhile trade off for every other student rising to meet a new, higher bar.

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KU chancellor vetoes student fee funding Multicultural Student Government

I mostly agree with Brett, I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of a multicultural student "government" is. I looked around at some of the other articles but I still don't quite get how it would work. "Government" implies that they would have some kind of authority over students. How could they simultaneously have authority while Student Senate also holds authority?

A multicultural student advisory board to the Student Senate? That I could get behind. But a separate "government" simply doesn't make any sense to me.

If there's some more information about this that I'm simply missing I'd be glad to read it.

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Ted Cruz ends his bid for Republican presidential nomination

I'm mostly with you regarding politicians being scumbags, but I'm saying that Clinton is a less dangerous scumbag than Trump.

For the record, I'm going to vote for Gary Johnson.

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Ted Cruz ends his bid for Republican presidential nomination

I'm actually much less worried about that particular ramification of the election now that Cruz and Kasich are gone. Cruz would have filled the court with Dominionists like himself who treat the Bible as the ultimate authority rather than the Constitution.

Trump's picks might actually not be so bad.

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Ted Cruz ends his bid for Republican presidential nomination

Uh, literally every president in the history of the United States has made decisions or mistakes that resulted in deaths. I'm not sure how Clinton's record is appreciably different.

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Ted Cruz ends his bid for Republican presidential nomination

She'll easily stand against him because most intelligent people will recognize that a dishonest, but ultimately sane president is better than an honest, unhinged, narcissistic, insane president.

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KU architecture class unveils new sustainable house in East Lawrence

Zillow estimates the one on the opposite corner that the students also designed to be about $110K.

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Son of Billy Graham urges Christians to vote in Kansas

Seems like the typical conservative attitude is "guilty until proven innocent, unless you are a gun carryer"

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