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Hundreds from Lawrence area participating in Women's March on Washington

Adler and I are going with a friend of mine. So excited for us to share in our first demonstration. We are going to Topeka.

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Kansas gun law may prompt congressional backlash; may force KU to disclose more about weapons policies

Sure they are.....I am not counting on that.

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Kansas gun law may prompt congressional backlash; may force KU to disclose more about weapons policies

My granddaughter is a senior now and applying at different colleges. My one dream for her since she was born was, for her to grow up and go to school at the University of Kansas. She is a free thinker and very smart, so KU would be a great place to go. But, when hearing that the Kansas Legislature was going to allow guns on college grounds, I changed my mind. I have encouraged her to attend a college that does't permit guns on campus. Giving the opportunity for college students to carry guns on campus was the stupidest thing I have ever heard. This not make anybody safer.

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Spark plug: Jamari Traylor making most of minutes

I just love this kid!!!! He just brings so much energy when he is playing. I am also just so impressed with all that he has achieved in the time he has been at KU. Can only wish him the very best in whatever path is chosen for him. Rock Chalk!!!! Sad to see him go!

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Two Kansas lawmakers urge KCC to halt Clean Power Plan preparations

just some more of the same BS.

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Kansas drops bill to cut gifted kids from special-ed status

Just remember....If these people are re-elected, All these dropped proposials will magically re-appear after the election.

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Kansas senator blocks testimony from female witnesses with 'low-cut necklines and miniskirts'

You have got t be kidding me? This is the most rediculas thing I have ever heard. This just makes me laugh. Just what does this guy consider a low cut neckline is? Or a short skirt? Dude, worry about the state of the are wasting time on this.

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City Commission approves housing authority's $485,000 purchase of six-unit apartment building

You are right. They shouldnt have anywhere decent to go and meet people. After all they have been in the foster care for years with NOTHING. They would be use to having nothing. Jeez just give those kids half a chance.

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