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Letter: Perfect storm

The Koch brothers are on the left?

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Letter: Selfish choice

There is the implication here that the laws of this country should be based on interpretations of one sect's religious text. I reject such arguments regardless of the conclusion.

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Saturday Column: Why do Koch contributions trigger such scorn?

First, Dolph misleads the reader by confusing individual donors, the Koch brothers, with incorporated entities, like Koch Industries and AT&T Inc.

But then, AT&T donates about equally to both parties, and Koch Industries donates more than 90% to Republicans.

The answer to the question about the private individuals is that it is jealousy, jealousy over the fact that they have so much money that their best investment is buying influence to help them get more. Their individual contributions are a much more modest $3 million.

My own two cents: I can't find fault with an individual spending their own money on whatever they want. I have a problem with corporate spending on political influence. I think that leads to some form of plutocracy or corporatocracy.

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Battle over renewable energy heating up

It would be more acceptable if they also worked to remove fossil fuel subsidies as well.

And, did not play favorites with energy producers by arbitrarily deciding that wind production was forbidden in a few thousand square miles of the best wind potential area in the state.

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Kansas GOP pushes for legislation aimed at reducing party switching

But what if my sincerely held religious beliefs compel me to change parties?

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Opinion: It’s a great time to be a liberal

"...warming has become annoyingly difficult to detect"
Not sure what planet Will lives on, but on this one, the warming is easy to detect.
In a nutshell, the oceans lead the atmosphere around by the nose because they are hugely more massive. (The first 30 feet of ocean has as much mass as all the air above it.) During El Nino events, the oceans give off more heat than they absorb, and during La Nina events, they absorb more than they give off. There hasn't been a strong El Nino since 1998.

Some history from the 1970s:
"In place of inadvertent climate modification, Charney adopted Broecker's usage. When referring to surface temperature change, Charney used "global warming." When discussing the many other changes that would be induced by increasing carbon dioxide, Charney used "climate change."

"Climate alarmism validates the progressive impulse to micromanage others’ lives..."
Yeah, because liberals are totally against personal liberty, not. However, as far as that goes, it would be simpler and more cost effective to tax CO2 production, and let the market sort out the details like which light bulbs people want to buy.

Citizens United basically equated money with speech and gave corporations constitutional rights formerly reserved for actual citizens, people. Yeah, I guess I have a problem with that.

I have a hard time connecting Will's depictions with reality as I see it.

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Dinosaur debate advances, but some oppose

I think Tylosaurs were late cretateous, and the land at that time was not a supercontinent.

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Letter: Religious exceptions

No, selling a cake is selling a cake. It is not an endorsement of whatever event that cake might be used at.

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Letter: Religious exceptions

The other thing I would say is that I do not think it is a good idea to conduct business in a place of worship, or vice versa.

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Letter: Religious exceptions

It isn't hard; your rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness end where someone else's begin.

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