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Kobach sues Obama administration over immigration amnesty plan

Verity - You just described 99% of politicians, not just Kobach.

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Obama announces support for gay marriage

Politics 101
a. Say whatever you can to sway the voter for your (re)election.
b. Make sure to do so in an election year.

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Out with the old, in with the new as Weis era brings big changes to KU roster

Javonte Daniel disappeared and no one seems to care. Weis didn't contact the authorities or anything? It was on his watch if this young man is not found.

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Executive in firm buying Knology has ties to Lawrence

Not really. There are a lot of Harvard grads that have wasted their lives chasing/accomplishing things that don't really matter.

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Executive in firm buying Knology has ties to Lawrence

Making $ is not REAL success. Neither is rubbing your accomplishments in other people's faces. At least that's not what I teach my kids.

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Charlie Weis focused on improving grades

I think Weis could benefit greatly from being around Holsopple more often.

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Ashland ends Seabury’s state dream

Exactly. A lot of the people complaining on here can learn from them.

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Ashland ends Seabury’s state dream

You know what? Life isn't fair. There will always be those with more talent/money/advantages/etc. Stop complaining about it and 1) Do something to change it or 2) Step up and face the challenge. What are we teaching kids if we try and make everything fair for them?

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Stipends for student-athletes? KU has mixed feelings

It is something, but not enough for the revenue these athletes generate. Studies have shown that the average "student-athlete" on full scholarship still spends $3K-$4K out of their own pocket on college costs.

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