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Getting Kinky: Songwriter, novelist and political candidate Friedman not one to blow smoke

Yes, in about 1991 or 1992, Kinky did a book signing at the Raven and then did a concert at the Bottleneck. I know, I was there

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Kansas Democrats' victory seen as 'bellwether' for party

Gov. Sebelius' analysis is just lazy. Is it that unusual that Democrats have won in Kansas and in other, "red" states? I think not. Go back 20 odd years...and it's not that spectacular for a Democrat to win in these states. Let's go down the list: Kansas (John Carlin, the Docking family, Dan Glickman, Jim Slattery), Arizona (Bruce Babbitt, Dennis Deconcini...also Clinton won that state in 1996), Oklahoma (David Boren..and numerous others). North Dakota has a solidly blue congressional delegation. Any chance for the Democrats taking that state in a presidential election in 2008? I highly doubt it. Just like the fact that Massachusetts, until the recent election had a Republican governor since 1990 and New York and Pataki for three terms (not to mention over 12 years GOP rule in NYC)..yet know one suggests that those states are in "play" in a Presidential election for the Republicans.

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Fade to purple?

Recent success notwithstanding by the Democrats, I too believe as a whole, Kansas is a "red" state. However, I don't think that it is that unusual, for Democrats to have success in Kansas (although the national media has made a big deal out of this.) Frankly, I think it is just lazy analysis.

The past is filled with a trail of Democrats who have successfully been elected to statewide office and/or Congressional districts. John Carlin, Joan Finney, the Docking family, Jim Slattery, Dan Glickman. Is it now a trend with the success of Gov. Sebelius and Paul Morrison that somehow Kansas is going, "purple?" Is the fact that North Dakota has a solidly Democrat Congressional delegation (Conrad, Dorgan, Pomeroy), mean that it will vote for Democrats in a Presidential election? History would say no. As would the fact, until Tuesday's election, Massachusetts had a Republican governor 16 years and New York had one for 12 years, yet I don't think anyone would suggest that those states were turning "red."

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Pruning reveals hidden graves at historic Pioneer Cemetery

As a former resident of Ellsworth Hall, I'm sure when they did the pruning...they also discovered bottles of suntan lotion and perhaps a beer can or two. In the spring, Pioneer Cemetery..for some reason...was a mecca for kids on Daisy Hill..to lay out in the sun...perhaps even throw a frisbee or two.

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