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Scouts collect food despite weather

Yay Troop 60!!! I miss you boys! I must admit, I don't miss the weather though.

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Leaders warn of mail scam

Read it again, consumer1."Consumers are being charged $69.50 for the documents. Copies of the same records are available from register of deeds at a cost of $1 per page and $1 to certify the deed, Branson said."The letter wants you to spend about $70 to get documents that you can get through the gov. for under $5.

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Innovative procedure saves arm

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the article say he got this surgery at the Kansas University Hospital? Isn't that in Kansas City, KS?So now, please explain to me why we are bashing LMH?Thanks.

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String of unsolved assaults may involve serial rapist

Coolmom, relax a bit and read his post again:

"To them, finding a door unlocked is an invite to attack them."

RB is not saying that it IS an invite, just that the rapist will perceive it as an invite.

And I agree. Women have to take responsibility for themselves. We can't depend on others to care for us. We have to be able to take care of ourselves in today's world.

I hope they find this guy.

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Communion point

The point of the letter is not Catholic vs. Protestant, as some comments seem to be turning it into. The point is that the writer of the article misrepresented the Catholic beliefs in regards to the Eucharist. It's not like the writer didn't have any sources; he/she could easily have double-checked with the priest.

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Which state would you consider to be the most average?

After finding and reading the article that goes with this, which means I finally understand what they are asking, Kristen Whitney is an airhead. Seriously, you're from Denver but you've never been to Wyoming?
Wyoming is far from average in the terms the article was talking about. I grew up there. My town had a pretty decent Hispanic population, but our Black population was pitiful. It was far from "average".
Even looking at political standpoints, I still wouldn't call it average.

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No MySpace for Fort Riley soldiers in Iraq

samsnewplace - if they have myspace, then they also have email. you have to have an email account to sign up for myspace, and the military gives you an email account as well. this isn't going to stop soldiers from communicating with family and friends. they can still use instant messangers and email, so the the links are not cut. they just can't go on sites like myspace and youtube.

i don't see any problem with this and wonder why it's even news.

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Do you think home schooling is a good option?

I knew some homeschoolers when I was in junior high and high school. They were in my ballet classes and on the swim team with me. They were involved in tons of local clubs and activities including 4H. They were smarter than many of the kids I went to school with. Their social skills were much better than most of the kids our age.

I also work with a woman who homeschooled her girls for most of their education. The youngest decided to attend a public high school, and her mom said "sure!" These girls are not naive, not stupid, not socially inept. They are smart, talented, and well-developed.

Homeschooling is not for everyone. I will never do it, but I do believe there are people out there who can homeschool and homeschool well. You just never realize they were homeschooled unless they tell you, because they are just like you.

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Chat about wedding trends with expert Carmen Hocking

I got married 2 years ago. We had about 85 people and only spent about $4,000 (and that's a high estimate). It is possible to have a nice wedding without spending all that money.

My parents were very pleased. And so was I, when I realized that my hubby and I had saved enough that we could have paid for it ourselves.

I don't trust wedding planners.

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Do you feel more or less safe with the concealed carry law in effect?

I grew up with concealed weapons in my home state. Heck, we'd have to remind dad to leave his gun in the car sometimes before going in a restaurant.

I don't feel any more safe or less safe with this law. The people who carried guns before will still carry them illegally.

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