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Opinion: Trump is putting America at risk

There are more Facebook and Twitter accounts in Russia than there are Russian citizens, and they tend to play one side of U.S. politics against the other in a coordinated fashion. The algorithms used by these companies show us more of what is popular, and the fake accounts are artificially inflating what is popular to both extremes. To be sure, Trump is a symptom more than a cause, but our own weaknesses are being used against us by outsiders.

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Letter to the editor: Climate action

The changes are not anecdotal; they shift in seasons has been measured.

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Letter to the editor: Climate action

So, what you are saying is that you will believe anything, as long as they are saying something you want to hear.

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Opinion: How to protect against fake ‘facts’

The Washington Free Beacon, who started the dossier, is not generally considered a liberal source, and Paul Singer is a strong backer of the Republican party. So, conservative Republicans are liberals if they tell you something you don't want to hear, got it.

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Letter to the editor: The enemy

That's funny. I've been thinking that the number of people who are delusional enough to think Trump is a half-way decent human being is frightening. That is who we are talking about; why do you think that saying there are other AHs in the world means that Trump isn't. And, if you don't think that, why did you bring it up?

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Letter to the editor: Climate solutions

What exactly do you mean? The same loan program that saw Solyndra and a few other failures ended up turning a profit. Are you saying we don't need more profit?

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Opinion: Climate deniers: Nothing to see here

I'll add to "There have been at least 3 major ice ages that geologists know about." So, what you are saying is, the earth has responded wildly to forcings in the past; therefore, there is no reason to believe it is responding to the forcing we are causing. What?

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Opinion: Climate deniers: Nothing to see here

Umm, Bob, maybe you aren't aware, but the world is bigger than the continental US. "... a strong signal is found in proportions of both weaker and stronger hurricanes: the proportion of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes has increased at a rate of ~25–30 % per °C of global warming...This global signal is reproduced in all ocean basins."

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Letter to the editor: ‘Christian terrorists’

You are painting all Muslims according to the miscreants that call themselves Muslims, and ignoring the miscreants that cal themselves Christians.

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Letter to the editor: ACA distortions

Math. In this country, if a person needs critical care, providers are obligated to provide it. Someone is paying for that. Who? Well, to some extent, providers charge extra to the people who do pay to cover the costs of those who don't. That's why simple things are stupid expensive at a hospital. If you can figure out a better way to make the freeloaders contribute something than an individual mandate, I'd like to hear it. Better, I'd like for our reps to hear it.

Also, because people without insurance have a hard time getting into a doctor's office, they tend to wait until the pain is really bad, then go to the ER. Now, an ER is about the least cost effective way to provide treatment. Not only that, but they are not obligated to treat the root cause; so, the person goes back again and again. In contrast, if they have insurance, whether they wanted to buy it or not, they can get into a doctor's office and get the problem fixed. Getting the problem fixed at a doctor's office is less expensive than repeatedly not getting it fixed at the ER, and the rest of us are paying for it one way or the other.

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