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What question would you ask the candidates in the presidential debate?

Please explain your comprehensive Far East policy! Nothing else really matters.

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KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little to step down in summer 2017

The way the university's been treated by the state lately I'd be getting out too if I were in her position.

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Letter to the editor: Sit-in support

To be fair, the forum in question was specifically about the issues the KU protestors were protesting about, so their presence was significantly more topical than the sit-in at the commission meeting.

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Opinion: Trump is a certain kind of artist

Hey LJWorld staff can we just ban Bob here? Every post he makes is full of the same useless "congenital liberalism" crap. His posts merely exist to rustle jimmies and they don't actually contain any substance or meaningful arguments.

I would have sent this as a private message but your system doesn't seem to allow this.

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Opinion: Why kneeling during anthem is disgraceful

I've said it before and I'll say it again - flags, anthems, and pledges are dumb and literate people don't need them, because we can use words to say what we mean.

Who cares whether a person stands or sits or whatever for an anthem? It doesn't affect anyone.

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Kansas ag groups push for lifting of trade embargo with Cuba

That's a bit of a straw man Bob

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Kansas joins 20 other states challenging new overtime rule

As an exempt state employee, I'm actually opposed to the new rule. I oversee a facility and have to sometimes work weird hours. The extra pay I would get for occasionally having those weird hours be >40 is not worth the hassle I would go through in terms of reporting my hours and getting my overtime approved. Just let me work as much as I need and whenever I need to get the job done without having to worry about that stuff.

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Letter to the editor: Flag respect

Also the NFL is boring any more

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Letter to the editor: Good for city

Ken's point is that, IQ aside, European people are not "better" than any other culture from a moral perspective.

You said:

"And let's face facts, the Native Americans were living in the stone age. They hadn't developed writing or even the wheel. Their lives sucked. Europeans brought to them Christianity and Western Civilization with all the wonderful benefits that come with those great aspects of our culture. They should be thanking Europeans for coming to this backwards country and bringing culture and civilization with them."

You're right, the Europeans did bring a lot of innovation to the new world when they came. But you act like that somehow justifies the centuries of atrocities committed by Europeans against Native Americans. Umm, it doesn't. It just doesn't. No amount of "culture" justifies murder, forced deportation, etc. Surely you can see that.

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Editorial: Raise the age

No, this is a terrible idea. I have never been and never will be a smoker, but I think it's actually really important that the tobacco purchasing age stays at 18.

I am 28, so I feel like I have relatively recent experience with the effect that these age restrictions have on the psyche of younger people.

What I mean is: When you tell an 18-20 year old, "no, you're still too young to buy this," what they hear is "You are not yet a full adult." And, lo and behold, that's what 18-20 year olds start to believe. And when younger people are not given the full rights of adulthood, they also often refuse to take on the full responsibilities of adulthood.

Bear with me, but I see this as being hand-in-hand with the whole idea of the "extended adolescence" that a lot of social scientist types are seeing occurring in my generation. Young people are waiting longer and longer to take on the responsibilities that are typically markers of adulthood, such as purchasing houses, starting families, etc. Many stay in school until their mid-to-late 20s and don't start their careers until close to age 30.

So what does this have to do with tobacco? Well, like I said, if you treat young people like they are immature, they will actually continue to believe they are immature, and will not accept the full mantle of adult responsibility.

On the other hand, if you give them more responsibility and treat them like they are mature, the vast majority of young people will actually believe that they are mature. They will raise their own standards to meet those responsibilities and become more productive members of society at a younger age. But you cannot expect them to take on those responsibilities unless you also give them the full rights of adulthood.

To that end, if we're expecting our young ADULTS to head out into the world at age 18, then 18 should be the age of adulthood - for everything. Alcohol, tobacco, car rental, military service. All rights and responsibilities should be granted at 18. Delaying any rights to later ages like 21 or 25 only delays the acceptance of maturity.


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