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Kansas senator blocks testimony from female witnesses with 'low-cut necklines and miniskirts'

You have got t be kidding me? This is the most rediculas thing I have ever heard. This just makes me laugh. Just what does this guy consider a low cut neckline is? Or a short skirt? Dude, worry about the state of the are wasting time on this.

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City Commission approves housing authority's $485,000 purchase of six-unit apartment building

You are right. They shouldnt have anywhere decent to go and meet people. After all they have been in the foster care for years with NOTHING. They would be use to having nothing. Jeez just give those kids half a chance.

December 16, 2015 at 11:13 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Lawmakers review whether same-sex couples should be foster parents

WTF.....As if this legislature and gov aren't crazy enough!!!!! The most rediculas thing I have heard today. Where oh where are all the sane people.

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'The Daily Show' roasts recent Kansas legislation

I so agree the adds are going to be fierce. She is suppose to announce today. And, With the AG wanting to take a popular vote on the pot issue in Wichita, just gives us another reason to be made fun of.

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Kansas Senate advances tighter rules for state services

O'Donnell....son of a Baptist minister. WWJD

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Hundreds of KU class notes for sale online, but buyer — and seller — beware

Why would you pay twice for your education. You have paid tuition and now are paying again for notes. I get if you are sick and need to look at someones elses notes. Otherwise go to class.

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Bill lists grounds for impeaching Kansas high court justices

Totally agree. It is all very sad. Very well said.

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