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Editorial: Voting debate

So, you agree with them that a function of the electoral college is to prevent a demagogue from swaying the masses, and the implication that the college is not obligated to follow the popular vote.

Wait, is that not what you are saying?

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Opinion: Kansas’ post-truth fail goes national

Maybe, but he had more to work with on the Republican side.

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New FBI inquiry reinjects Clinton emails into 2016 race

If anyone is interested, this provides a decent summary of the facts. In short, neither side has been entirely truthful, but, my two cents, Clinton sticks a bit closer to reality than Trump.

There is no "reopening".
There is no new evidence, yet.
Republicans seem to be rehashing the previous email case and the determination of no serious criminal activity based on no new evidence.

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After lewd recording denigrating women, Trump vows to press on as GOP calls grow for him to quit

I think people have too much of their own identify wrapped up in what are essentially voting clubs, the Republicans and Democrats. A club that you belong to does not define who you are, and disavowing a member who expresses ideas you find repugnant, like it is OK to sexually assault women if you are famous, does not imply a lack of personal integrity or even disloyalty to the club.

Let's be clear, Trump apologized for saying some vulgar words. Fine, I don't really care. What he did not apologize for, nor would any apology be acceptable for, is his eagerness in describing how he could sexually assault women with impunity because he is famous.

Meanwhile, he has described blacks as lazy. He has denigrated the parents of a man who gave his life in service to this country because they are Muslim. He has advocated for unwarranted search and seizure, which is not only unconstitutional in principal, but racist in implementation. He claims he will build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, but somehow did not convey this to the President of Mexico when they met; never mind that the wall will be hugely expensive and walls have a long history of failing to achieve the purpose for which they were built. He brags about not paying any taxes despite being huuugely wealthy. It is almost a footnote at this point that he also claims he can't disclose his tax reports because he is being audited, despite it being easy to prove you are being audited, which he hasn't, and even if he were, would not prevent him from disclosing his returns. (Not that it matters, but it is easy to show you are being audited; the IRS sends you a letter saying that you are. I happen to have one in my file cabinet.)

I am unable to think of a rational reason why he still enjoys the support that he does, and the only answer I have found is that it is not a rational reason. His supporters have bought in to the idea that they have to vote for this deplorable man or they will be disloyal to their party. Loyalty is a virtue, but in this case it is expected where it has not been earned.

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Family believes dog was likely on its own property when neighbor shot it to death; toddler discovered body

You can shoot a dog if it is being aggressive to people, but it is not mentioned that this dog was being aggressive.

There is no law in the county that dogs be kept in their own yard. That is a frequent mistake that people who have lived in the city make. You may not like or understand that, but that is part of living in the country.

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Family believes dog was likely on its own property when neighbor shot it to death; toddler discovered body

Don't be naive. Anyone who owns a pellet rifle knows it is powerful enough to kill, and aiming for the heart does not imply not intending to kill.

And what part of "felony" did you not understand?

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Family believes dog was likely on its own property when neighbor shot it to death; toddler discovered body

My dog was shot several years ago while my son was taking him for a walk; he survived. But at the time, it was explained to me by law enforcement that shooting a dog is a felony unless it is going after livestock, regardless of who's property it was on at the time. So, somebody has been misinformed because there is no mention of livestock in this story. Or, the law has changed.

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Watch live: Clinton, Trump in first debate

But, Trump gets a pass for being caught in more lies. Why is that?

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Brownback, advisers abandon report on Kansas economy

I don't know. For Brownback supporters, it probably was very confusing to have his claims refuted by his own report.

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