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Thon Maker to take official visit to KU

Is this article about Maker or Azubuike?

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Plans filed for Dollar General store in eastern Lawrence; law office has expansion plans; local author has piece featured in New York Times

Amy it is called Happy Feet, feet being the appendages made happy in this case. I don't think Chad was referring to another male appendage. Not even my mind made that jump until you brought it up.

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Ben McLemore’s former AAU coach says KU knew nothing about middleman

“Keep them squares out your circle. You got people that’s around you They gone try they best to down you Keep them squares up out your circle.”
- Plato

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Opinion: Bracket picking for birds

What an original story idea. *sarcasm font

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Family trying to find dog that bit woman

@LJworld, I understand the city has a leash law, but I constantly see large dogs being walked in the city not on a leash. I have two small dogs that are always on a leash, and this makes me very angry and nervous. Is there a way to report people walking dogs not on a leash? Will they be fined? Thanks!

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Escaped sex offender captured Tuesday in Oread neighborhood

Just got him at 11th and Mississippi. Looked like every cop in town. In custody.

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Officials upset over reassembly of Varsity House

Is it just me or does the 'new' Varsity House look to be much smaller in dimension?

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Seven former Jayhawks start 2012 season on NFL rosters

kerry meier?

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Men who live in structures attached to vehicles relish freedom, not paying rent

nice article, great video. I could see that video being expanded. I would find it interesting to get a look inside that Lawrence sub culture. Would be some very interesting stories.

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Close loss won't change opinions on KU, Turner Gill

It is so obvious when a coach decides to take the safe way out by kicking the field goal or punting on fourth down. They are basically putting it on their players at that point. If they go for it and don't make it, then the blame can fall on the coach, but if they punt, then it's 'well the players couldn't get that three and out we needed'. If you would man up and go for it, as a last place team with nothing to play for should do 99 percent of the time, you may not be in the position of needing a three and out. Win the game, don't play to keep it close so you look better. Fire Turner Gill Yesterday.

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