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Letter: No bike problems

Why should students be excluded?

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Congress OKs bill banning Guantanamo detainees from US

So, the Republicans are beating up Obama for not closing the prison, and they are saying you can't bring the prisoners to the U.S. What is their solution?

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Kansas faces stiff carbon reduction target

Bart, there is only so much delusion I can respond to, but let's have a go at physical reality. You appear to subscribe to Lindzen's iris hypothesis, which is basically that the earth is a self-regulating, stable system. Does this look like a inherently stable system to you?

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Kansas faces stiff carbon reduction target

“The Obama administration has placed Westar in an impossible situation .." House Speaker Ray Merrick

Which has nothing, at all, to do with the ever so business friendly Brownback administration making it impossible to develop alternative energy, wind, in the 10,000 square miles with high wind energy potential closest to the area with the highest population density. The fact that the Tallgrass Prarie is not protected from any other form of commercial development, like feedlots, kind of belies the premise that its purpose was to protect the prairie.

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Kobach to announce prosecutions

Even if these cases are successfully prosecuted, that would in no way vindicated the "SAFE" law.

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Kobach to announce prosecutions

So, how does the requirement to show ID prevent someone from voting twice? Presumably, they voted as themselves both times, else, how would we know they voted twice?

And, there already exist voter lists; how would having to show ID when you vote cause your name to appear on the list?

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Letter: Marriage equality

So, you believe that the laws of this nation should be based on a specific interpretation of a specific religion. Why?

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Letter: Climate courage

OK Richard, which year do you think is the hottest on record, and why?

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Letter: Climate courage

I don't know Bart. See anything unusual going on here?

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Letter: Climate action

There are large circulation patterns in the atmosphere driven by the temperature differences between equatorial regions and polar regions. One side effect of these are commonly known as jet streams. As the difference between north and south lessens, these circulation patterns change. Where, when, and how much it rains is largely determinined by these circulation patterns.

Changes in rain patterns can have large economic impacts on agricultural states like Kansas.

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