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Do you enjoy going to the Renaissance Festival?

We get free tickets every year, so it's a way to waste a day.We just go for the turkey legs.

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Have you ever had an overweight pet?

Nope, we have 2 dogs. A Morkie (maltese/yorkie) and a Yorkie. Both under 5 lbs. But my parents have an overweight dog. We call her "fat dog" now.

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Aiden, Addison top Kansas baby names for 2007

If you type "Jose" into the website that Jim gave, it's actually #35 right now. And number 1 in Texas.

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What type of summer camp did you go to?

I went to cheerleading camp. I always thought it was fun, but they never had good food.... Hmm....Last year we went to Emporia State for camp. It was disgusting and made me never want to stay in Emporia again. By the way, we stayed in the Morse dorms, I heard those are the worst.

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Where do you go to watch fireworks on the Fourth of July?

I'm going to the Ozarks to watch, they put on a good show every year there, and you don't have to waste your $ on it.

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6th human foot found on coast

I wonder if instead of walking down the beach looking for sea shells if tourists will walk down the beach to look for feet now???

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Topeka activist decries gangsta rap message

I listen to rap, and I'm white... but I don't listen to the uneditted version of songs. I mostly hear it on the radio, and then once a friend has the uneditted and I hear that it's like, wow thank God for all the noises they put in there. Cuss words just ruin songs. Haiku, I totally agree, the sagging pants are the problem! Why are there people who are like 100lbs wearing size 40 jeans and an XXXL shirt???? I personally like to walk normally, not with my legs spread out trying to keep my pants up, that's what belts are for.

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How often do you exercise?

They should have defined exercise. Exercise doesn't count getting off the couch to go to the fridge. I know almost 50% of people don't exercise 3 - 6 times a week!

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Hearing for murder suspect delayed until Tuesday afternoon

I went to school a while back with Gage. I didn't even know all this happened until I got on Facebook and everyone's status was "RIP Gage Hauk." I'm really not surprised all this happened. The way he was in school, and I'm talking elementary even, didn't really show much hope for the future. I remember hearing rumors about him a few years ago, just that he was pretty much with a bad crowd and stuff like that, that he'd gotten in a bunch of trouble and ended up running off to Flordia or something along those lines... But like I said, those were rumors that I heard. I think this is sad, but at the same time it was his own fault. I mean if he was such an "Amazing" guy and trying to get his life back in line, what was he robbing a house for? That would probably be on my "Don't" list if I was trying to get my life together.

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You and Your Pet Peeves - Things That Irk

Or how about when a driver tailgates you, zooms around you then gets stuck at the same stop light a minute later??? We're all going to get there at the same time.

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