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City to start process of building $10 million worth of infrastructure at Farmland site

Just a 10 million dollar sidewalk to the homeless shelter. Comes complete with a traffic light and soon will need a pedestrian overpass that we can call the gateway to this corrupt city.

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Eudora submitting bid for pedestrian walkway over K-10

It won't be long until us tax payers have to build one for the homeless to get across k-10 as well. Maybe we could send a couple of the empTy buses for them to use.

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Douglas County towing regulations ‘need to be fixed,’ administrator says

Now Jeffery you don't want to meet me again. Switch back to your other account an quit talking trash.

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Douglas County towing regulations ‘need to be fixed,’ administrator says

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Douglas County towing regulations ‘need to be fixed,’ administrator says

Jeff oops I mean howie1.We do know who you are. Remember you ran your tow business (Bulldog Tow) to the ground. Remember when you made the paper for charging to much? Good try.

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Recycling center loses 1st appeal

Sooo do you opposing people understand the service Bo provides? Shut him down and where do the people that pick up trash/cans get their money? ... They steal, rob and beg. Way to support recycling liberal Lawrence!. Maybe when the city buys Bo out your tax dollars will help the garbage trucks smell better when they are parked next to your shack. Maybe let him restructure his business to better fit your needs rather than trying to force him out. Unlike most... Bo is willing to work with the community!! Just frustrating how Lawrence people preach green/recycle/tree hugging but won't support the very same place that provides those things.

April 6, 2012 at 1:05 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Curbside recyclers in Lawrence working around closure of 12th and Haskell center

Look around 12th street. Talk about trash... Bo provides a service that Lawrence tries to promote. When it was Ray's garage people didn't have a clue what was being dumped there. It's a lot more enviromently friendly than it was. His business puts money in the hands of people who otherwise would be taking it from you the tax payer. If they don't like it then maybe the people around 12th street should clean up their yards and take the junk to Bo and get money for it. Then they could use the money to put a coat of paint on the homestead and mow the yard! What's next??

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Sheriff's Department surveying roofs of county buildings from helicopter Friday

I called my insurance agent to check my roof for hail damage.... should have just dialed 911.

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