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Area voters say Clinton email having no effect on their votes

Make us all laugh now, but then we have to live in a Trump presidency. That means corruption, war and more division of the classes. America under Trump, would continue to lose global idealism as a draw for other people to sustain our leadership.

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Fiesta to celebrate Mexican culture, food this weekend

Are you pickin an argument? Just show up and have a good time, that is what it is all about.

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Sunflower Foundation grants $110,000 for part of Lawrence Loop

How did the city lose $600,000 from KDOT? Did the city not petition/file for the funding? Anybody know?

This spring, Lawrence lost out on a $600,000 grant through KDOT to complete four small segments of the Lawrence Loop.

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What would be the best part or the worst part of living in downtown Lawrence?

I love living downtown. Makes you one with the community's ongoings. Those who speak of the hassle, well, I am sure the parking lots of box stores are as unbearable.

Come on!, the music, the laughter, the gatherings, the food and the outdoor cafes....its whats best about Lawrence, Stop your whining and realize that there are a 1,000 people behind you that are jealous of your place on Mass street.

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Douglas County zoning and codes report calls for improved 'consistency and fairness'

Its basically a hush report. Accepted at all of $9,000, so that the issue of unethical favoritism can be swept under the rug, with a wink wink from all the commissioners to say "they did something about it".

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Douglas County codes appeal board member thought review would address Kobach controversy in detail

Amen, the stories don't add up and the county is doing an obvious cover up style pivoting of the investigation that quieted everyone down and now to find out its a repeat effort to say they did something. What about the other two commissioners? Are they now a part of the cover up as the do nothing to push the investigation to the Kobach issue? Nancy, can you provide us an answer?

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Kobach opposes specialty meat shop in rural Douglas County; chef says his proposal is being mischaracterized

I wonder if Jim Flory showed up to the meeting when the Sec of State called him? Two peas in a pod over the permit breaks Kobach received from Flory and the County Administrator.

And they cover it up with hiring an outside review of the codes and plans?!! Get a 3rd party investigator to check into possible violations of process provided by our county governing officials.

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From the Archives

Were there any persons of color living in Lawrence back in this time? Can't tell by the photos presented.

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Lawrence City Commission reopening study of new police facility

Who are the authors of the linked information you are providing?

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Lawrence Community Shelter seeks immediate funds to avert drastic cuts

The shelter needs to hire Secretary of State Chris Kobach. Flory will then bend over backwards and break the rules so to be more 'friendly' to the shelter-;)

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