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John Brown's Underground granted temporary drinking license, will reopen

I don't even understand why this rule exists. Is it just a last bastion of the days of Carry Nation or is there some modern rationale for it?

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What would you like to see addressed at the 2016 Republican National Convention?

Long-term Far East policy is by far the most important issue but that seems to be off the table for both parties so w/e I guess it's time to start learning Mandarin

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A look at the city manager's recommended budget, and the heat he is taking for it

That's neither here no there, though. He's presented a sensible balanced budget. The city shouldn't be dipping into reserves to pay budgeted expenses.

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Black Lives Matters protest in Wichita changed to cookout with police

Of course they had a cookout, Gordon Ramsay was there

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A look at the city manager's recommended budget, and the heat he is taking for it

Not sure if you've seen this page but it looks like there's quite a bit of fundraising for community incentives like the the East 9th Street project, the Free State Festival, etc.:

Though by no means does that page give a comprehensive answer (and it's worth noting that many of those incentives were in the works before the position was created, as far as I know). I could be totally off-base though.

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A look at the city manager's recommended budget, and the heat he is taking for it

While I don't like the idea of cutting filled positions any more than the next person, I think it should be a focus of the commission and Markus to take meaningful steps to avoid sales tax increases. I'd rather not have any tax increase but as a homeowner I'd rather see a property tax increase than a sales tax increase - I'll take a minor property tax increase over forcing those on the edge of poverty to pay for a sales tax increase.

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Editorial: Historical tour

Also known as "A tour of places I've tripped and skinned my knee"

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What's the farthest you've ever run?

I've become a pretty avid runner in recent years, but I've yet to run a full marathon. My longest so far was just over 22 miles according to Strava.

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What role should iPads play in the classroom?

Depends on the level. At the middle/high school level I can see them being useful for collaborative projects, but I'm unsure about their usefulness at the elementary level. I suppose if they're eventually used to essentially replace all paper (i.e. for quizzes and such) that might be a good thing.

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City manager recommends staff cuts, no property tax rate increase for 2017

KU will always be the largest employer in Lawrence, that's inevitable

(Disclosure: I do work for KU)

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