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Making a difference

I don't think KU fans really appreciate how good of a person Darnell Jackson really is, and what he did for the 2008 National Championship team........Darnell, you will always be a winner in our eyes, and represented the team with class, and, you never forgot what, and how you got there.

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Mark's on the Move: Golf course crew keeps greens going with tenderness, tools

Yes, especially Mr. Lumpy Pearson.

Some guys who used to cut cups on weekends, was worthless! A Mr. Roberts in particualr!


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Arizona big man transferring to KU

"Good luck Kansas with Withey. You get him with all of his baggage namely his mother. She now will think he is the second coming of Wilt. If he doesn't earn many minutes, she will start popping off to the press like she did in Tucson."He will find out quickly that there is no individual bigger than the team at Kansas. Just ask David Padgett, JR Giddens, CJ Giles, Micah Downs.........I'm sure Withey will be fine. Even Danny Manning understands that he wasn't bigger than the name Kansas on his chest. And that guy can get a free cup of coffee anywhere in this town.

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KU lands fullback Opurum


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Party in Tempe: What to do if you go to the Insight Bowl

Autie, FOX4 in KC picked up the game. You should be able to get it if you have Sunflower.

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Quit whining, Cyclones

I don't give a sh*t about North Carolina.

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FINAL: UMass stuns KU, 61-60

the sky is falling.get off of Self. He's the man. We'll be fine.

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What grade would you give Chancellor Robert Hemenway for his time so far at Kansas University?

I would not give him one ounce of credit for the Orange Bowl or National Championship.......

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In the end, Hemenway finally grasped importance of sports at KU

" Allen wasn’t a disaster,"wrong, he was an abhorration......thanks to Mangenious for what he's done thus far.

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KU headed to Insight Bowl

"ASU stadium is an awesome venue that all Jayhawks should be proud of regardless of how prestigous the bowl game is."Actually, I've heard the stadium is a sh*thole. "AZ is awesome. Leave ur coats at home J-Hawks very nice down here"Yes, that's what the Orange Bowl officials told us last year befor we went down to 45-50 degree weather in FL. I'm packing my coat/sweatshirts, just in case.

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