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Attorney general seeks $1.2 million to defend new laws

“These laws are worth defending,” Culp said.

They will be sued and for good reason.

“It wouldn’t cost a cent if these people didn’t sue.”

It also wouldn't have cost if the laws had not been passed, but they were.

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Ceremony to remember unique Lawrence figure

Yes he's still around. Works at LMH and lives very close by. Very nice guy.

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City approves new location for Tuesday Farmers' Market in downtown

+1 to lucyjj's response. The Olympia farmers market is a wonderful place and a perfect example of what a farmers market should be like. I'd much rather have my tax dollars going to something like it than a new rec center for KU.

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Do you think the Lawrence Police Department should get a funding increase to add more positions?

I'd say that considering the local pd has enough officers to send 10+ of them out to public parks at a time so they can harass people and make insinuations that they are gay, that we don't have any shortage of cops.

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Do you know how to drive a stick shift?

Sorry, you never drove a 5 speed bug unless it was one of the newer retro ones. All old bugs had 4 speeds.

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What do you leave Lawrence to shop for most often?

Yes, it's far, far better to spend 15 bucks on gas... not to mention tire wear, oil changes, and overall wear and tear on your vehicle... to travel to KC or Topeka, than spend 1-2 dollars extra per $100 for something in Lawrence.

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Topeka man killed after kicking in neighbor’s apartment door

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Why Bristol the Pistol deserves the win on Dancing With the Stars

Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars = Sanjaya on American Idol

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Not working

And Adam and Eve gave us Cain and Abel, 2 male offspring.

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Downtown gem

Couldn't agree with you more, lived here 20+ years and its crazy sad how this city bends over backwards to make certain people who have had some amount of involvement in city politics and own property downtown happy. Ask some of the people (like me) who live near downtown what they think of the non-stop activities, noise from the bars late night, gunshots from bars at night, trash from all the people leaving the bars, and all the people who flood our residential streets to take the scarce parking that is available and leave us with no where to park (a one finger salute to the city for telling people to park on our streets). The only place I goto downtown, ever, is a barber-shop. There is nothing else there that I would even consider going to.

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