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Letter: Climate strategy

Well, actually, I do remember it, and I remember thinking that the handful of scientists who thought that were probably wrong, and that the majority who thought warming would continue were probably right.

Apparently you don't live on a planet with oceans, because on this planet they have a couple of orders more heat capacity than the air, and they continue to get warmer, nevermind that 2014 was warmer than any previous year on record and 2015 so far is hotter than 2014.

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Letter: Climate strategy

Hydro is more expensive than wind, and Kansas has more wind than Oregon. I don't know why you would expect people from Oregon to subsidize our conversion to wind since they have already invested in hydro.

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Letter: Climate strategy

Neither man nor any of our major crop plants existed the last time CO2 was as high as it is today.

The genuine disagreements you talk about were pretty much over with Callendar's publication in 1938.

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Letter: Climate strategy

You have never really explained why you prefer to let the government pick the winners and losers in the energy production sector rather than letting the market sort it out.

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Letter: Climate strategy

Maybe you will like this Marc.

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Supreme Court declares nationwide right to same-sex marriage

I think if you actually review the forms of marriage condoned in the bible, you will find much that you'd personally rather not condone there, yourself. You don't get to cite an authority and then pick and choose which parts of that authority you cite.

Regardless, you are advocating that religious doctrine be enshrined in law. I'd rather not go there.

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Activists ask Wichita to remove Confederate flag from park

Having said that, in this case, the flag at Wichita is one of many in the context of historical display, which is distinctly different from placing it prominently on its own. I'd let it be.

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Activists ask Wichita to remove Confederate flag from park

OK, I'll go there; let's play the Godwin card. Should government organizations in Germany display the Nazi flag?

What arguments for the display above would not be just as applicable for the Nazi flag?

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Opinion: Pope makes compelling case on climate

Why do you believe that ruining the environment in which we grow food will not have an impact economy, but shifting to sources of energy marginally more expensive than fossil fuels will?

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