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Kansas representative faces hearing over 'racist' remarks

Yeah, let's get to the bigger issue of voter fraud!

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Your Turn: Commissioner addresses code issues

I disagree. Most comments are not about Kobach himself, but about the commission's involvement in providing unbalanced application of processes in place. From Mr. Flory's comments, it is apparent that he did want to please the SOS regardless of the rules in place. There should be an independent 3rd party investigation into this issue as a way to clear the speculation brought on from a couple of individuals breaking protocol and doing what steps it took to ensure the SOS was treated favorably.

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Trio of Lawrence commissioners say they want to get tougher on economic incentives

I hope all public officials will use social media of all types to further communicate their positions; especially when not quoted correctly. Keep it up Matt. Don't let anyone intimidate your choices while on the commission.

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KU chancellor's husband worked closely with people implicated in UNC's massive academic fraud case

Sounds like you must have some really good seats you don't want to lose Joe. The article picks up pieces of a puzzle and starts to put them together; nothing wrong with that. Hard to understand how a well educated individual, at a high management level, and whose spouse was an assistant dean in a program of questionable behavior; was not aware of those issues taking place; especially when high-profile students are involved. And for that same person to then make a statement completely distancing herself from the situation. It used to be long ago, that public figures ensured that their dealing were "above reproach", and today we are stuck with the same public officials making sure their action "were not illegal". Let the investigation move forward, let the freedom of the press continue on without interference.

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Appeals board questions Douglas County codes enforcement policy

Commissioner Gaughan states in today's article, that the commissioners are NOW going to look further into this issue; only last week Commissioner Gaughan was reported as being satisfied with the outcome and accepted the "unwritten change of evaluations"
I am willing to give this same commissioner SOME time to review and get back to the public as to what took place in DETAIL. And then what actions are to be taken to prevent such misconduct from repeating itself. Someone or some people need to be removed from their position in order to ensure that this issue stands out within the county government, so that the next guy doesn't do what someone else told him to do, and in-turn, that procedures are followed by the codes that are written. There has to be some resolution beyond a paper promise of new order by two commissioners and a scrambling administrator. Power has to be shifted in order for justice to be served.

These guys (county personnel and the cover up by the two commissioners) knew what they were doing when they did what they did. And it does no one any good to continue to coat over the truth with deception and excuses. I would like to see the affidavit from the two inspectors as to how and why they felt removed and replaced. Does the current inspector feel he has complete authority to forgive any codes he now finds are being violated and how if he so believes he has such authority, does he determine who gets penalized with re-inspections and which projects are allowed to continue without further evaluation (such as Kobach received)

Should some official be forced to resign or County official is found to have acted illegally, then that will cause other state agencies, review boards and the state media groups to do follow up investigations and in so and if deserving, prosecutions. That is the justice we are all seeking and that is the justice that is deserved. If only Rachel Maddow was in town.....does anyone have those connections?

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Douglas County says Kobach was not shown favoritism in building case; failure to be strict on building codes was result of new, unwritten policy

County Commissioners need to take a look at this with an independent investigator. And the officials knew this would be a highlighted case if they got caught, and still disregarded the rules. And the worst part of this story thus far, is that one man's reputation was questioned and a 'yes' man installed in order to "ensure" that another politician was taken care of.

Time for someone to be let go and set the example that Douglas County does not permit special treatment to anyone.

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Editorial: Questionable leadership

I don't know about bigger lies....try George Bush and Dick, dick, dick, (excuse my stutter) Chaney....their lies cost us a few thousand American lives and the Iraqis, a few hundred thousand lives.....not to mention that trillion dollars plus.

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Select KU, Haskell students get word they'll have preferred seating at Obama event

If only we could all be FREE of you.

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Peaceful march kicks off week of Ferguson-related events at KU

We all know that Fox and O'Reilly are not slanted in their judgement. Come on people, this cop shot an unarmed guy 6 times!! The body was left outside without being picked up, for 4 hours! The prosecuting attorney had experience involving family law enforcement being accused of racism in similar situation.....a trial would have brought transparency. What do people fear to having a trial to temper the rage of injustice. The grand jury was provided a one-sided story without cross examination....

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Lawrence commission takes blame for defeat of police headquarters tax

I don't think the commission or apparently any of those who spoke or reported to have spoken, understand what I think is the reason for the "failure" to raise taxes....

There is no need for a new police station. No evidence that spending $28MM is a reason for what can be done with far less expensive repairs to the existing law enforcement buildings. Absolutely no study done, or documented evidence presented (except their own crafted online video) as to the need for one new $28MM location; the entire argument is based on the police chief's belief that one castle is what the kingdom needs. "Where's the beef"?

After realizing that fact, then there is the wink wink fraternity business acumen that the commission is doing that brings a HUGE distrust from the people as to their fairness in previous appropriations.

It wasn't about Rock Chalk; it was about an over designed building (which provides a fee based on percentage of overall cost for that same design to the design firm) for a need that doesn't exist....sort of like Kris Kobach's need for Voter ID.... and be rest assured, just like Kobach continues to spend taxpayer money for something we don't need, so will this commission continue to push for a headquarters that isn't needed. Somebody get some clothes for the commissioners.

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