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Letter: Wetlands not ‘vacant’

Congratulations, these are common and can be seen in any city backyard.
Please stay out of the way of earthmoving equipment.......

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Former state representative Solbach critically injured after ATV and car collide

I feel for Mr Solbach and wish him a speedy recovery. His actions were illegal and have a degree of inherent danger. The vehicle, while legal to operate on the road was operating illegally in the wrong lane. Mr Solbach himself has been quoted as saying the road does have an an elevated risk and chose to operate a wide, slow, low, less visible, open vehicle, in poor weather, without a helmet - not exactly prudent judgment.
Watch for pressure on county government to change the speed limit or other enforcement due to the imprudence of an individual with connections.
As someone who has used this road thousands of times over 25 years, it is a county road, not an improved highway, not much has changed but the newer houses that have CHOSEN to live and build seem to have the attitude that since they are here now, the road should change for them. Granted in Mr Solbach's case, he has lived in Stull for sometime, he appears to have the same opinion.

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Editorial: Ticket trend

Ticket nazi, how can you also explain success claims by the anti-alcohol agenda that their get tough programs are having an effect? If tougher penalties and youth education are having their lobbied effect according to the special interests that tout them, it stands to reason less DUI and MIP tickets should be written. Unless you are also a MADD subscriber that then continues to lobby for even lower thresholds and tougher enforcement to keep their cause viable?
Speeding tickets may be more the doing of Chief K's emphasis but have you driven Lawrence lately? Streets are full of cars moving light to light, there is not much room for valid speeding violations. With only one artery each direction (Iowa and 23rd) and minimal secondaries, there is no place for increased traffic volumes to go. Again I will assert you are part of the anti-bypass group, looking at the past instead of the future.
Ticket writing does not and should not be a measure of the quality of law enforcement. If the old LEO cliche is true, there is not postive revenue in writing tickets. Why use tickets as a measure of LEO success?

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Jayhawks: ‘There’s nothing to celebrate’

KU bball team and fans do have reason to celebrate, but backing into sharing the title with a loss (several) that stastically should not have happend makes it bitter sweet .(thats why games are played). KU would likely not hold a pep rally 3 days later but I am pretty sure they have cut the nets as part of an intimate after practice ceremony. The difference is Expectations. KU has won 20 Conf championships and 14 Conf Tourneys in the 36 year span ksate has won one each. Both have reason to celebrate but both better be ready to come off a loss into a part of the season that is not loss forgiving.

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Revenue Secretary Jordan says Brownback cares about the poor

We can only hope Brokeback runs for a second term. He will waste so much time and money campaigning, his agenda will have to take a backseat (assuming there is anything left to change after this year). Republican party better wake up and kick this psycho to the curb so we can return to sane, moderate politics. After term prediction, he jumps to the largest religious, right wing lobby out there.

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Former Lawrence police officer turns DUI accident into life mission

How many laws are enough? Most crime is on the decrease, even as our methods of detection become better, prosecution information improves, threshold to prosecute decreases, and number of laws increase exponentially.
Stop measuring and rewarding lawmakers at all levels on their "success" of passing leglslation. Prevent those with an agenda and monetary access from influencing bill submission and votes. Many legislators dont fully read, understand or agree with many bills but sign off in a barter to get their bill passed.

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Former Lawrence police officer turns DUI accident into life mission

I am informed. I know the MADD agenda has changed significantly since it was founded by Candy Lightner from preventing DD to victim revenge and prohibition. As their education message started to work, MADD needed a more agressive agenda to keep $$$ flowing. They use the pain and large settlements of vicitims to fund their continuing agenda and forced Lightner from her postion as founder/President. ""Candy Lightner says that "police ought to be concentrating their resources on arresting drunk drivers—not those drivers who happen to have been drinking. I worry that the movement I helped create has lost direction." She is disturbed by MADD's shift from attacking drunk driving to attacking drinking in general.""
Branson has been frequently reported as supporting constantly tougher and far reaching penalties which he then lobbies for greater staff. Financial hardship and extensive incarceration has not and will not work to change some people's percieved ills of society.
Live and let live, invariably some will die. Humans are no different than any other animal.
While we are living, live life. Dont encumber others with the ever growing spaghetti mass of restrictions created by those with an agenda. Open your mind and see the big picture (one example) ...

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Branson asks lawmakers to support bill allowing additional charges in DUI cases

With no intention to harm, yes.
I want to add "pets" to the above list of distractions.
Also, the "legal limit" is completely arbitrary. This mark changes as MADD's political influence grows to push ever lower on their agenda of prohibition and revenge.
Much time and money is put into alcohol testing procedures and even entire processing trucks. Lets take the basics behind this; safe judgement and reaction time and test that in a simulator. Pass/fail for all.

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Branson asks lawmakers to support bill allowing additional charges in DUI cases

Branson appears to be bent on job security and legal bullying. The more the Prosecution can charge, the tougher they look and more they appear to work.
Alcohol is simply a poster child for revenue and punishiment.
A mistake in judgement is a mistake in judgement. Regardless if someone was scratched, maimed or killed. Distracted driving in ANY form; phone, kids, domestic conversation is no different! Elderly that are past competent vision and reaction levels are worse since theirs is not a temporary or spontaneous condition. Will any of these ever be addressed? NO.
Just because a victim, survivor, prosecutor or any other party has an axe to grind does not change the fact, there was no intent! "Presumed intent" is just legal B.S."
Laws dont need to be tougher, people need to make better decisions and be more forgiving. People make mistakes. Live life. Just because some people try to hide in rubber rooms does not mean others should be subjected to concrete rooms.

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Police investigating whether alcohol played a role in fatality accident near KU campus

Likely chalk another death up to MADD and the prohibitionist agenda. What could have been another injury car accident resulted in a death due to efforts to avoid the extreme alcohol related punishments pushed though the Legislaures.
Feel for the families.

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