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Legends Outlets shopping area in Kansas City on auction block

Owing the bank $100 is your problem. Owing the bank $100 million is the banks problem.

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Fleeing motorist hits Dumpster, parked car

Who is Dumpster? What Is Capitalization?

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Kansas House OKs changes to concealed carry law

If you believe the 2A is outdated and irrelevant, work to change it, not circumvent it. I'm disappointed that this has been amended to allow University exemption. I need some stress relief, I'm going to the range.

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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee

The fans who attend the game are already prohibited from carrying concealed, as already covered in the comments above (Reference KS PFPA). Also, carrying concealed is illegal if under the influence, so law abiding citizens wouldn't be carrying while drunk, now would they? Of course, if we introduce the idea that non-law abiding citizens are willing to ignore legislation, we then invalidate the argument that signs alone do any good at all. This leads one to draw one of two conclusions: a) security must be provided or b) individuals must be responsible for their own security. Hence the proposed legislation.

Also, schools and daycare centers are currently off limites only if they post the requisite attorney general specified signage. They have the option to not 'post'. However, under the new legislation they would be required to provide security if they choose to disarm those who would otherwise defend themselves in the facility. This is only required if they so choose to disarm their guests.

I equate concealed carry to seat belts, spare tires, fire extinguishers, etc. I hope I never have to use them, but I know how should the need ever arise. I also loosely relate gun ownership to driving. There is an enormous responsibility, which requires education and practice. The stakes are similar, both for the driver and those around them.

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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee

AFAIK, and I've read most of the legislation, it would still prohibit non-sporting sporting events. The Hill is a public place, and isn't able to be prohibited anyway. Only buildings are able to be 'posted' per KS PFPA.

The reference here is that disarming citizens is akin to disarming an animal. Afterwards, they are both defenseless. Ppl should only fear CCHL on campus because they are ignorant to the facts. The same ppl that carry concealed everyday everywhere are the same that would be carrying into buildings on campus and are the same ppl that are able to carry everywhere but buildings currently. I say that those who fear CCHL in campus buildings are only so because they are ignorant because these same ppl pass hundreds of concealed weapons everyday in all other places. The demographic is no different, the firearms are no different, and the result is no different. There have been no OK Corral shootouts, no accidental CCHL shootings, etc. It just doesn't happen.

The police are there to take pictures and fill body bags. By nature, they are reactive in nature. After something happens they show up. This measure would create the need to either create a police presence that is effective in preventing crime, or allow responsible citizens to be responsible for their own safety.

This isn't an issue of CCHL on campus or anywhere else. This is an issue of allowing CCHL everywhere BUT a few places. This would simply allow the law to be applied equally in all situations. If your opinion opposes this, you should opposing the KS PFPA, not this specific legislation which rectifies an anomaly in the existing PFPA.

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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee


Concealed carry is prohibited at non-shooting sporting events. Those who I've met that do carry observe the law, including where they can and cannot carry, so none would be there armed.

What do you mean "I worry about the people who think it's easier to keep their weapon if they can just casually claim they've got a permit."? Keep their weapon in what scenario?

Friendly fire is a concern. I'd imagine your odds of surviving an event involving a shooter with nobody to offer resistance is much lower than if there is someone there defending themselves. I won't say for certain, because I have no data though. I try to keep this opinion logical and information based.

Rattlesnakes = cchl holders now? I can't say I've heard that argument. I can't say it makes sense, either. Incidental contact with a rattlesnake may result in injury/death, incidental contact with CCHL holders happens everyday without incident. You've probably been a part of this, without even knowing it. How about the example of capturing rattlesnakes, removing their fangs/venom and releasing them back into the wild? I think that will go well for the snake. We'll just put up signs that say "No eating snakes", the animals are sure to abide by the signs, right?

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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee

I've got to stop posting from my phone... 1.25% of 7290 is 92 students. Cripes.

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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee

Correction: 1/3 of 27000 is 7290 rather than 30%.

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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee

Looking at the largest state university in Kansas, KU. Enrollment is approx 27,000. 81% are over the age of 18, we'll be generous and assume 30% of those are over 21. This gives us 7290 enrolled students who are old enough to legally purchase a handgun, and are eligible for the KS CCHL. IIRC, approx 1.25% of the population statewide has been issued a CCHL. Applying this to the 7290 students of age would show that 73 students have a CCHL on the KU campus. Assuming all of these carry 100% of the time, there would be a maximum of 73 concealed firearms affected by this legislation at KU. Hardly a number I'm worried about. Go for it.

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