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Kansas Senate advances tighter rules for state services

O'Donnell....son of a Baptist minister. WWJD

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Hundreds of KU class notes for sale online, but buyer — and seller — beware

Why would you pay twice for your education. You have paid tuition and now are paying again for notes. I get if you are sick and need to look at someones elses notes. Otherwise go to class.

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Bill lists grounds for impeaching Kansas high court justices

Totally agree. It is all very sad. Very well said.

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Kansas bill would require parental consent for sex education

Really? It ought to be mandatory that every student should have sex education. And maybe a mandatory class for parents. They all get to learn the FACTS. The kids get to learn the facts about sex and BIRTH CONTROL and horny boy and girl relationships. The parents can learn to communicate to the children about what their expectations about relationships and sex are. The parents need to have a clear understanding of the world in which we live in and all that these kids are exposed to. PARENTS need to get their heads out of the sand. Ignorance is not's getting pregnant.

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Kansas Senate panel approves bill to ban abortion method

That would be the alley.

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Kansas Senate panel approves bill to ban abortion method

This is just the start. These crazies are bound and determined to put women beck in the alleys.

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Proposed bill could allow criminal prosecution for teaching 'harmful' materials

As to the poster about sex on the wall in a middle school....if they think middle schoolers are not already having sex, they are living in a different time.Im not saying all kids are, but they have already had so much exposer to sex from my and even the cartoon net. They do need to know their options.

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Kansas objects to judge's same-sex marriage ruling

Geez, get over it and make same sex marriage legal. This is ridiculous. Okla. And Mizzou have allowed it. How much longer are we going to be stupid.

November 5, 2014 at 4:38 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Brownback signs Medicare, gun bills

I am almost sick over this. If I was in a position to move out of this state, I would. Our state leaders are just crazy. What is really scary is the number of states that are run the same way. The icing on the cake keeps getting thicker.

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