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Things just not working out for Turner Gill at KU

A. Your Wrong -He has two recruiting classes in... One that includes players that were going to Buf, which other D1 teams did not want.
B. Your Wrong again - We would have had to beat ISU, Baylor, A&M and MU to have a shot at a bowl game - 6 wins is required
C. Your Really Wrong - The TO Killed any momentum that KU had... If you have any question look at the OSU or ORG offense and when they get rolling and run fast so the Defense has no chance to adjust.
D. At least your typical post of you have never played at any level is original... Sitting on the bench in High School does not make you an authority.

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KU to a bowl game? It’s possible

1 maybe 2 wins, but that is it. I am not sure how KU is considered better this year? We still have no QB, and we are starting transfers from Buffalo at MLB and FB. GTech played the game at KU last year like they were playing a video game and figured they could just push the reset button anytime if need be. They went for multiple 4th downs and gave away field position several times all while running the ball for almost 300 yards on KU... But hey this article was probably written before they won by 40 last night and threw for 300+ yards and rushed for almost 300 yards. GTECH is worse? Not sure what you are thinking they were one half way competent QB away from killing KU last year.

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KU hoops notebook

I am willing to take this back if there is something I don't know about the situation... But if McLemore really is waiting on his moms approval to commit I don't want him at KU. We have had more then our share of problems with parents who controlled kids in the past and this is starting to remind me of Micha Downs, and David Padgett.

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Bruise cruise: Jayhawks win ‘chippy’ contest vs. Golden Bears

You are dead wrong... The way you show emotion is by beating Call by 40 instead of 15-18. This was not a playground game, it was a regular season contest on TV and we looked like we could not handle the pressure that CAL put on us. If that was a team that had any basketball talent we would have taken our first loss last night.

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History in the making: KU home-court winning streak hits record 63

KU clearly needs to get out on the road where they have trouble winning games... It is not like KU HAS A WINNING RECORD AGAINST EVERY TEAM IN THE BIG 12 AT THE OPPONENTS ARENA (Only OSU and Texas are close)! They also have a winning record against every team in the big 12 on a netural court.

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Can Kansas salvage season? Fat chance

I am not a blind faith Mangino suportor as many of you seem to be, and as someone who was a student during the last year of Glen Mason and the entire Terry Alan tenure I think that comparing Gill and Mangino is very lazy reporting. Before Mangino took over there was no division 1 talent on the team, the facilities were deplorable at best, and fan support was non existant. Mangino made something out of nothing and if nothing else should recieve credit for that. (For the record I thought that it was time for a change at coach regardless of the aligations of abuse) Gill walked into a situation with a enthusiastic fan base, fantastic facilites, and atleast on paper a team that has far more Division 1 talent then the first team that Mangino coached.

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KU puts Phi Gamma Delta fraternity on two-year probation following hazing investigation

I love that everyone hears Fraternity and just assumes that all of the kids come from families with money. That would be the same as me assuming that because you judge those that are in fraternities you are poor and that you still live at home in your mothers basement playing D&D. Both may be true, but they are not always true.

You have a group of 18-22 year old kids living together and they are going to make mistakes. Is it tragic that the kid may be injured for life? Yes it is, but personal responsibility plays a part in every decision that we make. Was he forced at gun point to dive head first into a pool... No he made a decision to do something that he easily could have said no to.

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Could Mountain West merger save Big 12?

You can call it what ever you want, but the MWC joining the Big 12 means that KU is still playing inferior competition and will greatly hurt recruiting. If KU can't join a real BCS conferance then they need to take the best of several teams and creat the new big 12, but that does not include all the MWC teams.

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KU chancellor to report on Athletics Director Lew Perkins' job status

Personally I like Lew, and feel that he is the "victim" in this situation... With that said I do feel that more investigation is warranted and if a firable offense is found then Lew should be held responsible and fired. If Lew truly is the victim then people need to get off his back.

Anyone that thinks that the athletic department will change policy on tickets / points / and seating is nieve at best. The athletic department is a business and there goal is to bring $$$ into the university. Lew has been a success at that, and while a new AD may be more personable then Lew his job is going to be to make $ as well and catering to the top Alumni is how you achieve this.

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KU chancellor to report on Athletics Director Lew Perkins' job status

I am so tired of this argument... Sports is a freaking business and as such it is ment to make money$$$$$$$. Can you name me any other business where $$$$ is not the major objective?

Bob Fredrick was a very nice man, but was not what the university needed as an AD. During his time as AD the athletic department was a joke at KU with the exception of mens basketball. KU had one of the lowest athletic budgets in the Big 12 the facilites were a deplorable, and most of the teams were not competitive.

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