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Kansas senators split on farm bill

Time for Roberts to step aside. He brings nothing of value to the state except opposition to the White House. No leadership, no innovation, his biggest comments are usually negative rather than positive or advancing legislation.

Time to move on.

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City manager's recommended budget calls for slight mill levy increase, 19 new city employees

Shouldn't be about Amyx voting against it, can he lead the fight to defeat it?!?! One thing to be safe and "be with the people", its another when you organize and fight the other west wing commissioners. What a disappointment the other Mike has become.

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Brownback running for re-election

What about Holland running one more time? Come back to Kansas Kathleen!!

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Former area Boy Scouts react to decision allowing gay scouts

The guy is probably going to hell for the failure to capitalize. Idiot

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School board studies 'critical race theory' in work on equity issues

Your speaking from ignorance. Kids don't get scholarships based on their skin color. They get them based on a multitude of criteria. The most being their chances of succeeding from the institution. When white guy doesn't get in, he blames the school's minority enrollment goals. Bottom line, whites and minorities don't go to school on the same overall level; THAT is the basis of the article,

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School board studies 'critical race theory' in work on equity issues

Are you serious? Then you are speaking from an ignorant awareness of race. Pick any stat and you will get your answer. Just read, research and then you can make an informed decision/conversation.

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Planning commission votes to defer decision on Menards for one month

I agree, this planning commission is useless. Too much of the local developers pushing businesses where they don't want to go, and where the local developer is able to cash in.

Lowe's never came back and now we are going to lose Menards. All in the name of "go where we tell you to go" the Schwada property.

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Gov. Brownback signs Kansas drug test law for aid recipients

Amen, Amen I say to You. Beware of the false prophet. And shame to all those who follow the governor claiming its their job to enforce such policies.

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Gov. Brownback signs Kansas drug test law for aid recipients

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Taking stock of Tuesday's City Commission election and wondering how school bond and recreation center issues will affect the general election

The Lawrence of 1994 is not the same Lawrence of 2013. But you do have reason to worry. The last thing the public wants to approve is both the Rec center and the school bonds.

So Commissioners, Line Up behind the Rec Center and see if the public chooses basketball over school buildings!!

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