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Letter to the editor: Scientific process

That article was written in 2007, and the 2013 date was the earliest estimate from one researcher out of dozens. Pretend it is 2007; when do you think is the earliest year the Arctic might be ice free?

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Letter to the editor: Scientific process

What do politics have to do with physical science?

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Brownback signs Kansas budget and orders $97 million in allotment cuts, slashing KU funding

What the GOP seems to saying is that allowing a handful of transgender people to use the bathroom they identify with will wreck public education, but millions of dollars of cuts to funding will be just fine.

Oh, and the agriculture business is important, but not important enough allow cheap wind energy to replace the climate change causing coal plants.

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Kansas education board member: Federal directive on transgender equality aimed at 'destruction of traditional American public schools'

“it could be the veritable straw that broke the camel’s back and result in the destruction of traditional American public schools.”

I thought that was the Koch brothers job. "Government ownership, operation, regulation, and subsidy of schools and colleges should be ended.”

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US sues North Carolina over transgender bathroom law, calling it 'state-sponsored discrimination'

Do you think a law making it illegal for transgendered people from using the bathroom of their identity will prevent perverts from entering bathrooms of the opposite sex?

Are there no laws against this behavior already?

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Letter to the editor: Faith in ‘facts’

I was going to ask which hockey stick.

There is this hockey league:

and this more recent meta-analysis:

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Letter to the editor: Faith in ‘facts’

I'll take that as a 'no', but the thought makes you uncomfortable; so, you choose to believe those who are telling you what you want to hear over those telling you what you don't want to hear.

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Letter to the editor: Faith in ‘facts’

And here is a graphic showing energy leaving Earth at varying wavelengths.

Do you have any reason to think the last 150 years of gas chromatography has been fundamentally wrong?

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Letter to the editor: Faith in ‘facts’

Ken, David,

You don't seem to trust measurements taken from the real world; are there any that you think are accurate enough to be useful?

Let's start with a couple of basics. Here is a graphic showing how CO2 interacts with light energy at varying wavelengths.

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What's the worst storm you've ever been in?

We were camping just west of town when the microburst blew through. Never saw the Scouts break camp so quickly, but we still got pelted with hail and wind.

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