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School board opts not to reassess South investigation, stands by administration

This decision to sweep it under the rug, is typical administration shuffle and provides evidence as to why BLM has to be disruptive. When will the 'majority' understand the simple fact that following the white guys' ways, keeps people of color at the same bottom of the positives, and at the top of the negatives.

Should people of color wait another generation to take two steps up and one step back? And how disappointing in the administration and the board closing ranks, be for legal reasons that they signed up for, so that discrimination is tolerated, or the teacher's penalty is accommodating.

Keep it up BLM...your way is not the only way, but it makes others pay attention to the insinuations made. The attempts to publicly check the kick-back from those who are too afraid to stand up when jokes are made; teachings are pushed forward by Trumpsters.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider students' request to become sanctuary city

Geeze Lady, you really need to read more history.

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Lawrence City Commission to consider students' request to become sanctuary city

Right on. So many misimforned that base their finding on Headline News from the television or FaceBook. It is the time of Trump!! Ignorance Rules!

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Lawrence City Commission to consider students' request to become sanctuary city

No one said anything about amnesty Mrs Trump. And you wouldn't be having this conversation if it was whites from South Africa. We are the richest nation in the world, at least 1% of Americans are; and it is because of this nations history whereby the US has instilled dictators throughout the world in part, that this nation gained its wealth. Let's not forget our own sins of the genocide of the Natives, the import of Africans and the following Jim Crow laws that governed this land for 100s of years. Have some empathy for the dead broke immigrants who come here to help their families survive. Do you think that being legal or illegal is at the top of their options when their own children are starving or in danger of harm to their lives? And to be right next door...shouldn't we be a bit embarrassed, or at least open to the ideas of helping.

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School board abruptly adjourns meeting after audience disruption; police called

Right On Black Lives Matter. Don't let racism be swept under the rug. Bring it out so the people can see what people of color have to endure!!

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Area voters say Clinton email having no effect on their votes

Make us all laugh now, but then we have to live in a Trump presidency. That means corruption, war and more division of the classes. America under Trump, would continue to lose global idealism as a draw for other people to sustain our leadership.

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Fiesta to celebrate Mexican culture, food this weekend

Are you pickin an argument? Just show up and have a good time, that is what it is all about.

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Sunflower Foundation grants $110,000 for part of Lawrence Loop

How did the city lose $600,000 from KDOT? Did the city not petition/file for the funding? Anybody know?

This spring, Lawrence lost out on a $600,000 grant through KDOT to complete four small segments of the Lawrence Loop.

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What would be the best part or the worst part of living in downtown Lawrence?

I love living downtown. Makes you one with the community's ongoings. Those who speak of the hassle, well, I am sure the parking lots of box stores are as unbearable.

Come on!, the music, the laughter, the gatherings, the food and the outdoor cafes....its whats best about Lawrence, Stop your whining and realize that there are a 1,000 people behind you that are jealous of your place on Mass street.

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