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Editorial: Biased media? Think again

Comey's behavior is harder to explain. He had the Trump dossier in October. So, he had it at the same time that he had the information that another device, there had been hundreds, had been found with emails somehow on a thread that Hillary had been on. He chose to release information about an ongoing investigation that negatively affected Hillary, and he chose not to release information about an investigation that would have negatively affected Trump.

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Editorial: Biased media? Think again

You can believe that many, independently operated media outlets disproportionately presented negative news on Trump more so than Hillary because they all wanted Hillary to get elected, or you can believe there simply was more negative news to report about Trump.

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Opinion: Please note: We are not the enemy

"Gosh, Steve, let's take those one by one. Chinese making up climate change? That's a new one on me and the first time I have heard this accusation."

Have you been hiding in a very safe place? Here, let's make it easy for you.

Let's see if that information is available anywhere else.

Huh, only 1.7 million hits.

I'm sure you always research your beliefs with just as much diligence; so, I'll stop with the first thing you said.

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Opinion: Please note: We are not the enemy

So, what is it you know that the Republican head of the FBI does not know?

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Opinion: Please note: We are not the enemy

There is a letter to the editor you might find relevant; it's about ad hominin arguments.

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Letter to the editor: Carbon fee

The cost of wind energy is very close to the cost of coal energy.

Kansas has great potential for wind energy. Why would you be against cheap energy?

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Editorial: Voting debate

So, you agree with them that a function of the electoral college is to prevent a demagogue from swaying the masses, and the implication that the college is not obligated to follow the popular vote.

Wait, is that not what you are saying?

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Opinion: Kansas’ post-truth fail goes national

Maybe, but he had more to work with on the Republican side.

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New FBI inquiry reinjects Clinton emails into 2016 race

If anyone is interested, this provides a decent summary of the facts. In short, neither side has been entirely truthful, but, my two cents, Clinton sticks a bit closer to reality than Trump.

There is no "reopening".
There is no new evidence, yet.
Republicans seem to be rehashing the previous email case and the determination of no serious criminal activity based on no new evidence.

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