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Heard on the Hill: Common Book author on campus; law-school application story different at Washburn; curriculum changes stretching well beyond Western Civilization

As a double graduate of KU (BA, English 1972, MA English 1976) and a high school educator for nearly 40 years, I worry about curriculum changes. I don't believe that the excellent education I received at KU couldn't have been improved, but I worry that much of our cultural heritage will be left out and denied to students of the 21st century. To use a term of disapproval from my youth, I don't believe that the arts should be limited to "dead white men." Far from it. But instead of dropping why not add? Why not read the works of all our great ancestors of every color, gender, and persuasion?
A balanced education will lead to a fairer and more just society.

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How ridiculous to associate a wonderful man like Obama with Hitler, the man who wouldn't even shake Jesse Owens' African-American hand. Can't we all just stop comparing everything we hate to the Nazis? There was only one Hitler and there will never be another.

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Manhattan man drops challenge to Obama on state ballot

Romney a closet birther? Romney will do anything to appeal to the hateful and ignorant aging white bigots who make up the base of the Republican Party. Romney's heart is clearly devoid of any real commitment to anything.

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Manhattan man drops challenge to Obama on state ballot

Isn't it funny when hostile people, filled with their hate for our President, complain about meeting hostility? It's past time when this ridiculousness could be tolerated. I live in California now and I get so tired of hearing how backward my home state is. It's past time for Kansas to rediscover its humane and radical root commitments to freedom and open-mindedness.

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40 years ago: Kansas AG raids Amtrak train, confiscates liquor

Can you imagine a long train journey across Kansas without a drink or two?

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Every month in 2012 in Lawrence has been hotter than average

A pizza oven is dry heat, too. What's your point?

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Kansas revokes doctor's license in abortion case

Why would you make a ten year old endure a pregnancy and delivery?

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Gay marriage stand hems in Obama

If marriage is a civil right? It is a civil right and established law. See Loving v. Virginia.

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Congressional redistricting plan advances that puts portion of Lawrence in 1st

Since this is a coup from the far right, I would say it's more like Nazi Germany, fascist Italy or Franco's Spain.

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Should the state consider repealing a law that makes gay sex illegal?

Craig was just using the gaydar gay folks are born with.

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