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FCC votes along party lines to repeal 'net neutrality'

The WatchESPN example isn't really that good. What could actually happen now is this: Midco could charge you *by the site*. Want to access Facebook? That's $4.99/month to Midco. Want to access Netflix? That's $10.99/month to Midco on top of your Netflix fee. Want to access You can't, because Midco's blocked it because they don't want people to see Bernie Sanders' policy positions.

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Alabama Senate race: Democrat Jones wins in stunning upset

When you're talking about a person who consistently does and says vile and mean-spirited things like Trump does, the majority of the coverage is going to be negative.

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Flynn pleads guilty, is cooperating in Trump campaign probe

But where are the Bobs to tell us that this isn't a big deal and/or it's the liberals making a mountain out of a molehill and/or say something about Hillary Clinton that isn't relevant to the Trump-Russia investigation?

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Tobacco 21 Task Force launches with goal of raising tobacco-purchasing age to 21; public meeting set for Thursday

To put the rest of this post in context, I'm a month shy of 30.

With that being said, I don't smoke, but this a really bad idea. Why? Because of the message it sends to young people, which is "You are not yet an adult."

When I was in my early 20s I felt like people of my generation had to go through what I like to call "conditional adulthood." That is to say, at 18 we are legally adults, but we are still denied many of the full rights of adulthood, like the right to purchase alcohol.

Here's the problem with this: if you send young people the message that they are not yet "full" adults by allowing them the full rights of adults, people will believe that message. They will believe that they are not yet full adults.

And when people believe that they are not yet full adults, they will also refuse to take on the responsibilities of full adults.

I often see members of older generations lamenting the fact that it seems to take millennials longer to "grow up" and reach some of the markers of adulthood (getting married, full-time employment, etc.) Well, if you keep treating us like we are not fully adults, then guess what, we will keep acting like we are not fully adults! If we're told that we have to act like adults, but then are not given the full rights of adulthood, a lot of us are just going to think, well, what's the point then? I'm not really an adult yet so I might as well keep acting like a teenager.

So in short, raising the legal age for tobacco is the wrong move because it sends the wrong message to young people. By contrast, the exact opposite should happen: 18 should be the age of legality for everything, booze, smokes, whatever. At age 18 a person should have the RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES of a full adult. If you keep pushing back those rights to later and later ages, all you're doing is encouraging young adults to live an extended adolescence.

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City planners say sex shop on 23rd Street can stay open

What exactly is the logic behind restricting "sex shops" to state highways?

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After tax increase, Kansas collects $7.6M more than expected in July

Breaking news: basic mathematics still applies to reality

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Trump plan would cut taxes for companies; lawmakers worry about increased federal deficit

Neither Bush nor Obama really cared about running up the debt, so why should Trump? $20 trillion is chump change - let's shoot for $50 trillion! Maybe $100 trillion!

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Lawrence City Commission to discuss consolidation of facilities, potential purchase of Riverfront Plaza

Isn't the track south of the river primarily passenger trains?

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Aging Lawrence High School would receive bulk of bond issue funds; a look at most pressing needs

"This will help the students break the top twenty world wide for math, reading, and science proficiencies how again?"

Basic economics of hiring and retaining good staff is why.

Student achievement is mostly tied to having skilled and compelling teachers. If teachers aren't given the tools they need to do the job well, the good ones will get jobs in other, better-funded districts (or in other industries) and then the students suffer.

I mean, it's hard to teach chemistry if the chemistry lab is so cold that it messes up the chemical reaction you're trying to demonstrate. It's hard to teach orchestra if the orchestra room is so humid that the students' instruments are constantly going out of tune. Why would a good, in-demand teacher suffer under those conditions when they could get a better-supported position elsewhere?

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Kansas governor now backs ‘flat’ income tax plan, including eliminating exemption he had championed

Eh, that's kinda beside the point I'm trying to make. I'm not really intending to argue about what people "should" do or attempting to cast moral judgments on anyone or the system TBH. Just stating reasons why somebody could make less than the listed amount. Maybe they are students. Maybe they only worked part of the year because they're Mormons and they were on their mission. Maybe they're subsistence farmers.

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